Filters AquaShield and AquaShield M — a modern solution to the problem of scale


AquaShield and AquaShield M filters are a modern solution to the scale problem

Every attentive owner knows that preventing problems is cheaper compared to eliminating negative consequences. It is not difficult to verify the validity of this statement by studying the fight against scale. Corresponding solid deposits form in warm water. They accumulate on the inner walls of pipes and surfaces of heating elements. If timely effective measures are not taken, the probability of emergency situations will increase, the technical characteristics of the equipment will deteriorate.

In any case, it is necessary to carefully choose the appropriate technology that will help solve the mentioned issue. Not only efficiency matters, but also safety for human health. It is necessary to evaluate the ease of management, reliability, initial cost, costs during operation. A comprehensive analysis of all significant factors confirms the superiority of the specialized equipment of the AquaShield series. To eliminate doubts and increase objectivity, it is necessary to compare it with other options. It will be useful to study the reviews of real users who have managed to experience the benefits of modern technologies in practice.

Filters AquaShield and AquaShield M for descaling


  • one Magnetic and electromagnetic water treatment: comparing technologies
  • 2 Ultrasound from scale: why the technology has not justified itself?
  • 3 Why is AquaShield better than reagent descaling?
  • four Model range of anti-calc filters AquaShield
    • 4.1 AquaShield
    • 4.2 AquaShield M
    • 4.3 AquaShield Pro (Pro)
  • 5 What other water problems does the AquaShield filter (converter) solve?
  • 6 Reviews of AquaShield owners on the forums
  • 7 Conclusion

Magnetic and electromagnetic water treatment: comparing technologies

AquaShield Du60, other devices of this category, create a strong magnetic field. It performs several important functions:

  • Forms charges of the same name on the surface of particles of hardness salts, which prevent their convergence.
  • Transforms these mechanical inclusions into needle-like formations that are not able to attach to the walls and to each other.
  • Breaks down old scale. Grinds it to a state of suspension. In this form, pollution is carried out by the flow of water into the drainage.

To create a sufficiently powerful field, the AquaShield electromagnetic scale converter generates waves in a certain frequency range. This signal is fed to the inductor. It is created by several turns of cable on a small section of the main pipeline. Modern engineering solutions ensure the full functioning of equipment with minimal consumption (from 5 to 20 W per hour). Professional-level AquaShield Pro models protect tracks up to 2 km long from scale.

After clarifying the basic principles of operation, it is necessary to clarify the shortcomings of permanent magnets. Appropriate devices are created in the form of pipes, which are mounted in the section of the main. This means that it is impossible to do without complex work operations, additional costs of time, money.

Comparison of magnetic and electromagnetic water treatment

Inexpensive household-level electromagnetic water softener AquaShield creates a field of sufficient power. Connection does not require special skills. The whole process takes no more than a few minutes, including setup. In order for the permanent magnet to work effectively, it is fixed inside the pipe in a special case. Such an element creates obstacles to the free movement of water. In some situations, it is necessary to install additional pumping equipment.

Profile experts note that outdated alloys quickly lose their magnetic properties with increasing temperature. They continue to be used by some manufacturers in cheap and short-lived anti-scale devices. The strength of the field will in any case gradually decrease, in contrast to the constancy of the AquaShield filter parameters.

The main disadvantage of permanent magnets is the “addiction” of hardness salts to such fields. Over time, the positive processes described above become less pronounced. AquaShield M and other devices of this series perform their functions equally well throughout the entire service life.

Ultrasound from scale: why the technology has not justified itself?

Exposure to high frequency oscillations allows you to get the desired result. It provokes the appearance of many bubbles in the working area. At the interface between media (water and air), the process of formation of solid particles from dissolved calcium and magnesium salts is intensified. They also start to vibrate, so they don’t stick to the walls. As with the use of the AquaShield electromagnetic filter, small impurities do not combine together, they are removed into the sewer by the liquid flow.

The practical application of ultrasonic technologies has revealed the following disadvantages:

  • For sufficient efficiency, it is necessary to create signals with a large amplitude, to spend a lot of electricity.
  • Powerful ultrasonic vibrations destroy not only scale, but also welded joints, parts of the pipeline, fasteners.
  • In some cases, parasitic harmonics are formed in the audio range, causing discomfort.

Reviews about AquaShield indicate that the operation of the electromagnetic generator is not accompanied by noise. These installations do not violate the integrity of structures, perform their functions with minimal consumption of energy resources.

Why is AquaShield better than reagent descaling?

Special chemical compounds are used to block the accumulation of hardness salts on the surface of heating elements. They are poured into special containers, which are installed in the supply pipeline. These polyphosphates dissolve, form the necessary shells around microscopic scale particles. Such funds are of low cost. They perform their useful functions automatically, without power from the mains.

When studying this option, you should pay attention to the following limitations and disadvantages:

  • Visual inspection and regular replenishment of reagents are essential to ensure continued protection.
  • Tapping into the pipeline is not only additional installation operations. Creating new threaded connections increases the likelihood of leaks.
  • To get a good result, containers with polyphosphates are installed at a short distance from the washing machine.
  • These chemicals should be prevented from being ingested. They can irritate the skin.

