TWS headphones Sudio Nio: design, functionality, sound, pros and cons


Sudio Nio headphones: great value for money

The Swedish brand Sudio has been successfully operating for more than nine years, releasing various audio equipment. The company has several TWS models in its arsenal. Below we will talk about the new 2021 Sudio Nio, which will delight you with the presence of moisture protection and adaptive microphones that can provide high-quality sound to the owner’s voice in any situation.


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Design and equipment

The Sudio Nio headphones arrived in a box made of thick cardboard that looks and feels expensive enough to give the impression that there is a quality device inside. The headset is depicted on the front panel, the main information is listed on the back and sides.

Sudio Nio in the box

Inside are directly headphones, made in in-ear form factor, documents, charging case, 4 pairs of interchangeable ear pads and USB-C cable. The ear pads are made in the form of wings, which allows you to solve the issue of fit and sound insulation, because, as you know, they always leave much to be desired with earbuds.

Sudio Nio equipment

Visually, the headphones, and the case, do not differ from most similar models on the market. This is not surprising, because the design invented by Apple is hard to somehow alter, so almost all TWS earbuds look approximately the same, and this should not be considered a minus in this case, it is rather a plus, since it looks great.

Sudio Nio

But the shape of the overlays here is unusual. I have never seen anything like this, and thanks to them, the attitude towards such a form factor has changed. These earbuds are able to make the headset truly comfortable so that it does not fall out from active movements.

Sudio Nio Case

The case here is glossy, the headphones come in 5 colors (white, beige, green, black, blue).

The headset has an IPX4 waterproof rating, which means that it can be worn in the rain and used during active workouts, it is not afraid of sweat.


Despite the fact that Sudio Nio are the most affordable headphones in the line, they received touch control. Usually expensive devices are endowed with it, but here the developers decided to endow Sudio Nio with it too.

Sudio Nio headphones and case

The control is the same for both headphones, that is, you can touch the one that is more convenient, but not for all functions, I will give a list below. You can treat sensors differently, buttons are more convenient for me, but there are those who like this option. In any case, it is very good that Sudio Nio was endowed with sound control. To perform certain functions, combinations of several clicks or with different durations are used.

  • 1 touch — start / pause playback or accept a call;
  • 2 touch next track on the right, previous track on the left or reject a call (on both earphones);
  • 3 touches on the right earpiece will increase the volume, on the left earphone will decrease it;
  • 3 touches during a call will end the call.

Among the possibilities are calling a voice assistant, answering/rejecting a call, controlling playback, volume, and switching tracks. It turns out that this device has all the necessary functions..

Sudio Nio sensor

Headphones at work

Connection is simple — just take out the headset and turn on pairing so that it starts looking for an object to create a pair. Next, you need to issue an agreement for synchronization.

After the first connection, when you remove the headphones from the case, the connection will be established automatically.

From the point of view of landing, there are no questions about the headset. Even if the earbuds are not suitable for someone, in this case, replaceable ear pads solve the problem. In general, replaceable ear pads on the earbuds are a great solution, it’s hard for me to imagine that someone cannot fix Sudio Nio in their ears. Landing becomes an order of magnitude better, and the tendency inherent in such devices to pass all sounds from the outside also disappears. By the way, in my opinion, the sound with ear pads is more pronounced than without them.

Sudio Nio ear pads

Sound-wise, the device performs excellently. The sound is smooth, without distortion and drops in any frequencies. There is bass here, which is enough to listen to something electronic or heavy music, but at the same time, pop and classical sounds quite well. The transmission of medium frequencies is also perfectly implemented — the voices of the performers began to sound more pronounced, and the model is also good for listening to audiobooks and podcasts. Of course, I was pleased with the sound, very worthy.

Each earphone received here two microphones. Such a system is needed for better voice transmission and for cutting off external noise. According to my interlocutors, it works great. No matter where I was, I was heard equally well.


Headphones in the case hold with magnets, so they do not hang out, but at the same time, they are easily removed. When you put the headset in the case, they start flashing LEDs, which means charging. When it’s finished, a white light will turn on. The LED on the charging case behaves in a similar way. While charging the case, it flashes, after the end it lights up white. Power is connected on the right side. When the headphone charge drops below 25%, the LED will turn orange.

The autonomy of the headset is 5 hours, the case lasts for 20 hours. Values ​​are standard for such devices. There are more autonomous models on the market, but there are enough of those that hold significantly less. During the use of the specified values ​​are fully confirmed.


Sudio Nio is a relatively inexpensive TWS headset that pleases with a classic design, multiple colors, balanced sound, excellent voice transmission and moisture protection. The thoughtful shape of the ear cushions is impressive, which significantly improves the quality of the fit. Management is quite convenient, but the question of the practicality of sensors for each has its own answer. Autonomy is above average. There are no significant disadvantages of this device, but there are bright pluses.

In my opinion the Sudio Nio is worth the money and I would recommend it to anyone looking for great value for money headphones.


  • Comfortable fit with ear pads
  • good sound isolation (for this class of headphones);
  • high-quality voice transmission;
  • moisture protection;
  • good sound;
  • several design colors.


  • there are no critical ones.

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