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Updated: 04.02.2021 16:51:03

*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Photo editors have always been necessary and relevant, starting from the earliest stages of the development of computer technology, as soon as the power of devices began to allow full-fledged photo processing in principle. But this segment of software became truly massive with the advent of modern wearable gadgets, the undeniable standards of which were set, of course, by the first iPhone smartphones from Apple. The volume of content on services such as Instagram and others like it today is truly gigantic. Naturally, this led to the mass production of mobile photo editing apps for the iPhone.

Today’s review by the editors of Expertology has been dedicated to the best, in the opinion of our specialized experts, applications for shooting and processing photo content. When compiling the rating, our experts were guided by considerations of simplicity and intuitiveness of the application, versatility, the presence of remarkable individual features, feedback from real users and the overall popularity / demand for the application.

Rating of the best photo editors for iPhone



photo editor

The best free photo editors for iPhone one VSCO Cam 4.9
2 Snapseed 4.8
3 Moldova 4.7
four Phonto 4.6
5 squaready 4.5
The best paid and shareware photo editors for iPhone one Enlight 4.9
2 PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker 4.8
3 Adobe Photoshop Express 4.7

The best free photo editors for iPhone

The most extensive nomination of our rating is the most accessible applications distributed free of charge, and which are valuable in themselves even with standard free tools. Almost every program presented implies the possibility of paid additional installation of tools and filters, but on a strictly voluntary basis.


iPhone photo editor rating: 4.9


Let’s start with one of the simplest and most convenient to use, yet feature-rich applications — VSCO Cam. It is produced by the Visual Supply Company, the backbone of which is made up of people from such famous corporations as Sony, Adobe, MTV, other big names and, importantly, Apple itself.

VSCO Cam is more than just a photo editor. It’s also a handy photography app with lots of fine tuning tools, great visual filters, regularly published digests of the best photos, and a host of other signs of serious software.

The program tools are sorted into thematic tabs: Camera — shooting tools, Library — a library of photos with which the user has done at least some work before, Store — a set of filters in the store format, Discover — an information part with company news and selections of the best works, Profile — user profile, Settings — a set of settings for the program itself.

The photo editor allows you to apply ready-made built-in filters (there are a fairly large number of them, among which there are very, very impressive ones) or process images in a completely individual manner in several stages.

One of the most noticeable advantages of this photo editor is that the developers initially approached the creation of filters on an individual basis. Unlike many other startups, the VSCO team did not copy with minimal changes, but created most of the filters completely from scratch.


  • one of the most original and non-trivial collections of filters created from scratch;
  • multifunctionality;
  • a wide range of tools for individual image processing;
  • flexible and fine settings;
  • accessibility and understandability for both beginners and pros;
  • a large community — accessible communication with professionals.


  • No obvious deficiencies were noted.


iPhone Photo Editor Rating: 4.8


The rating continues with a powerful software package for professional processing of raster graphics on wearable gadgets — Snapseed. The photo editor was developed by Nik Software, which, after the bright success of the brainchild of a startup, was immediately absorbed by the giant Google.

This photo editor for iPhone can, if not everything, then almost everything, and positions itself in this way almost officially. The toolkit contains convenient and easy-to-learn tools for auto-correction, photo contouring, cropping, rotation and alignment, tilting and cropping, selective correction of individual areas of the image, point correction of the smallest errors, and vignette overlay. Using a set of brushes, you can easily apply the desired filters only to selected areas of the image.

The set of filters provided by the program deserves special attention. With their help, you can blur the background, add the effect of sparkling spotlights, add tonal contrast, apply the multiple exposure effect (HDR), add grain, artificially age the photo, create the effect of black and white cinema, frame the edges of the image with frames, and perform quite a lot of other actions. for creating effects. Each filter contains additional functions — to switch between them, just swipe vertically across the screen. The intensity of the «filter in the filter» can be changed by moving your finger horizontally.

