Robot vacuum cleaner iPlus x600pro from Clever PANDA: an overview of the features and capabilities of the novelty


iPlus x600pro robot vacuum cleaner: a classic model with a new filling

In 2017, the Japanese brand cleverPanda introduced an interesting novelty — the iPlus x600pro robot vacuum cleaner. It is a handy device attractive design, advanced functionality and reasonable price. Such a vacuum cleaner will attract buyers who are not ready to overpay for a variety of unnecessary functions, but at the same time prefer high-quality and reliable technology.


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  • 3 Reliable robot vacuum cleaners of 2019

Specifications and modes of operation

iPlus x600pro is a device measuring 34*34*8.57 cm and weighing 4.5 kg. Powered by a 2200 mAh battery, designed for 2-hour continuous operation for cleaning an area up to 100 square meters. m. Special infrared sensor helps to find the most contaminated surfaces that require careful treatment. Equipped with a HEPA fine filter, side brushes.

iPlus x600pro

Due to the presence of an ultraviolet lamp, it copes well with the disinfection of indoor air.

Controlled from the remote control. The volume of the dust collector is 0.5 liters, the container is equipped with a fullness indicator. Starts with a simple push of a button. The cost of a vacuum cleaner about 12,000 rubles.

Robot vacuum cleaner

During the operation of the vacuum cleaner, you can use one of the five operating modes.

  1. Cleaning along the walls. This mode allows you to more thoroughly clean surfaces that have joints with walls — places connected by skirting boards, corners. The robot moves along a certain trajectory.
  2. Local. It is used in cases where it is necessary to clean a certain area. The device moves along a spiral trajectory, which allows it to focus on problem areas.
  3. Wet cleaning. A very convenient mode that allows you to use the device for washing the floor. The only thing that will need to be done in this case is to install a special nozzle.
  4. Scheduled cleaning. Means that you can set the parameters for getting started. Irreplaceable functionality for business people. There is no need to control not only the process, but also the launch of the device. The robot itself will take care of its work at the appointed hour and return to the base upon its completion.
  5. Auto. A mode that gives the vacuum cleaner the right to completely independently determine the trajectory and order of cleaning surfaces.

Vacuum cleaner filter

iPlus x600pro on Yandex Market

Advantages of a vacuum cleaner

The emitted noise level from the vacuum cleaner during its operation is minimal in comparison with other similar models: according to this indicator, the vacuum cleaner has no competitors. The built-in artificial intelligence system allows the device to easily cope with obstacles. You don’t have to worry about the device falling off a step or crashing into a wall. Duration continuous work in 2 hours — one of the best indicators among robotic vacuum cleaners of this class. In this case, the device is able to work at maximum power.

The VacuumPetPro cleaning technology will do a great job of removing pet hair, and the absence of central brushes also contributes to this.

Robot vacuum cleaner bottom view

The iPlus x600pro robot vacuum cleaner is an excellent option for a stylish and functional device for cleaning the territory of an apartment, house or office. It will perfectly cope with work on any surfaces without the need for your control over the process. A variety of programs will allow the device to perform tasks of varying degrees of complexity, and artificial intelligence will protect furniture and other interior items from accidental damage.

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