Review of Neato robot vacuum cleaners: Botvac Connected, Botvac D85, XV Signature Pro


Overview of popular models of robotic vacuum cleaners from Neato

The excitement around robotic vacuum cleaners makes us take a closer look at the models available on the market. A particularly interesting option are offers from Neato, a brand that is unfamiliar to the Russian consumer. The time has come to fill this gap.


  • one Trademark History
  • 2 Features of brand models
  • 3 Top 3 Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Models
    • 3.1 Neato Botvac Connected
    • 3.2 Neato Botvac D85
    • 3.3 Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro
  • four Alternative models of robot vacuum cleaners

Trademark History

When creating the company, the management initially relied on technology that would reduce the time spent on cleaning so that it could be spent on more favorite activities. The choice fell on robotic vacuum cleaners — a real trend of the times. The company itself appeared in 2004 in Newark, Silicon Valley. Her «father» was Giacomo Marini, the founder of Logitech: in 2004, he decided to invest in robots that were able to clean the floor with the same efficiency as a person does.

Robot vacuum cleaner

The employees have proven themselves in effective development people — for example, Mike Perkins (the creator of Voodoo laptops from Hewlett & Packard), Garmit Grewall from Logitech and others. A close-knit team helped the brand enter the American market first, and then the Neato robot vacuum cleaner conquered the Europeans (France, already in 2011).

In the Russian Federation, an official representation appeared only in 2014, but some users have already managed to order similar products for themselves via Internet channels.

Features of brand models

2010 brought worldwide fame to the brand thanks to high ratings from PC Magazine, CNet, Cool Hunting. Also among the awards was the CES award, which is one of the most prestigious for home appliances.

According to user reviews, robot vacuums really live up to their name «neato» — «cool» in colloquial American English.

In practice, there is an explanation for such popularity — the models have distinctive technological features that make cleaning much more efficient. The device differs from the others in body shape — it is made square in front so that the technique fits snugly into the corners. The viewing platform on the body of the device rotates 360°, which helps to fully view the space.

When moving, the device continuously scans the surrounding space, recording a map of the room in the memory. For navigation, the robot uses infrared lasersafe for children and pets. The diameter of this beam is only 2 mm, but it can even be reflected from the fabric (which means you don’t have to worry that the vacuum cleaner will start chewing on the curtains).

Thus, the consumer who decides to buy the device will deal with a real robot that can analyze the changes that have occurred and create a new cleaning trajectory, and not follow the same algorithm from the instructions. But, of course, the manufacturer has brought its own differences to each model.

Top 3 Neato Robot Vacuum Cleaner Models

Since the manufacturer has directed all his efforts to the creation of robotic vacuum cleaners, he has the opportunity to diversify the range. In addition to navigation and design, each top model has something to interest the potential user of their products.

Neato Botvac Connected

Neato Botvac Connected at a price of 63,000 rubles can be called the most expensive and flagship model of the company. He deserved all these regalia due to his interesting abilities.

Neato Botvac Connected

Outside, the manufacturer has not changed the «non-At» design — the vacuum cleaner smoothly flows from the rear semicircle into the front square. Navigation is carried out LIDAR radar. All collisions are cushioned by a soft bumper in front with an integrated sensor. The model is made in black plastic. From below it is rough and not afraid of scratches, and from above it is glamorously polished.

Power is supplied by a Li-Ion type battery (14 V), designed for a power of 4200 mAh. It will take about two hours to fully charge the equipment.

cleaning schedule can be set on the touch top panel — interestingly, it can be selected for each day of the week. There are also special command buttons: «Home» for the device to return to the base for a long time and «Spot» for local cleaning. The user can control the robot from his smartphone, after downloading the application (available for both IOS and Android).The connection to the cloud server is via Wi-Fi.

Smartphone control

The brush of the robot vacuum cleaner looks like a bristle drill 273 mm long. After «acquaintance» with it, the garbage is sucked in by a stream of air raised by a motor with a power of 120 watts. True, this creates a noise of 70 dB. There is also a brush with ribs in the kit — it is reasonable to use it in order to collect hairballs, which is especially important for long pile carpets. A propeller brush helps to draw dust under the body. Dust is captured by the High Performance filter and dirt is collected in a container. When busy, the user will receive notifications from the robot about the need to remove the dust container.

Let’s summarize the benefits:

  • availability of wireless communication;
  • laser navigation;
  • powerful battery life;
  • soft banner to prevent collision;
  • turbo and side brushes;
  • latest generation filters.

The device has only two disadvantages:

  • big noise at work;
  • very high price.

Neato Botvac Connected on Yandex Market

Neato Botvac D85

The D85 model is cheaper than the flagship — here the cost reaches 45,000 rubles due to the lack of a Wi-Fi module, powerful batteries and modern filters. The robot vacuum cleaner has the already familiar horseshoe shape with a body in two color interpretations — black on top and white on the bottom. The LIDAR navigation sensor is also located at the top, infrared sensor from mechanical collisions — on the front bumper.

Neato Botvac D85

The device can work autonomously up to 90 minutes. It already uses a 12 V battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh. At the same time, the device must be fully charged for at least 3 hours.

Neato Botvac D85 has two cleaning modes — full and local work: all this is controlled from the touch panel. Realistically make a schedule for every day.

The device is cleaned with a brush 273 mm long — this part has an improved design that prevents winding of wool and hair. There is also paddle type silicone brushwhich cleans well on smooth surfaces and knocks out dust from carpets. Helicopter brush attaches to the side with a magnetic bracket and actively sweeps dust from all corners.

silicone brush

Among the advantages:

  • navigation sensor;
  • good battery;
  • brush with improved design;
  • the presence of a silicone paddle brush;
  • the presence of a soft banner.

Compared to the flagship, the following disadvantages can be distinguished:

  • lack of wireless control;
  • a battery class lower than that of the above model;
  • the same situation with filters.

Neato Botvac D85 on Yandex Market

Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro

The younger brother in this company is Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro. The cost of this option is from 32,000 rubles, which is the only offer for this price category. with scheduling room cleaning.

The design is represented by a standard black semi-circle with a display, control buttons and a navigation tower. There are gray color accents-inclusions. At the front there is a concave element that helps to transport the device and free the container from debris. There is no movable bumper here, but a collision is prevented optical sensors.

Neato Robotics XV Signature Pro

The battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh is responsible for power supply (90 minutes of continuous operation). The device must be left to fully charge for 3 hours. Management is carried out using buttons. All information can be seen on the display. The model retains the ability to program the execution of daily work at a given time.

In this version, there are no side brushes yet — this affects the quality of cleaning along skirting boards and in corners. Defect eliminates rotating turbo brush, which does an excellent job of cleaning carpets and floor coverings from wool and hair. The air blown into the room is purified by special anti-allergic filters (replaceable option).


To prevent the assistant from getting into forbidden places, his movements can be limited by a magnetic tape glued to the floor, which comes with the kit.


  • self-planning (as with previous models);
  • 1.5 hours of continuous work;
  • design features for ease of transportation;
  • special filters;

Now for the cons:

  • lack of side brushes;
  • no front banner to soften the impact.

Neato Botvac Connected on Yandex Market

So, all three options are intended for dry cleaning. This generation of home appliances can really be called intelligent because of the constant scanning and analysis of data, which helps to navigate in space. By constantly rewriting its algorithm, the device provides effective cleaning: 98% of the removed debris from a smooth surface and 85% from a carpet. Among the minuses is only the price, but this does not bother those users who agree only on the most excellent result.

Alternative models of robot vacuum cleaners

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