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LED strips are very beautiful and convenient. Enrich your life with them: for example, anyone can assemble the backlight of a computer, car trunk, kitchen cabinet and so on, there is nothing complicated about it. However, as in any business, it is necessary to clearly understand what needs to be done and how.

Length adjustment

LED Tape Cutting Machine

So what are the first steps? First you need to cut your LED strip to the desired length. Most LED strips have marked areas at the top between the individual LEDs where a cut can be made. It is important to do this exactly along the intended line, otherwise the subsequent LEDs will not turn on. Most tapes have these markers every three to five LEDs.

Measure how much LED strip you need. It’s best to do this before buying, because then you can choose the most suitable tape and avoid unnecessary expenses. When determining the length, pay attention to the fact that it is necessary to leave allowances for possible edges or corners.

Once you have decided on the length, measure it on your tape. Then you need to cut off the desired piece where it is most convenient and there is a marker. This can be done with regular scissors.

Use Connectors

LED strip connector kit

When buying an LED strip, three or four connectors are usually included in the package, but they can also be purchased separately. If your project requires several connections, it is better to stock up on connectors in excess. Then follow the steps below to connect the LED strips together.

On the LED strip, you may see four copper wires, or perhaps four letters representing the conductors. Connector connectors also have four small pins. Place the four wires exactly over the four pins so that the contact points touch each other. For silicone coated bands, push the pins through the silicone. If it’s too thick, remove it.

Once you have connected the wires and connectors to each other, press the plastic tab on the connector at the bottom of it. At this point, you should hear a slight click — this is a sign of a good connection.

In all further cases, when assembling the backlight circuit, proceed in the same way and connect the remaining elements. You can then attach the already assembled LED strip to the desired location and plug it into a power outlet.

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