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good sound quality
sit comfortably
long battery life


inaccurate touchpad
no carrying bag included

Monster ClarityHD On-Ear Test Results

  • Price-quality ratio
  • Value for money: 64
  • Sound quality (40%): 88.5
  • Comfort (20%): 85.6
  • Equipment (20%): 98.6
  • Mobility (20%): 100
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But as soon as you put them on, such an unsightly image is immediately forgotten: thanks to the support of the aptX codec, these bluetooth headphones are able to convey to the listener all the delights of CD quality and, in general, sound very balanced.

The bass here is especially powerful, but the high frequencies are a little lacking in strength. However, they remain (like the mids) clear and differentiated. Despite the good sound balance, this model still falls short of the highest level of the JBL Everest 300.

Disadvantages of Innovative Touch Control

Monster ClarityHD: despite the small padding area, they are pleasant to wear
Monster ClarityHD: despite the small padding area, they are pleasant to wear

A special feature of the Monster ClarityHD on-ear headphones is the presence of a touchpad on the right shell. With just a touch of your finger, you can pause playback and answer a phone call, and use a double or triple tap to move forward or backward through the playlist. The volume level is adjusted by swiping up or down.

All of the above only at first sounds easy and innovative. In fact, during testing it turned out that such control requires a certain period of getting used to.

Very often, the touch control reacts, for example, to an attempt to correct the headphones.

In addition, constant touching of the ears very quickly becomes annoying.

The included cable for the classic 3.5mm audio jack does not solve the problem, as there are no built-in control buttons. In addition, the package includes only a user manual and a USB charging cable — you don’t even have to look for a bag or a hard carrying case, and at such a high price, their presence is quite expected.

Thanks to the foldable headband, it is easy to transport without a bag or case
Thanks to the foldable headband, it is easy to transport without a bag or case

The battery life of these Bluetooth headphones is just «good average».

However, the 26 hours and 26 minutes that Monster ClarityHD is able to last, even during long trips, should be enough for fun on the road.

When the battery is empty, you can use the headphones with the supplied cable.

Or you will have to wait about 1 hour and 30 minutes while they recharge.

Alternative options:

AKG Y50BT: Same Price, Better Sound: Top Rated

akg-y50btThe AKG Y50BT are free from all the shortcomings of Monster ClarityHD and surpass even their good sound quality.

During test listening, we liked, above all, pronounced bass and good sound detail.

In addition, here we can note the high quality of workmanship and generous equipment in combination with the included fabric cover.

However, the charging time is slightly longer than that of competitors — 2.5 hours. However, the cost is about 9,000 rubles. these bluetooth headphones still justify.

Jabra Move Wireless: good and cheap

Those who want to save some money, but do not want to give up good sound, should take a closer look at the Jabra Move Wireless.

Priced around 60 euros, their 40mm drivers produce a balanced, if a bit underwhelming, sound. But the comfort when wearing them is excellent, and equipment at such a cost can be called luxurious.

Criticism, however, deserves the battery life — about 14 hours.

Monster ClarityHD On-Ear specifications and test results

Price-quality ratio

Type of
The form
Resistance (ohm)
no data
Speaker diameter
no data
Folding body
yes, 3 colors
The weight
195 g
Length of cable
Replaceable cable
Angled audio jack
Ear cushion material
artificial leather
Is the head comfortable?
Are the ears comfortable?
Hard case included
Fabric case included
Bluetooth standard
no data
Codec: aptX
Battery Life (Changed)
26:26 h:min
Battery Charging Time
1:32 h:min
Battery: USB charging
Charging indicator

Sound quality (40%)
Comfort (20%)
Equipment (20%)
Mobility (20%)
100 %

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Monster ClarityHD On-Ear Bluetooth


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