Overview of Clever&Clean robotic vacuum cleaners: aqua series 01, m series 004, z10a, m series 002


Should I buy budget robot vacuum cleaners Clever&Clean

Cleaning takes up a lot of time and effort that can be spent on other, more important things. That is why automated assistants, which save the time and health of their owners, are gaining such demand. One of the trusted devices is the Clever & Clean robot vacuum cleaner, the capabilities of which are worth getting to know better.


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More about the brand

The Clever&Clean brand appeared on the market in 1997 and immediately began to position itself as a manufacturer of budget home goods. At the same time, the company provides a fairly high quality of its products. This is understandable, given that the organization is located in the Chinese equivalent of Silicon Valley (Shenzhen).

Clever&Clean Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The company’s credo is: technology must be both efficient and inexpensive. The manufacturer is constantly improving the models it produces — with each modification they become more and more intelligent, «catching up» with the capabilities of the computer. Robotic vacuum cleaners are manufactured using an open Linux operating system. But not only this alone allows products to win the love of consumers.

Features of assistants from Clever&Clean

Clever & Clean brand robot vacuum cleaners are suitable for both home and office — all manufactured models are durable and have high-quality assembly. Products passed European and Russian certificationso that it is able to compete with other world market offers.

Vacuum cleaner Clever&Clean

Each model has its own classic features, but the following characteristics can be distinguished among the general properties:

  • the presence of special sensors that recognize interior items and obstacles (and, accordingly, prevent collisions);
  • stairs-sensing sensors;
  • the ability to schedule cleaning in the device by day of the week and a specific time;
  • removal of dry debris and wet wiping of floors;
  • choice of task execution speed;
  • independent return of the device to the base.

Outwardly, almost all devices are similar to analogues from other manufacturers. Let’s take a closer look at the most popular models from the Chinese manufacturer.

Clever&Clean aqua series 01

This is one of the best examples of the brand, which costs about 16,000 — 18,000 rubles and has impressive features. Clever&Clean aqua series 01 is called the special pride of the developers, and last but not least, the ideal parameters of the device play in this. Its body consists of white plastic, and for additional protection, it is also covered with a special resistant film on top. On the sides, the device has protection — a special springy bumper with rubber strip, which will protect furniture in case of accidental collision. However, the latter may not happen due to sensors. Compact dimensions allow you to easily pass even under furniture with low dimensions.

Clever&Clean aqua series 01

The Clever&Clean aqua series 01 robot vacuum cleaner with a 2000 mAh battery is able to continuously work up to 1.5 hours. But to get a full charge, it must be left at the base for 4 hours. The touch display on the top panel is designed for control. The device is capable of operating in three modes — automatic, manual and local cleaning. Comes with and remote control, you can set the necessary parameters using it. Cleaning is carried out by two side brushes located on the bottom of the device, here are the wheelbase and a wet wipe.

Among the additional features, it is worth noting the automatic supply of water to a wet wipe and a UV lamp to kill bacteria on the treated surfaces.

We summarize the advantages of buying this model:

  • interesting design combined with mobility;
  • dry and wet cleaning;
  • high power battery;
  • the presence of an ultraviolet lamp for disinfecting the space;
  • determination of height difference;
  • the ability to overcome obstacles;
  • voice alerts.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • lack of navigation (will not be able to independently draw up a plan);
  • voice alerts cannot be disabled;
  • no virtual wall;
  • there is no special turbo brush.

Clever&Clean aqua series 01 on Yandex Market

Clever&Clean m series 004

Distinctive features of the Clever&Clean m series 004 model are small parameters (the height of the device is only 7.4 cm) and the price is only 10,000 rubles. Even with the minimum configuration, the device shows amazing results. Let’s start with the design: the body is made of traditional white plastic. Its edges are framed with a special rubberized bumper. The overall impression is a neat and stylish appearance. It does not spoil even the fact that the garbage collection container is located on the front panel — in the same place where the control cover is located.

The robot has sensors to determine the height and obstacles, as well as special identifiers of the most polluted locations. Side panels are attached to the bottom. propeller-shaped brushes — they clean the surface.

Clever&Clean m series 004

There is no complex keyboard on the top of the device — only two buttons (on and off). In the process of cleaning, the vacuum cleaner can perform a variety of movements — from arbitrary movement to movement in a spiral. The device is able to work up to 50 minutes of pure time — this is how much the 850 mAh battery allows it. A full charge takes 4 hours.

