Panasonic ER-GB42 beard and mustache trimmer: specifications


The ER-GB42 trimmer from Panasonic is a godsend for those who appreciate proven quality for a reasonable price

Recently, men’s three-day stubble has firmly established itself among fashion trends. Public people — musicians, actors, TV presenters, no longer strive for the absolute smoothness of their faces, preferring the effect of light unshaven. However, the desire to comply with fashion does not mean at all that you can forget about the razor and calmly watch the vegetation growing on your chin. Caring for the so-called three-day stubble is not only not easier, but, most often, much more difficult than regular shaving.

Panasonic brand presents a trimmer model designed specifically for beard and mustache care — ER-GB42. With this device, you can quickly and accurately create the perfect lines of your bristles.

Panasonic ER-GB42-K520


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Device dimensions: height — 17.7 cm, length — 4.2 cm, width — 4.7 cm. Weight — 148 grams. The model is completed rotary engineworks from the socket in 220-230 W.

The blades of the trimmer are made of high-quality Japanese steel and are sharpened at an angle of 45 degrees for accurate hair removal. The model has 19 different ways to adjust the desired length — from 1 to 10 mm. You can shave without attachments, then the length of the hairs will be 0.5 mm. The special shape in the form of a comb allows you to lift even those hairs that literally cut into the skin.

The design of the device allows you to use it on both wet and dry skin.

Trimmer Panasonic ER-GB42 on Yandex Market

Trimmer action provides battery, the duration of its possible continuous operation is 50 min. You can charge the device by placing it on a stand designed for this purpose. The time required for a full charge is 60 minutes.

The case of the device has the property of water resistance, so it is easy to clean the blades — just rinse the device under running water. The kit also includes a special brush to remove stuck hairs.

Operating the Machine in a Wet Environment


Using the Panasonic ER-GB42 for beard and mustache trimming will give you a number of benefits:

  • Firstly, the capabilities of the trimmer allow it to be used both to create the effect of light unshaven and to care for already regrown hair.
  • Secondly, the presence of a special stand for charging eliminates unnecessary and interfering wires — a compact charger can be placed in the bathroom without any problems.
    Charging the trimmer
  • Thirdly, the battery life of a charged device will allow you to make several haircuts.
  • Fourth, the water resistance of the case makes the device invulnerable to high humidity and greatly simplifies the procedure for caring for it.
  • Fifthly, the stylish design allows you to «fit» the trimmer into any interior.
  • Sixth, the brand provides high quality performance and guaranteed after-sales service.

Trimmer modes


Similar machine not suitable for a close shave. Therefore, if you are a supporter of diversity, and the presence of a beard or the effect of unshaven is only your periodic condition, then the additional presence of a traditional razor in the kit will be a necessity for you.

In addition, there are models of similar devices with a more advanced set of functions. So, for example, there are trimmers that are equipped with a vacuum bristle collection system, which ensures a more accurate cutting process. And there are devices that can operate from a voltage source other than the traditional 220-volt, they will be indispensable for those who are constantly on the road.

In general, the purchase of the Panasonic ER-GB42 trimmer is a good choice for men who do not shave «to zero». The Panasonic brand provides a high degree of device functionality, ease of use and reliable quality performance. The price of the trimmer is also quite acceptable — up to 4000 rubles in retail.

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