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We post reviews of equipment on a barter basis: you send us a device, and we prepare and publish a high-quality, detailed review with unique photographs of your device. We broadcast the review on other pages of the site, inviting readers to get acquainted with your equipment and, possibly, purchase it. In the review we place links to a store where you can buy equipment. If you want to order a review from us on a barter basis, write to the email address

Review of the Redkey W12 washing cordless vacuum cleaner

Today we will talk about the Redkey W12 vacuum cleaner, which can rightfully be called an excellent representative of the most modern vertical models with a floor washing function.

Dreame H12 cordless upright vacuum cleaner review

A good alternative to a classic vacuum cleaner are robots and upright vacuum cleaners. The former are often used primarily for automatic dry cleaning, while the latter are the best choice for manual cleaning. At the same time, some modern vertical models have become so technologically advanced that they not only collect garbage, but also wash the floor, and also help the user determine the operating modes and even independently […]

Remez RMCL-402: climate control in your hands

Today on the review is the RMCL-402 air washer, which combines 5 functions at once: purification, humidification, cooling, ventilation, ionization.

Dream Bot D10 Plus: forget about cleaning your apartment for 45 days

Today on review is the new Dream Bot D10 Plus, which boasts high power, an automatic cleaning base and a long battery life.

RemezAir RMCH-403: a healthy microclimate is available to everyone

Advantages of using the climate complex. Overview of the RemezAir RMCH-403 model: specifications, functionality, control

4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC: a professional laser level with a good package

Overview of the 4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC laser level with Aliexpress. Specifications, functionality, advantages, scope of supply.

Perenio Power Link: more than just a socket

What is a smart socket. Overview of the Perenio Power Link smart socket. Specifications, functionality, benefits.

Perenio Smart Security Kit keeps your home safe

What is the Perenio Smart Security Kit. Functionality and benefits of the set. Features of setup and management.

Oclean X Pro and Oclean W10: more efficient together

High-quality dental care will not only provide a beautiful smile, but will also allow you to face fewer problems with your teeth. When replacing the brush, the idea once again occurred to me to check what modern smart devices are capable of. The choice fell on Oclean X Pro. This model has its own application and several modes of operation. In addition, an irrigator was taken, […]

AGM M7: one of the most secure feature phones in the world

Push-button phone with Android OS AGM M7. Specifications, design, degree of protection, functionality, autonomy of the gadget.

Roidmi EVE Plus: guarding cleanliness and good mood

It’s great to gather all your friends and have a noisy party at home! But the merry dancing is often accompanied by overturned glasses and overturned plates of snacks. Randomly scattered chips, cracker confetti and sauce stains on a new laminate floor will not please the hosts at all. If in the morning after a home disco you want to lie in bed, and not wash the floors and […]

Oclean X Pro and Oclean W1: a complete oral care set at the best price

Review of the Oclean X Pro toothbrush and Oclean W1 irrigator. Technical characteristics, complete set, design, possibilities.

New items for autumn 2021 from Xiaomi

Overview of new products from Xiaomi. Xiaomi 11 Lite 5g NE, Xiaomi 11T, POCO X3 Pro, Redmi Buds 3 Pro.

Dreame H11 Max: a clean floor without compromise

The market for upright vacuum cleaners is expanding, offering users more and more new models. Dreame Technology, a company known for smart home appliances, has introduced new products for 2021 — Dreame Wet and Dry Vacuum H11 Max and H11. In the review, let’s talk about the older model — H11 Max. Specifications Power: 200 W. Dust collector type: cyclone container. Dust container capacity: 900 ml. Water tank: […]

Oclean W10: stylish and compact portable irrigator

Overview of the portable irrigator Oclean W10. Appearance and equipment, features of work. Pros and cons of the device.

Xiaomi 11T Pro: is it worth buying the company’s new flagship?

Xiaomi 11T Pro smartphone review. Specifications and features of the model. Should I buy an older device in the line.

Xiaomi Pad 5

Xiaomi Pad 5: a powerful tablet for gamers and beyond

Xiaomi Pad 5 tablet review. Specifications, features, pros and cons of the model.

Xiaomi 11T

Xiaomi 11T: a successful update of last year’s lineup

Xiaomi 11T smartphone review. Positioning, characteristics, features. The pros and cons of the model.

Xiaomi 11 Lite NE: a camera phone for young people

Review of the smartphone Xiaomi 11 Lite NE. Specifications, features, pros and cons of new items.

QCY HT03: budget TWS noise canceling headset

QCY HT03 wireless earbuds came to our review. This is a budget model with noise reduction function. Compact headset in a case, which claims good battery life and easy operation. It is produced by Xiaomi, but this sub-brand is not officially supplied to Russia, it is only available on AliExpress. Let’s find out if these headphones are worth buying. Specifications Each […]

Chillax 1200: tasty one-shots with a bright appearance

Chillax 1200 disposable electronic cigarette review. Features, appearance, tastes, benefits.

iLife V50 Pro: an affordable robot vacuum cleaner for cleaning the apartment

iLife V50 Pro robot vacuum cleaner review. Delivery set, ergonomics, functionality, autonomy, quality of room cleaning.

Smart watch KKJ NY15: a budget solution with good features

Review of budget smart watches with Aliexpress KKJ NY15. Design, ergonomics, model capabilities. Is it worth buying.

Camera AGM H3

AGM H3: a stylish rugged smartphone in 2021

A review of the novelty of 2021 is the AGM H3 rugged smartphone. Appearance of the device, screen, photo capabilities, autonomy, performance.

Review of smart TV HYUNDAI H-LED43FU7004 on Salyut TV OS from Sberbank

Over the past year, Sber has introduced several new devices and platforms to the Russian market, including the Salyut TV platform, which appeared on HYUNDAI TVs in early summer 2021. Today we are reviewing the H-LED43FU7004 model — a 43-inch TV with UHD resolution and Salyut TV on board. We will talk more about the device below. External […]

Redmi Buds 3 Pro: inexpensive and high-quality TWS headphones

Review of TWS headphones Redmi Buds 3 Pro. Design, ergonomics, functionality, sound quality, autonomy of the model.

Xiaomi Dr.Bei YC2: ultrasonic teeth cleaning at home

Xiaomi Dr.Bei YC2 ultrasonic tooth cleaner: features, equipment, design. Is it worth buying the device?

Dr.Bei GY1: Inexpensive toothbrush for quality brushing

Overview of the Dr.Bei GY1 electric toothbrush: features, design, control, functionality, autonomy. Pros and cons of the device.

Irrigator DR.BEI Water Flosser GF3: effective cleaning of the entire oral cavity

Review of the irrigator DR.BEI Water Flosser GF3: characteristics, design, ergonomics, functionality. Pros and cons of the device.

Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2S: budget TWS headphones with good sound

Review of Xiaomi Mi True Wireless Earbuds Basic 2S. Design and ergonomics, control features, sound quality and autonomy of the device.

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