For additional options, you can purchase a washing panel or simply attach a damp cloth to the back.


  • ease of operation;
  • easy care;
  • compactness;
  • the ability to work as a floor polisher after purchasing a washing panel.

There are also disadvantages:

  • small work areas;
  • a special signal about the fullness of the garbage bin has not been thought out (it is necessary to check it yourself);
  • cannot be programmed to clean on certain days;
  • average battery;
  • cannot travel to the base on their own.

Clever&Clean m series 004 on Yandex Market

Clever&Clean z10a

This model is clearly designed for creative individuals: Clever & Clean z10a worth 12,000 rubles can be found in three colors — red, orange, green. Despite the bright color, the device is designed in a simple style. Again, there is a rubberized bumper designed to mitigate collisions with 80 sensors located on it. Also on the case there is a button that turns on and off the device and the signal receiver from the remote control. Height difference sensors prevent the device from falling off stairs.

The device has the ability to program cleaning for every day using the remote control. In automatic mode, the device will move randomly, and in local mode, it will intensively process the proposed area. The model is able to work up to two hours thanks to its 2200 mAh battery. But the full charge time in this design has not changed — also 4 hours. The robot will automatically return to the base after completing the mission or to recharge the battery.

Clever&Clean z10a

On the bottom there are several brushes: side, central and special rubber. According to user reviews, the technique is excellent handles debris and hair.

If you attach a special nozzle and a napkin, then Clever clean z10a will also carry out wet cleaning.

Additional features include the presence of an ultraviolet lamp, which is designed to disinfect germs. It turns out not superfluous virtual walllimiting going beyond the established limits.
There are such advantages:

  • simple control of equipment;
  • bright and original design;
  • additional disinfection with an ultraviolet lamp;
  • a large number of sensors and the presence of a virtual wall.

Not without cons:

  • small size of the washing panel (there is no way to carry out a full-fledged wet cleaning);
  • the device does not overcome obstacles in the form of wires.

Clever&Clean z10a on Yandex Market

Clever&Clean m series 002

Clever&Clean m series 002 from 7000 rubles is another «cheerful» model of the Chinese brand, it is available in silver-green or silver-blue colors. Different color schemes make the robot vacuum cleaner not only an assistant, but also a beautiful interior detail. A bumper made of soft rubber is also present here, but it already frames only half of the body. On top there is also a garbage collector compartment, along the perimeter of which there are LEDs (they glow during operation or discharge). The power button will start the vacuum cleaner.

Robot not programmable, after turning it on, it begins to make movements in a certain sequence: first arbitrarily, then in a spiral, then along the walls and again in a spiral. The cycle then repeats until the user steps up and turns off the device. Unfortunately, the robot can only work for 40 minutes (the battery is only 800 mAh). And then it will charge up to 4 hours. There is no charging base — the device is «powered» directly from the network.

Clever&Clean m series 002

The robot has two side propeller brushes that push debris and hair to a special hole. If necessary, the device will become multifunctional — on the bottom there is a special napkin holder.

The device is perfect for smooth surfaces and carpets with a not very high pile.

Let’s summarize the benefits:

  • affordable price;
  • small sizes;
  • ease of care;
  • Ease of controls;
  • the presence of sensors to prevent falls.

Learn about the cons:

  • will not clean up on too dark surfaces (perceived as a threat of falling);
  • will not be able to overcome the pile more than 5 mm;
  • Doesn’t handle large debris well.

Clever&Clean m series 002 on Yandex Market

Summarizing the review, it can be noted that, if desired, the user will find a model that suits him. Whoever doesn’t care about the presence of a “virtual wall” or disinfection capabilities, we can recommend a budget analogue of the brand — in any case, the buyer will receive a multifunctional device with dry and wet cleaning capabilities.

Robot vacuum cleaners Clever & Clean are a good competitor in budget segment, what they say and a lot of reviews about this technique on the net. Inexpensive, easy-to-operate robots are perfect for the elderly, relieving them of the tedious daily cleaning. Of course, they lack premium features, such as control from a smartphone or a self-cleaning dust container, but many do not need this. And with their direct task — cleaning the surface — they cope very well.


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