Return of low-quality goods to the online store — tips

[ad_1] Author Expert Reading 5 minutes Views 338 Published 03/10/2021 Finally bought a smartphone! And what a disappointment awaits when you find some «glitches» in it. And it also happens that they recently installed a

How to choose a curtain rod

[ad_1] Author Expert Reading 3 min Views 68 Published 26.10.2021 Windows occupy most of the room and attention is always riveted to them. For their design use curtains, curtains, blinds. It is important not only

Good air purifier for home

[ad_1] Author Expert Reading 6 min Views 1.9k. Published 01/31/2021 Urban pollution, cigarette smoke and smog adversely affect human health. Filtration devices absorb fine dust particles, bacteria and unpleasant odors that hover in the room.

Which items cannot be returned or exchanged

[ad_1] Author Expert Reading 4 min Views 141 Published 07.03.2021 We bought perfume on the site, opened the bottle and were disappointed in the aroma. Familiar? And if you change or cancel an online order

How to choose blinds for the house

[ad_1] Author Expert Reading 3 min Views 68 Published 26.10.2021 Blinds were invented in ancient times in the east, by jealous husbands. With such a device, they wanted to protect their wives from other people’s