P47 bluetooth headphones test: cheap is not always good


Creaky, prickly, insipid

Imagine two old radios hung over your ears, with speaker membranes dangling freely in the case. The sound rattles and creaks, mixed frequencies reach the ears in a mushy mass. The P47s sound similar.

Where other headphones (and in fact, almost all headphones) allow sound frequencies to be at least slightly differentiated, the P47 mixes everything so much that it is no longer desirable to call the waves emanating from them music.

Even Jose Gonzalez’s «Heartbeats» — a song that sounds at least good on almost all headphones — did not survive the P47 bullying and was almost destroyed. Too bad it’s a beautiful song.

They look like the Beats, but for the famous label it's more like an insult
They look like the Beats, but for the famous label it’s more like an insult

Plastic, not fantastic

Already at the first touch, the plastic frame of the headphones begins to rattle, like a skeleton with bones. The quality of workmanship in its level resembles plastic toys from Kinder Surprise: parts of individual components are cut crooked and stick out. Seamless designs look completely different.

The fixed design of the ear shells does not in any way provide for the adaptation of the model to the user’s head. Although the headphones can be folded, this does not add comfort. The bow here is also not wrapped in soft material, it consists entirely of plastic.

We don’t even want to imagine how much harmful substances will be released from the headphones when their plastic starts to heat up. However, we find positively the fact that this model is very light.

The manufacturer indicates 4 hours as the battery life. We, unfortunately, can neither confirm nor deny this, since no one wanted to use headphones for so long. In addition, the Bluetooth connection is unstable and intermittent.

Lots of plastic, little comfort - P47
Lots of plastic, little comfort — P47

However, these headphones have one equipment feature that distinguishes them from all the rest: a slot for memory cards of the microSD standard is integrated into the left shell.

Thus, you can use the headphones as a self-sufficient device for listening to music — of course, if you want to hurt yourself properly.

Which alternative to choose?

P47 bluetooth headphones test: cheap is not always goodIn principle, any headphones will be better than P47. If you are looking for the most affordable model, we recommend that you pay attention to the Jabra Move Wireles — this is one of the most inexpensive models on the market.

They sound solid and come with good equipment. Here, nothing rattles and does not press.

Test results:

The results of these test tests were not surprising: the P47 Bluetooth headphones from the e-commerce giant AliExpress are not a good device. A clone of one of the models of Beats headphones does not sound very good, they do not sit very comfortably, and the quality of performance cannot be called good either. 10 euros would be better spent on something else. You can find out which headphones sound good from our rating.


  • low cost
  • microSD card slot


  • bad, below average sound
  • very uncomfortable
  • poor workmanship

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