Amazfit GTS 4 review: the best smartwatch for athletes and fashionistas


The Amazfit GTS line has always been a combination of great design and advanced fitness features. And the new Amazfit GTS 4 continues this glorious tradition with an elegant rectangular body with rounded corners and even more advanced monitoring of activity and body indicators. What is the latest representative of the famous series in action? Let’s take a look at our review.


  • Appearance
  • Screen
  • Interface and Functions
  • actual measurements
  • autonomy
  • Results: our opinion on Amazfit GTS 4


Someone likes round smart watches in the style of classical mechanics, someone likes gadgets in a rectangular case. In the GTS line, the company relies on the latter, but the Amazfit GTS 4 differs little in design from its predecessor — we see the same rectangular case with rounded corners. True, the watch itself has become noticeably thicker (by 1.1 mm) and slightly heavier than its predecessor (by 2.1 grams). But there are reasons for this, which we will discuss a little later.

Whatever it was, but Amazfit GTS 4 still look quite compact and look equally good on both male and female hands. And the aluminum alloy center frame gives them a premium feel and makes the gadget lighter than it could be. There is also a water protection level of 5 ATM. You can swim with the watch in the pool and any fresh water body.

The only smartwatch button is located on the right side: it is made in the form of a crown and resembles a precious stone in design. By rotating it, you can navigate through the interface of the gadget, when you press it, a menu appears with activities, settings, and functions, and by pressing and holding the button, you can program the activation of one of the functions you need.

On the opposite side of the device, you can see a speaker slot, which the predecessor did not have, and a microphone hole.

The watch uses a soft-touch 20mm fluoroelastomer strap. It’s not too long, but not too short either. And most importantly, the free end of the strap is tucked inside, thereby providing additional soft fixation of the watch on the wrist. Not to mention the fact that he doesn’t hang out corny outside. If for some reason you don’t like the bundled strap, you can easily replace it using the classic quick-release fastener.


The Amazfit GTS 4’s display is largely unchanged from last year’s GTS 3. It also uses a 1.75-inch rectangular AMOLED matrix with a resolution of 390×450 pixels. The screen is still the same juicy and perfectly readable in the sun thanks to the high brightness of up to 1000 nits.

The screen is protected by tempered glass with a high-quality oleophobic coating. There are practically no fingerprints left on it, and numerous dials and the always-on screen mode will help diversify the design of the gadget. The latter, by the way, can work both constantly and on schedule, activating at a time interval specified by you. This is logical, at night such a function is not particularly needed, and it consumes a lot of energy.

Interface and Functions

The controls on the Amazfit GTS 4 are fairly standard. Swipe down opens a window with quick clock settings, up — notifications, left and right — allows you to «travel through the widget carousel. Provided in the clock and management with the head located on the right. By rotating it, you can scroll the interface. A short press launches a menu of activities and settings, while a long press can be programmed to activate individual functions. For example, the function of measuring four indicators with one touch.

By the way, about indicators. The smartwatch uses the new BioTracker 4.0 PPG biometric optical sensor with two LEDs from Zepp Health, which differs from its predecessor in more accurate health monitoring. They are able to monitor the pulse, the level of oxygen in the blood and the level of stress around the clock. It will not be superfluous for athletes to support six satellite systems at once for more accurate tracking of movements: GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, QZSS, Beidou and NAVIC (the latter will become available after an appropriate update).

The watch automatically detects eight types of activities — outdoor and indoor walking, outdoor and treadmill running, cycling, pool swimming, elliptical trainer and rowing machine. Some strength training exercises are also automatically recognized. The total number of sports modes in them exceeds 150. Moreover, among them there are such specific “activities” as chess, checkers and board games.

To fine-tune and display a detailed analysis of physical indicators and the effectiveness of training, Amazfit GTS 4 uses the proprietary ZEPP application, available for both Android and iOS. On its main screen, you can immediately see the distance traveled per day and the number of calories burned, sleep indicators, current heart rate, personal activity index (PAI) and many other parameters. And you can arrange them however you like. In the application, you can change the order in which they are displayed, remove unnecessary blocks, or add missing ones. Everything is simple and intuitive.

By tapping on any of these blocks, more detailed statistics of the activities and indicators of the body are opened.

On the Health tab, you can activate monitoring of walking, running or cycling, set goals for steps per day and add friends to the program to view their activities already. Well, the Profile tab hardly needs any explanation.

In the upper left part of the main screen of the application, there is an icon with a clock and an indicator of their charge level. By clicking on it, you will be taken to the Amazfit GTS 4 fine-tuning window. Here you can enable automatic monitoring of stress and blood oxygen levels, manage notifications, download and install a new application or watch face. Moreover, the number of the latter is quite large. Everyone will find something to their taste.

To conserve battery life, the watch takes heart rate readings every 10 minutes in normal mode. But you can reduce this interval to a minute, and in training mode it decreases automatically.

The watch itself runs on the new Zepp OS 2.0 operating system. They support gesture control and are equipped with their own speaker. And so that the training does not seem boring, they provide 2.3 GB of memory, where you can download your favorite music for its offline playback without a smartphone.

actual measurements

We tested the Amazfit GTS 4 in several activities. While walking, the appropriate training mode was automatically activated after approximately five minutes of movement. After that, the watch begins to record your route and many parameters. This is the pulse, and the number of steps, and the speed of movement, and the terrain, and the effect of training.

The measurement accuracy is quite high, and the information is displayed on the screen of the ZEPP application both in a simple graphical form and in the form of columns of “soulless”, but more informative numbers.

After that, a rather specific type of training for smartwatches, Tennis, went into action. Of course, in this regard, the gadget is far from professional sensors that measure everything up to the point of contact of the string surface of the racket with the ball, but no one expected this from them. But GTS 4 was able to provide a lot of other important information about the intensity of the training. What, in fact, was the calculation. And, again, the measurement accuracy was more than good.

The watch can also determine the quality of sleep: its duration and phases, the quality of breathing and its frequency, and, of course, the heartbeat. Putting it all together, we get an overall sleep score.


Amazfit GTS 4 received a 300 mAh battery. This is 50 mAh more than the third GTS, but due to the abundance of new features, the autonomy of the gadget has dropped noticeably. Now it will have to be recharged every 7-8 days, then the predecessor lived up to 12 days without recharging. However, these are not absolute numbers — they strongly depend on how actively you use the device. For example, in the normal watch mode, the autonomy of the gadget is even higher — up to 30 days, with intensive training, the battery of the device will hardly last more than 4 days, and the constant work of geopositioning can reduce their work time to 15-16 hours.

Results: our opinion on Amazfit GTS 4

The discreet design and comfortable rectangular form factor of the Amazfit GTS 4 will surely appeal to many users. They are practically not felt on the hand, and do not cause any discomfort. Special thanks to the fact that now the tip of the strap is hidden inside, thereby making the fit of the watch both tighter and softer. It’s really convenient.

But Amazfit GTS 4 is far from just a fashion solution. The watch has many functions for monitoring a wide variety of physical activities. Moreover, they do this quite accurately and at the same time offer effective methods for analyzing the data obtained. The watch is perfect for athletes, people leading an active lifestyle, and all those who follow fashion and prefer to stay in trend.

By the way, the previous line (GTS 3 and GTR 3) is still on sale. Moreover, from November 10 to November 13, in honor of the 11.11 sale, the manufacturer promises good discounts for these and other models. Watch out for prices!

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