For the beach and picnic: review of the small Bluetooth speaker LG XBOOM Go PJ3


Summer is coming to an end — hurry up to grab the last rays of the sun. And an inexpensive and lightweight beach speaker with protection against moisture and sand LG XBOOM Go PJ3 will help to blossom your holiday with music.

Test results

The LG XBOOM Go PJ3 is the smallest Bluetooth speaker we’ve tested so far. It is not only extremely compact with its dimensions of 102x83x83 mm, but also extremely light — it weighs only 355 grams. It’s also the most affordable portable speaker we’ve tested. The sound quality, however, corresponds to the price.


compact and lightweight
very inexpensive
acceptable sound quality


short battery life
poor equipment

LG PJ3 test results

  • Price-quality ratio
  • Place in the overall ranking
    34 out of 36
  • Value for money: 68
  • Sound quality (50%): 46.4
  • Equipment (30%): 76.1
  • Mobility (20%): 55.8
Test results

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Portable acoustics with hands-free function

With its price of about 2.5 thousand rubles, a portable speaker LG XBOOM Go PJ3 is the most inexpensive Bluetooth speaker we’ve come across. For this money you will get a compact device with a linear audio output (AUX).

Thanks to this and the support Bluetooth 4.2, it is possible to connect a portable speaker to several sound sources. Alternatively, thanks to the function dual-play you can include it in a multi-speaker audio system — via an adapter or wirelessly.

portable bluetooth speaker
Swap your favorite music: the portable speaker can pair with multiple devices at the same time.

The column does not have other communication capabilities, such as NFC, WLAN, microSD or Airplay. However, it integrates well with a smartphone and makes it possible to output sound when talking. on speakerphone to your speaker. Plus, it’s a Bluetooth speaker with a microphone so you can talk into it.

Finally, you don’t have to reach for the controls on the case. Bluetooth mini speaker supports volume control from the application player on your smartphone.

bluetooth speaker with microphone
The column allows you to remotely talk on the phone via Bluetooth.

Waterproof at the highest level

The manufacturer specifically notes that the LG XBOOM Go PJ3 is a speaker waterproof to IPX7 standard. The product is designed for outdoor use where there is a risk of getting caught in the rain, or even for beach parties or trips to the sauna or pool.

According to the IPX7 standard, the wireless waterproof speaker can continue to work, even falling into the water to a depth of one meter. At the same time, she should work in the region of half an hour.

column with moisture protection
The moisture protection of the column also provides a dust barrier.

No wonder this little Bluetooth speaker is also perfectly protected from dust and dirt. Thus, you can safely take it with you to the sandy seashore — grains of sand will not clog into the case, damaging the inside of the device.

Small Bluetooth speaker with big flaws

The light beach gadget, however, has two major disadvantages. Firstly, sound quality, alas, meets the price: in our test, a portable Bluetooth speaker scored only 50% in this regard and was placed in third place from the bottom of the corresponding rating. However, it has pretty good bass and stereo sound, which is ensured by its design and shape.

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In terms of mobility LG PJ3 also lost quite a lot of rating points. This is due to the fact that after only 5 hours of battery life, the small speaker turns off. After that, it will take almost 3 hours before it becomes fully charged again.

cheap portable speaker
Turbine-inspired design delivers 360-degree stereo sound.

In sum, the device can be recommended for short trips to the beach or short picnics — if you want a little listen to music in nature, a column with protection against moisture, dust and dirt will definitely come in handy. And the price of the device, in comparison with competitors, will not pull the pocket.


Ultimate Ears Wonderboom

ultimate ears wonderboomIf you don’t want to give up the small, convenient format of the device when buying a portable speaker, then there is one alternative to the LG PJ3. With dimensions of 102x95x95 mm and a weight of 429 gr. this Bluetooth speaker is just as lightweight and portable. The battery life here is longer: 7 hours. And most importantly, this wireless speaker offers better sound and the same moisture protection.

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Specifications and test results of LG PJ3

Price-quality ratio

Bluetooth version
Codec: aptX
air play
Line input (AUX)
USB host
Internet radio
Headphone connection
Splash protection
Connecting multiple phones
Multiroom (via app)
Multiroom (via WLAN or proprietary)
Pairing speakers into a stereo pair
Source select button
Play/Pause button
Volume control via app
Volume control for connected devices
Max. playing time
5:12 h:min
Charging time
2:54 h:min
Battery capacity
USB charging
inductive charging
Power bank function
Battery indicator
Package contents: USB cable
Package contents: charger
Package contents: case
Package contents: remote control
102 x 83 x 83mm
The weight
355 g

LG PJ3 test results

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