iPlus X700: features, design, pros and cons of a robot vacuum cleaner


iPlus X700 Robot Vacuum Cleaner: Powerful, Efficient, Affordable

The iPlus X700 is a robotic vacuum cleaner from Japan by iPlus Robotics that is a logical upgrade of the popular X600. The device was focused on house cleaning with pets. We tested the device, the new version has a number of changes, we present to your attention a detailed review of the iPlus X700.

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Model Features

As an update to an already successful model, the X700 vacuum cleaner has received some improvements in the motor, battery and control system.

The device has become more powerful — a Japanese-assembled inverter motor with a power of 85 W has been installed. The second update was the use of a new type of battery — now hidden under the «hood» Li-ion battery with a large capacity of 2600 mAh, which allowed to increase the area of ​​cleaning. The third key moment was the emergence smartphone control, which is obviously more convenient and corresponds to the trends of our time. Although the remote control is also included in the package.

robot vacuum cleaner X700


In addition to the vacuum cleaner, the package includes:

  • docking station for charging;
  • remote control;
  • power unit;
  • side brushes — 4 pieces;
  • microfiber cloths — 2 pieces;
  • water container;
  • fine filter — 2 pieces;
  • brush for cleaning the container;
  • instruction;
  • guarantee card.

vacuum cleaner X700

Applied technologies

The iPlus X700 vacuum cleaner has received a whole set of technologies that are designed to make it better than the previous model:

  • inverter motor with increased traction without the use of brushes — lower energy consumption, longer service life, quieter operation;
  • three-stage cleaning system;
  • 2DSlam — effective and visual cartography;
  • WeBack — control from a smartphone from anywhere in the world, available on iOS and Android;
  • side brushes with anti-winding system for wool, hair and threads;
  • intelligent rag moistening system — the vacuum cleaner maintains uniform wetting and does not leave puddles behind;
  • improved wheelbase — can move between rooms with different floor coverings, and the device has no problems with overcoming them.

Design and ergonomics

iPlus X700 received the appearance of a classic robot vacuum cleaner. The round body is made of white painted plastic. The model is quite compact — diameter 32 cm, height 8.29 cm. Only the brushes protrude beyond the body.

The top panel is gold. From above there is touch button — it is responsible for turning the device on and off, as well as the Wi-Fi connection indicator. Nearby is an access cover to the compartment with a dust collector.

Compartment with dust collector

It opens with a fingertip. The dust collector is a plastic transparent container with a folding handle. The front panel has a frosted glass bumper.


Hidden behind it are IR sensors that are responsible for navigation. There is also a camera to search for a charging station. On the right there is an output for connecting the power supply directly.

At the bottom of the device there is a rectangular hole for suction of debris with a rubber scraper, side brushes, a hatch from the battery compartment (fastened with screws), swivel casters, drive wheels, height change sensors, contacts for synchronization with the docking station, slots for attaching a container with water and a physical power switch. The bottom has bevels along the edges and in front — this is provided so that the vacuum cleaner overcomes obstacles.

View from the back, without water tank and rag


i Plus X700 is a vacuum cleaner designed for dry cleaning of surfaces with an additional wiping of the floor with a damp cloth. The model received a capacious battery of 2600 mAh, which is enough for 60-80 minutes of work.

When the capacity drops to 20%, the device will return to the base itself, fully charging takes 160-180 minutes. The ability to overcome obstacles of 1.8 cm allows the vacuum cleaner to easily ride on various surfaces — tiles, laminate, carpets and overcome thresholds. The device can even ride on carpets with large pile, but it does not remove them 100%, since the turbo brush is not provided here.

The model has four working modes:

  • automatic mode for complete cleaning of the apartment;
  • spot — local cleaning, for example, the dog spilled food or filler;
  • perimeter — garbage collection next to walls and in corners;
  • manual — manual movement control from the remote control.

Important! Switching between operating modes is carried out from the remote control, but the application for a smartphone provides more options.

The cleaning process involves three stages of cleaning and proceeds as follows.

  1. End brushes as they move throw debris under the vacuum cleaner to the suction hole. At the same time, it is designed in such a way that small solid debris such as sand or pebbles will not fly by, as it will held up by rubber scrapers.
  2. The motor sucks sand, dust, hair, wool and any other debris into the 500 ml waste container. An indicator is provided on the body that will notify you if the container is completely full. In the dust collector for more efficient cleaning and retention of debris are installed mesh and HEPA filters. The latter is designed to clean the air from allergen spores or mold.
  3. After dry cleaning, the cleaned area is additionally wiped with a rag, which is automatically moistened from the 300 ml container. The wet cleaning system is located at the back of the device.

Ready for wet cleaning


Responsible for device navigation infrared sensors. Unfortunately, the device did not receive a laser, camera, or rangefinder, but in our test, the robot had no problems building a route. The model builds a 2D map of the room, which is displayed in the application, and cleans the room without re-passing through already cleaned places. At the same time, in the application you can see where the vacuum cleaner has already been, and set virtual walls for it — it will not approach the marked places.

To prevent the device from falling down the stairs, there are height difference sensors at its bottom. They work at a distance of 8 cm, so there is no danger that the vacuum cleaner still does not notice the step.


The Plus X700 is controlled by a remote control and a smartphone app. The WeBack application is available for download in the AppStore or PlayMarket. In it, you can see the built map of the room and already cleaned areas, set up virtual walls, schedule cleaning and select a mode. In addition, through the application, you can change the power and intensity of wetting the rag. If necessary, the user can adjust the route.


Parameters of the new model:

  • power: 85 W;
  • dust container volume: 500 ml;
  • noise level: 45 dB;
  • battery: li-ion, 2600 mAh;
  • charging time: 160-180
  • working time: 60-80 min;
  • patency: 1.8 cm;
  • cleaning system: triple;
  • building maps: yes;
  • control: remote control, smartphone;
  • number of modes: 4;
  • dimensions and weight: 32*32*8.29 cm, 2.8 kg;
  • additionally: fine filter, anti-winding system, dust bag full indication, Wi-Fi, wet cleaning.

Pros and cons

The iPlus X700 is a good little helper. X700 is high-quality cleaning and simple operation. For those for whom this is enough, and a huge set of functions (not always useful) is not really needed, there is no point in buying a more sophisticated vacuum cleaner.

The advantages of the model include:

  • excellent cross;
  • floor cleaning quality;
  • floor washing;
  • good autonomy;
  • ease of management;
  • convenient application;
  • quiet work.


  • there is no turbo brush — it will not be able to qualitatively clean carpets or carpets with a long pile;
  • a small number of sensors for navigation — can get stuck in difficult areas;
  • quite noisy during operation and there is a small sound when charging.

We also note an unexpected loud sound at the end of charging, similar to a doorbell. If the room is quiet enough, you can be scared.

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