Erato Apollo 7 Headphone Review: Wireless Audio Pleasure


Chip’s opinion: Erato Apollo 7 are fully wireless in-ear headphones. They don’t come with biometric features like heart rate monitoring and focus on just one thing: sound. And here it is just surprisingly good. Erato’s battery life still needs to be tweaked a little more.

pros Minuses
balanced, natural sound … but only 3 hours on the earbuds’ own charge
good equipment bass could be a bit stronger
9 hours battery life with charging case…

Sound better than most competitors

So, small headphones can’t sound good. Or? They can. In fact, according to the results of the test, we can call Erato Apollo 7 the first fully wireless headphones that were convincing, above all, with their sound. Of course, High Fidelity devices sound different. But for their size, these in-ear headphones can really do a lot.

The model we tested produces a differentiated and remarkably balanced sound. Both in the highs and mids, the Apollo 7s offer a good platform for pop songs like The Blow’s «Think About Me» and Iron Maiden’s «Run to the Hills». Only the bass here seems somewhat weak, which is why compositions saturated with low frequencies suffer.

Erato Apollo 7 Headphone Review: Wireless Audio Pleasure
Small but great: Erato’s fully wireless in-ear headphones

The battery as the only reason for criticism

Erato Apollo 7 feel in the ear — mostly due to the shape — like other in-ear headphones like them. This means: whoever loves earbuds will also love Apollo 7. In the package, you can find ear pads in three different sizes, as well as a charging cable and a transport case. The latter, along with its main function, also acts as a power bank, providing Erato Apollo 7 with a battery life of approximately 9 hours. On their own charge, the earbuds lasted a little less than 3 hours during testing.

The headphones connect to the playing device via Bluetooth 4.1 and support AAC, SBC and aptX. Thanks to a special nano-coating, they are water and sweat-repellent: in the video provided by the manufacturer, for example, a surfer is shown skating with these in-ear headphones. Management is quite simple and is carried out through tiny buttons on the corresponding inserts. However, it is not intuitively clear — you will first have to read about it.

Erato Apollo 7 Headphone Review: Wireless Audio Pleasure
The transport case also acts as a charging station for two in-ear headphones


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