Choosing in-ear headphones: a review of 15 models from 2500 rubles


HeadphonesMusic from a mobile phone or MP3 player can bring both joy and the greatest disappointment. But the main role in this will be played not by the playback device, but by the headphones. In most cases, the quality of the models attached to any devices can be called rather low.

At the same time, in-ear headphones essentially improve the sound. Due to their structural proximity to the eardrum, in-ear headphones increase the number of sound waves that work effectively in the ear. In addition, since they are inserted directly into the ear canal, isolation from outside noise is increased, and thus the sound is improved even more. However, good headphones don’t have to cost too much: we present you 15 models in different price categories.

Entry level: in-ear headphones priced from 2,500 to 5,000 rubles

Name Peculiarities Price from
Sennheiser MM30i with microphone 2500 rubles
MEElectronics M6 PRO Clear removable liners 4900 rubles
Beyerdynamic DTX 102 iE with storage case 3900 rubles
Soul Flex In-Ear with ear hooks 3600 rubles
Soundmagic E10S with microphone 3200 rubles

Sennheiser MM30iPer MM 30icosting only 2500 rubles, sound professionals from the company answer Sennheiser. Due to the full sound spectrum, in-ear headphones provide very good sound and only in the bass range allow themselves a slight slack. Instruments and voices sound natural, without strong differences and are very clearly distinguishable from each other.

Isolation from ambient noise is almost perfect — in this price range you are unlikely to find something better. Through the remote control integrated into the wire, you can control the tracks on your iPhone and iPod without taking them out of your pocket. The package includes 3 pairs of interchangeable rubber tips of different sizes.

Cost: about 2500 rubles

Affordable middle class: in-ear headphones costing from 2900 to 9000 rubles

Name Peculiarities Price from
Teufel Move with microphone and case 4500 rubles
Bose SoundTrue In Ear with case 8900 rubles
Sennheiser MOMENTUM In-Ear G with microphone and case 5800 rubles
RHA MA600i with microphone and case 5200 rubles
Sony MDR-EX650APT with microphone and case 2900 rubles

Teufel MoveWith neodymium magnets, the headphones move from company Teufel deliver great sound. Whether you’re listening to bass-heavy tracks or subtle, fast-paced tracks, these in-ear headphones deliver every sonic nuance crisp and clear. The build quality is excellent.

Teufel’s thoughtful attention to detail can be seen in many small things: for example, the wire has an elastic rubber clip that reduces the noise from the movement of the wire. In addition, headphones Teufel Move guarantee a secure fit during sports.

During the test Teufel Move proved to be good: these in-ear headphones sit in the ear much more firmly than many other models, even in small ear canals, like one of our employees who took part in the tests. At the same time, the price of about 4500 rubles is more than fair.

Cost: about 4500 rubles.

Luxury acoustics: in-ear headphones costing from 9900 rubles

Name Peculiarities Price from
Shure SE425 with microphone, case and 6.35 mm adapter 22 400 rubles
Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay H3 with microphone, case and adapter for use in aircraft 15 000 rubles
Onkyo IE-HF300 with case 9900 rubles
Bose SoundSport In-Ear with microphone and case 9900 rubles
Monster Adistar with microphone and case 10 200 rubles

Shure SE425Appearance Shure SE425, perhaps a matter of taste, but their equipment is undeniably luxurious. The package includes six pairs of ear pads of different sizes, a case and an adapter for a 6.35 mm jack. In addition, the headphones can be detached from the cable.

Shure SE425 have a differentiated, detailed sound. The quality of the frequency response is exceptional: rich bass, clear highs. But at the same time, the price is very serious: in-ear headphones from one of the most budgetary suppliers cost as much as 22,400 rubles.

Cost: about 22,400 rubles.


Sennheiser MM30i


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