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Balanced Sound

Test results


good equipment
balanced, good sound…


…but overdriven highs
a lot of plastic

Test results of Noontec Zoro II Wireless

  • Price-quality ratio
  • Value for money: 72
  • Sound quality (40%): 99.1
  • Comfort (20%): 86.3
  • Equipment (20%): 78.6
  • Mobility (20%): 74.1
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Otherwise, the Zoro II Wireless (about $3,400, available here) offer great, balanced sound. Thus, since high frequencies are a weakness of this model, we do not recommend them for lovers of classical music.

But fans of such popular genres as rock, pop, techno or hip-hop, they are perfect.

At the same time, we are very annoyed by the beeping that is heard when adjusting the volume level.

Comfortable plastic headphones with a good battery

Noontec Zoro II Wireless
Noontec Zoro II Wireless

At first, there is a feeling that Zoro II Wireless sit on the head very comfortably. The mount is quite rigid and keeps on the head firmly. Even too tight, as it becomes clear after some time: the pressure on the head when worn for a long time becomes too strong and causes discomfort. Therefore, it will be necessary to adjust the mount gradually.

Above average, however, we rate battery life at over 36 hours. We also liked the charging speed — it takes just over an hour for the headphones to restore energy reserves.

In the generous package you will find a cloth case, a cable with a classic 3.5 mm plug and a USB charging cable. Thanks to the battery status indicator, you can control the level of its charge. When the headphones are on your head, information about the energy reserve can be viewed on the smartphone display.


JBL Everest 300: Leader in Sound Quality

jbl-everest-300-whiteNo other headphones sound better than the JBL Everest 300. Both high and low frequencies are reproduced with detail and precision.

At the same time, the sound is also perfectly balanced, and the voices are distinguished by a high degree of naturalness.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend the JBL Everest 300 to everyone without any restrictions: during the test tests, it turned out that the headphones put a lot of pressure on the head, which means they are not suitable for all people.

In online stores, you can purchase this model at a price of approximately 13,000 rubles.

AKG Y50BT: leader of the ranking

akg-y50btWhile the AKG Y50BTs don’t sound as good as the Noontecs, their performance is somewhat better. Instead of a lot of plastic, the Y50BT has an abundance of high-quality trim materials.

These headphones sit on the head very well and do not put much pressure on the head.

With a price of about 8,500 rubles. This model is in the same price range.

Jabra Move Wireless: the leader in value for money

357262_640x480_5Jabra has managed to create a real hit in the «value for money» genre.

The Move Wireless are solid headphones that do just about everything well:

they sound pretty decent, they don’t put too much pressure on the head, and the battery here is quite hardy, as it can last up to 14 hours.

The cost of all of the above is at the level of 5,000 rubles. — more than adequate.

Specifications and test results of Noontec Zoro II Wireless

Price-quality ratio

Type of
The form
Resistance (ohm)
32 ohm
Speaker diameter
40 mm
Folding body
yes, 4 colors
The weight
190 g
Length of cable
Replaceable cable
Angled audio jack
Ear cushion material
artificial leather
Is the head comfortable?
Are the ears comfortable?
Hard case included
Fabric case included
Bluetooth standard
Codec: aptX
Battery Life (Changed)
36:44 h:m
Battery Charging Time
1:14 h:min
Battery: USB charging
Charging indicator

Sound quality (40%)
Comfort (20%)
Equipment (20%)
Mobility (20%)

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Noontec Zoro II Wireless


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