Hair clippers for children Philips HC1066 and HC1099


Philips children’s hair clippers — novelties worthy of attention

Philips has introduced new models of hair clippers designed specifically for children. The company’s specialists carefully studied all the difficulties that parents have to face when cutting a child, and came up with a device that greatly facilitates this procedure.


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Philips HC1066 and Philips HC1099 features

The hairline of young children is much softer and more sensitive than that of adults, so the approach to cutting should be more delicate.

Philips children's clipper

Philips machines have many convenient and useful features:

  1. They allow you to carefully remove all the hairs due to the small distance between the teeth. Conventional machines are able to remove only coarse hair, leaving softer ones intact or pulling them unpleasantly.
  2. Due to the rounded shape of the blades and their shorter length compared to conventional ones, the device does not injure the head.
  3. The small cutting unit seems to be specially designed for a small children’s head, this greatly facilitates the process of cutting and makes it comfortable and easy.
  4. The almost silent operation of the device makes it possible to cut and, for example, watch your favorite cartoons at the same time.
  5. The characteristics of the body of the device ensure its water resistance, and the presence of a battery allows you to use the machine offline for 40-50 minutes.
    Waterproof case
  6. Included in the kit are two-sided combs of various sizes, allowing you to choose the length you want, while a convenient comb designed specifically for hair behind the ears will make the look precise and complete.

Philips HC1066 on Yandex Market

Advantages and disadvantages of the model

Among the undoubted advantages of new products from Philips are the following:

  • ease of implementation of the haircut process, the presence of nozzles in the kit for any occasion;
  • silent operation of the device, which allows you to divert the attention of children to watching their favorite programs;
  • suitability of devices for functioning in different conditions — even complete immersion in water will not affect its operation;
  • affordability — the recommended retail price for both models does not exceed 3,000 rubles;
  • quality assembly and good service.

Philips HC1066

Among the shortcomings can be noted:

  • some difficulties when working with hard hair — the power of the device may not be enough;
  • the body of the product may seem inconvenient to use;
  • due to the fact that the new product is only now entering the market, there are no reviews on it yet, so you will have to buy a model at your own peril and risk.

An increasing number of people prefer to use household hair clippers instead of visiting hairdressers and beauty salons. This allows you to save a lot of time and money, and in the case of young children, even nerves.

Philips HC1099 on Yandex Market

A visit to the hairdresser for a child is more often torture than pleasure. He finds himself in unusual conditions for himself in the society of an outsider hairdresser, while he is required to calm behavior and perseverance for a rather long period of time. The purchase of Philips HC1066 and Philips HC1099 special machines for children’s haircuts can be an excellent alternative that will turn your apartment into a convenient and comfortable beauty salon for a while.

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