Electromagnetic water softener AquaShield provides reliable protection at a great distance from the place of installation. Its performance does not need to be carefully monitored.

Model range of anti-calc filters AquaShield

To choose the best option for equipping a particular property, you need to visit the official website of AquaShield. The manufacturer offers a wide range of specialized equipment. Below is the information to help you make the right decision.


This relatively inexpensive kit contains all the components for self-assembly. The AquaShield electromagnetic scale converter starts to perform its functions immediately after switching on. It does not need to be specially configured. It consumes only 5 W of electricity per hour, protecting up to 700 meters of pipeline from scale.

The total weight of the equipment is less than 1 kg. It is not difficult to find a small free section of the line from 50 to 80 cm for the coil. The manufacturer guarantees the efficiency of the field exposure up to 17 mEq / liter. This hardness is more than 2 times higher than the maximum allowable concentration. The taste is felt at a level of 7 mEq / liter.

Filter AquaShield on Yandex Market

AquaShield M

This kit is designed for a maximum water hardness of 19 meq/litre. If you turn on AquaShield Du60, then old dense deposits of calcium and magnesium salts will be removed at a rate of 2-3 mm per week. The use of mechanical filters is recommended to prevent the penetration of contaminants into the connected process equipment.

Electromagnetic filter (water softener) AquaShield M Du 60

AquaShield M in continuous operation maintains consumer characteristics for 20 years and more. Maintaining the level and frequency is performed automatically. Electrical circuits are protected from power surges.

Filter AquaShield M on Yandex Market

AquaShield Pro (Pro)

This equipment is distinguished not only by an increased radius of action (up to 2 km of the pipeline). AquaShield Pro is equipped with a powerful generator that operates in an extended frequency range, up to 50 kHz. It provides future users with additional benefits and features:

  • This energy armament allows you to create a reliable protection against salt compounds of iron.
  • Field lines with a high energy potential move free electrons to the outer surface. Such an impact prevents the formation and development of corrosion processes inside the pipeline.
  • The powerful magnetic field of AquaShield Pro creates electric charges that destroy microorganisms.

Electromagnetic scale converter AquaShield Pro (Pro) DN 60

With excellent technical parameters, it pleases with reasonable energy consumption, no more than 20 watts.

Filter AquaShield Pro (Pro) on Yandex Market

What other water problems does the AquaShield filter (converter) solve?

In the previous section, it was noted that the technique of this class is capable of performing advanced functions. But a closer look reveals additional benefits:

  • This equipment prevents the formation of scale, but takes up much less space than specialized ion exchange units.
  • AquaShield Du60 and other kits of this class do not change the chemical composition of water. There are no restrictions on the type of connected equipment.
  • Any of the devices can be quickly dismantled on their own, installed at another facility.
  • Unlike many other types of specialized water treatment equipment, these products do not require routine maintenance. It is enough to remove dust from the case to maintain an attractive appearance.

Electromagnetic water filter AquaShield Du 60 in the boiler room in Moscow

Separately, it should be noted the versatility of the AquaShield Pro electromagnetic filter. It costs more than other models. But this technique replaces several typical water purification systems. Such an investment, taking into account the listed opportunities, is economically feasible.

Reviews of AquaShield owners on the forums

You should study the opinion of consumers to make sure that there are no negative nuances. The following reviews about AquaShield will help you draw the right conclusions:

“After installing this appliance, the formation of scale in the kettle, on the walls of dishes, and kitchen utensils stopped. Only on cleaning products managed to save. This requires a comfortable reduction in labor costs.
Valeria Myskina, Novosibirsk
“I threw out all the flow filters with backfills and installed one electromagnetic transducer. After that, I forgot about the problems with care and control.
Stepan Izmailov, Moscow
“I purchased this equipment after carefully reading the AquaShield forum. After three years of operation, I can say that I made the right choice. I like that for seasonal use, you can quickly transport and install this equipment in the country.
Sergei Konovalenko, Vladivostok
“After installing an electromagnetic device instead of a polyphosphate filter, allergic reactions disappeared in children. Really high-quality equipment of a residential building should be absolutely safe.”
Maria Stepanova, St. Petersburg


To be fair, it should be noted that on the Internet you can find different reviews. A thorough check allows you to identify the causes of negative publications. Some users mistakenly believe that this equipment retains hardness salts. This is not true. It blocks the process of scale formation. Unlike filters, in this case it is not necessary to change cartridges, fillings.

Some quality remarks apply to counterfeit products. The well-deserved popularity of products is accompanied by the appearance on the market of products of dubious origin. It is not difficult to create a similar case and print a colorful booklet with the current level of production technology, so you need to choose the right way to purchase.

If you want to buy AquaShield in Moscow, in another city, please contact certified sellers. The developer of these devices, the owner of official patents and certificates is NPO Generation (Ufa).


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