The photo editor allows you to step by step view all the stages of changing the image, as well as cancel any effect, regardless of the overall sequence of actions.


  • ease of use;
  • a wide range of filters with additional settings;
  • rich toolkit;
  • convenience of working with a sequence of actions, rollback of changes.


  • the new interface caused a partially negative reaction from users.


iPhone photo editor rating: 4.7


Another extremely interesting and multifunctional free application in our rating is Moldiv. It contains a huge number of special templates for creating images in the style of glossy magazines, a wide range of frames for collages, photo editing tools.

A separate set of «beauty functions» is aimed at processing selfies with live filters, smoothing the skin, deriving the correct face oval, and enlarging the eyes. Also this set contains interesting light leak effects and live textures. Nearly 200 preset filters, divided into 13 thematic sections, allow you to make amazing transformations with the original photo.

To create collages and images in a magazine style, 310 frames in a variety of styles, 135 ready-made magazine layouts are used.

Professional editing tools contain more than 300 different fonts for adding text to the image, 92 background patterns, 560 stickers.

A separate set of tools allows versatile video editing, adding live video filters, creating impressive motion graphics, adding particle effects, bokeh, vintage light leaks. There is a whole set of funny animated stickers.

Directly from the application, processed photos can be uploaded to popular services — Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and others. You can also save processed photos with EXIF ​​data in the maximum resolution allowed for the device you are using.


  • convenient and effective tools for processing selfies;
  • a wide range of tools for applying effects;
  • hundreds of ready-made filters, frames, effects, stickers, background patterns;
  • a separate set of tools for video processing and animation creation.


  • no objective deficiencies were noted.


iPhone Photo Editor Rating: 4.6


Further in the rating, we will consider an extremely simple and unobtrusive, but absolutely indispensable application when it becomes necessary to overlay text on a picture and apply all kinds of effects. All this is Phonto, a free program available in the App Store.

Previous versions contained about 200 different fonts, and the latest version, current at the beginning of 2019, already contains as many as 400 fonts.

The application toolkit allows you to overlay text on a photo, apply any of hundreds of typefaces, play with text size and color, add strokes of different thicknesses, backgrounds and shadows.

The photo editor has an extremely simple, clear and unobtrusive interface. Any change in the properties of the text is immediately, without lags, reflected in the photo with the possibility of rollback.

This iPhone app is characterized by one of the highest user feedback, which is expressed in thousands of the highest ratings and positive reviews.


  • about 400 different typefaces;
  • ease of use;
  • convenience, accessibility, understandability;
  • nice, unobtrusive interface.


  • not flagged, most positive user feedback.


iPhone photo editor rating: 4.5


The application for convinced «instagrammers» — Squaready completes this selection of the rating. This program is especially useful when it is necessary to process panoramic photos. With it, you can easily add a border of any shape, style or color around the entire image or just on one side.

The photo editor does most of the work for you. To process a picture, the source in landscape or portrait orientation must be loaded from the source (camera library or Twin Collage), after which the program will automatically center the frame, help to fit it to a variety of formats while maintaining the size.

Using special tools, you can independently make changes to the source, rotate it in different directions, and place it under a good angle. You can choose a background color from a very extensive palette. At the very end, the program will ask you in what capacity you want to save the result.

Squaready photo editor is used by many famous phonographs, and the corresponding hashtag can be found in the Instagram albums of many celebrities.


  • convenient tools for processing panoramic photos;
  • wide palette for setting the background color;
  • flexible tools for adding frames;
  • preservation in different quality options.


  • only English version.

The best paid and shareware photo editors for iPhone

In this category of the rating, we will pay attention to several applications that are either paid by themselves, or free, but require additional purchase of tools or filters for full and comprehensive work.


iPhone photo editor rating: 4.9


First, let’s look at the popular multifunctional program with a huge amount of positive feedback from users — Enlight. This is a paid application, but its price is symbolic — available in the App Store for $1.99.

