Genius GX Scorpion M6-600 gaming mouse test


Genius GX Scorpion M6-600Almost a month is left before the New Year holidays, and many new devices have appeared in our test lab, which can be a good gift. One of them is a gaming mouse Genius GX Scorpion M6-600. The mouse is available in two colors — white and black. The latter is more suitable for a male audience, but girls will be delighted with the white one.

In any case, the white mouse made a good impression on the female part of our editorial office. In addition, the scorpion logo is located on its body, which is highlighted in different colors, which, as it turned out, is to the liking of not only gamers and modding fans. If desired, the backlight can be adjusted, leaving one color of the seven available or turning it off altogether.

Genius GX Scorpion M6-600 It is made in a symmetrical form, without pretentious style, which is typical for brutal gaming devices. In the hand, the mouse lies pleasantly and does not cause discomfort during long work. And the rubberized coating on the sides prevents the manipulator from accidentally slipping out of your hand during intensive games.

The convenience was also appreciated by the women’s team. Whether it’s a girl’s small hand or a large man’s hand, everyone will like such a manipulator. There is no driver disk included, so the first time you connect, do not forget to install this important software, otherwise the device may give the wrong impression.

Genius GX Scorpion M6-600Genius GX Scorpion M6-600Genius GX Scorpion M6-600

Genius GX Scorpion M6-600: setup and equipment

Software for working with the manipulator can be downloaded from the official website of the manufacturer. In the Genius Device Management program, you will find the settings for sensitivity, backlight, button remapping, and the USB port polling rate. After the manipulator settings are optimally selected, Genius GX Scorpion M6-600 causes even more excitement. The mouse glides smoothly on the mat, clicks on the buttons are responsive, and the scroll wheel has an equally comfortable move. At the same time, due to the symmetrical design, the mouse is suitable for both left-handers and right-handers.

There are six buttons on the body of the manipulator, each of which can be reconfigured to suit your needs: both gaming and office. In total, the mouse has 24 memory cells for recording macros. At the same time, several commands can be assigned to each of the programmable buttons at once.

Genius GX Scorpion M6-600In games Genius GX Scorpion M6-600 behaves very well, including in network. A wired connection does not interfere at all: the cord is soft enough and does not get tangled at hand, the movements of the sight (cursor) are quite accurate and fast. For some games, you can make just “killer” settings by adjusting your own DPI value for each axis of mouse movement (from 800 to 5000).

True, such a large resolution of 5000 DPI can only be useful for using the manipulator on 4K screens. In practice, a sensitivity of 2000 DPI is enough for the eyes, but in which case this parameter can be switched instantly right during the game. By default, this is the central button, which is located above the mouse wheel.

Price Genius GX Scorpion M6-600 is about 3,000 rubles, which is quite good for a gaming mouse with such a wide range of features. However, the low cost is also affected by the use of an optical sensor in this model instead of a more expensive laser one.

Genius GX Scorpion M6-600 Specifications

Number of Buttons/Macros 6/24
Connection type/interface wired/USB
Sensor type optic
Sensor resolution 800 to 5000 DPI
Colors Black
Black/orange keys
White/orange keys
Frame frequency 6500 fps
Acceleration 30GS
Speed 130IPS
Dimensions/weight 66x123x39mm/152g




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