JBL Link 10 Bluetooth speaker test: with Wi-Fi and radio


Internet, multi-room and hands-free function

With JBL Link 10, you can access the Internet via WLAN and thus listen to the radio. Not every Bluetooth speaker in our rating has this function, for which the model immediately deserves an additional plus.

The speaker works according to the Bluetooth 4.2 standard, has a hands-free function on board and is packaged in a splash-proof case. You can pair multiple playback devices with each other and set up the multi-room function using the mobile app. There are also Play and Pause buttons on the speaker body.

The package includes a USB cable, but without a power supply. The device is equipped with an LED battery status indicator. The dimensions of the column are quite compact: 169x86x68 mm. It weighs only 670 grams.

Short and quiet

JBL Link 10 Bluetooth speaker test: with Wi-Fi and radioWith JBL Link 10, compromises will have to be made: the Bluetooth speaker will be able to work without recharging in just 6.5 hours. After that, you will have to send the device to charge, which will be completed only after three and a half hours. The battery capacity is 4000 mAh.

That being said, the sound of the JBL Link 10 is mediocre, and at $14,000, the value for money Bluetooth speaker falls short of our expectations. Therefore, the device was one of the last places in our ranking.

Test results

The JBL Link 10 has excellent equipment: multi-room via a mobile application, speakerphone, as well as Internet access and a splash-proof housing. At the same time, the sound of the speakers and the short battery life leave much to be desired. We would forgive these shortcomings if the device was half the price, but in this case, the value for money is poor.


WLAN with internet radio
splash water protection


short battery life
poor value for money

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Alternative: Rating leader Dockin D Fine

JBL Link 10 Bluetooth speaker test: with Wi-Fi and radioIn the price range of JBL Link 10, you can choose an alternative in the form of the rating leader Dockin D Fine. Not only did this Bluetooth speaker top our overall rating list, but it also proved to be an unbeatable value for money. The sound here is better than that of JBL, and the price is less than 4,000 rubles.

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