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Great speeds for games and data

Several DVDs or even Blu-ray discs are already a standard amount of space occupied by console games. And taking into account the limited speed of the built-in optical drives and HDD, slowdowns caused by loading data and long installation of games often make themselves felt. This is where solid-state drives come to the rescue, which will help to significantly increase speeds and get rid of lags.

However, if inexperienced users may have difficulty installing an internal SSD drive in an Xbox (you can choose the fastest and best drive in our consolidated SSD test), then connecting and operating an external SSD should be no problem even for those who doesn’t understand hardware. Moreover, the Xbox One console has a USB 3.0 interface, which guarantees high data transfer speeds when using external drives.

Xbox Seagate Game Drive Portable SSD TestEspecially for hardcore gamers, Seagate has released a 512 GB USB 3.0 USB 3.0 Portable Ultra-Speed ​​Game Drive for Xbox SSD. This device will not only expand the capacity of the built-in disk, but also significantly speed up the loading of games.

The portable drive has a short USB 3.0 cable, which provides convenient connection to both the front and rear panels.

Xbox Seagate Game Drive Portable SSD TestTests on the Xbox One console showed that modern games loaded from an SSD drive 20-30% faster than from an internal hard drive — the result is impressive. Conveniently, when the drive is disconnected, all games installed on the console are automatically dismantled, after which the SSD with game content can be used on another console, provided that you log into your account through the appropriate account.

Although the disc was designed specifically for the Xbox console, it can also be used with computers. It is fully compatible with Windows, OS X and Linux operating systems. The media is natively formatted in NTFS and supports files larger than 3 GB.

Xbox Seagate Game Drive Portable SSD TestXbox Seagate Game Drive Portable SSD TestXbox Seagate Game Drive Portable SSD Test

As the results of the AS SSD Benchmark showed, the drive has good speed characteristics: more than 413 MB / s when reading and 335 when writing.

Xbox Seagate Game Drive Portable SSD Test We love the Xbox-inspired design of the drive and the included USB 3.0 stretch cable. The body of the device is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, and the front panel is decorated with polished elegant company and console logos. The light green plastic insert emphasizes that the drive belongs to the Xbox gaming family.

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The Seagate Game Drive weighs 100 g, and thanks to its compact dimensions (76×9.6×113.5 mm) it can be used as a device for quickly transferring large multimedia files and documents. High speed characteristics also determine the relatively high cost of the device — about 15,000 rubles for 512 GB of disk space.

For those users who appreciate the capacity of a disk for storing a collection of games, we recommend that you pay attention to a more affordable type of external drives — 2.5-inch portable HDDs with USB 3.0 interface. Our summary test of external hard drives will help you choose the fastest and optimal drive.


Drive type SSD, 2.5″
Interface USB 3.0
Capacity 512 GB
Max. speed read/write 440/430 MB/s
File system NTFS
Housing material aluminium, plastic
Dimensions 113.5x76x9.6 mm
The weight 100 g

A photo: manufacturing companies, Andrey Kireev


Game Drive for Xbox SSD


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