The program is a convenient multifunctional complex for photo editing in the all-in-one format. Using the built-in set of artistic and creative tools, you can selectively control exposure, shades and individual details; crop, rotate, align the image, choose the correct perspective; use ready-made filters, gradients, light leaks, set vignettes; apply sketch and painting effects; perform intelligent image correction; impose a double exposure, shift the slope, make versatile montages.

Each tool in the application has an integrated masking option that helps you apply effects smoothly. To manually eliminate all kinds of defects, a special cloning tool is used. There are convenient tools for drawing, adding text, imposing frames and borders.

Enlight allows you to make simple editing using basic tools, and carry out deep «thoughtful» retouching or create a collage using an advanced set of functions and tools. The combination of these or other means allows you to create truly bizarre visual artistic effects in just a couple of steps that do not repeat the styles of typical filters or templates.

The photo editor is easy to learn thanks to its intuitive interface and excellent logical construction of tool selection. In addition, a separate important advantage of the program is the help function — one of the most informative among programs of this class.


  • all-in-one format;
  • a wide range of tools;
  • intuitiveness, understandability and ease of learning;
  • one of the best help features.


  • no obvious deficiencies were noted.

PicsArt Photo & Collage Maker

iPhone Photo Editor Rating: 4.8


This nomination of the rating continues with a powerful mobile software package for editing photos, drawing and working with a professional camera. The photo editor offers a wide range of tools to cover almost any needs in photo editing and interaction with communities.

The standard toolkit includes many convenient and impressive tools — various effects, drawing tools, filters, stickers, background sets, collage tools, etc. The photo editor is deeply integrated with Facebook, making it easy to find like-minded people and followers, watch the latest news, easy to communicate and share experience.

Let’s describe the functionality of the application in a little more detail. The standard set includes tools for stretching, cutting, cropping, cloning, working with curves, adding text, creating a double exposure. There is a large set of stickers and clipart, as well as tools to create your own stickers and the ability to share them with other users. Collage tools let you use pre-made templates or work in a completely free image layout mode.

A separate advantage of this comprehensive application is the provision of special training videos, which are selected on an individual basis, taking into account the existing user skills.

The photo editor is available for free in the App Store and the basic set of features provides a fairly wide range of options. But for full-fledged work without restrictions, it will be necessary to purchase a significant part of the necessary funds — fonts, filters, brushes and other things.


  • wide toolkit;
  • many ready-made effective tools;
  • training videos based on individual skills;
  • a large community and comprehensive work with social networks.

Adobe Photoshop Express

iPhone photo editor rating: 4.7


This selection of the rating and the entire review is completed by a photo editor with perhaps the most “talking” name. Yes, this is the “same” Photoshop, or rather, its compact version, created specifically for working with photos on the iPhone and other wearable gadgets. Previously, the program was called Photoshop.com Mobile.

The program itself is free, and has a fairly wide range of built-in tools by default, but to use some extremely useful and often necessary tools and filters, you need premium access, which can be obtained by activating an Adobe Creative Cloud account.

The free part of the program contains dozens of full-fledged filters, among which the most interesting, according to users, are “weather” Autumn, which gives calm tones to Vibrant, rich Contrastpunch, black and white characteristic Silvered. Premium access is required to access special tools like removing haze or adding text.

One of the most important advantages of the program is the function of auto-correction of images, the “correctness” and efficiency of which the developers have brought to almost perfection. According to users, it is auto-correction in this application that is implemented almost better than all other mobile photo editing programs.

The photo editor is multilingual, but even the most inexperienced user can easily figure it out even in the English version — the interface is extremely intuitive and understandable.


  • one of the best autocorrect;
  • intuitiveness and ease of use;
  • wide toolkit;


  • deep retouching and access to the community are placed in separate applications — Photoshop Fix and Photoshop Mix.

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