Philips HR 2332 pasta machine: specifications, advantages and disadvantages


New for pasta lovers — Philips pasta machine HR2332

Nowadays, there is a wide range of household appliances that allow you to solve a wide variety of tasks. In addition to standard food processors, mixers and multicookers, you can purchase appliances that have a narrower range of applications, but guarantee high-quality results and a wide range of functions. Philips introduces one of these devices — the HR2332 pasta machine.


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The minicar is made of plastic, has dimensions of 350*135*287 mm and weight of 4.7 kg. The body of the product itself is white, and the control panel is painted in a grayish, smoky color. The device operates on a voltage of 220-240V, equipped with a meter cord. Also included are cleaning tools, a measuring cup and a soft recipe book.

Pasta machine Philips HR2332

All parts of the machine are removable. This allows you to very quickly disassemble it for washing and cleaning.

What can

The name of the novelty speaks for itself. The HR2332 knows all about making quality and delicious pasta. Fully automated picking will only require you to load the required products. The machine will do the rest for you. The procedure is as follows:

  • load the flour into a special container;
  • turn on the car;
  • gradually add the required amount of liquid;
  • adjust the length of the paste by cutting it off.

3-5 servings of pasta or noodles can be prepared in 20 minutes.

cooking pasta

Attached to the product 4 nozzlesallowing you to cook a variety of dishes: spaghetti, vermicelli, lasagne base, ravioli, soba and many others.

Machine equipment

In addition to traditional ingredients, you can use a variety of products that change the taste and color of the pasta. It can be all kinds of juices or chopped greens, you can add eggs or sauces.

If you do not have your own recipes for cooking, you can use those presented in the attached brochure as a basis. This includes both traditional ways of making pasta, as well as very unusual ones.

Philips HR2332 on Yandex Market

Advantages and disadvantages of HR2332 pasta machine

The advantages of the device include the following parameters:

  1. Full automation of the workflow saves time and effort.
  2. The number of nozzles in the kit allows you to cook a large number of dishes without the need to buy something.
  3. Super compact dimensions will not create problems for placing the device in the kitchen.
  4. Additional accessories designed for cleaning, as well as the ability to disassemble the device into parts, greatly simplify the process of caring for the product.
  5. The cookbook contains all the necessary recipes for every day.
  6. The harmonious and stylish design will successfully fit into any interior.

Philips HR2332 in the kitchen


  • The retail price of about 14,000 rubles may seem too high for such a highly specialized device.
  • There is a certain risk of running into poor-quality assembly, since pasta machines are made in China.
  • Post-warranty service can be expensive.

The Philips HR2332 can be a very good purchase for pasta connoisseurs in various options and combinations. It has all the necessary functions, is easy to manage and compact. The manufacturer guarantees a long service life of the product and good service.

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