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Galaxy S series — high-end Samsung flagships. These phones can always boast of something that no one else has — it can be a unique, new feature or a processor, screen that has never been seen before. In short, Samsung will surprise you with almost every new flagship release.

This time we want to tell you about Samsung Galaxy S5. Yes, it is definitely not the latest model, but in terms of power, battery and camera, this phone will surpass many of the latest models.


So how can an older model be better than the latest phones from the same manufacturer? Well, if we compare, for example, the Samsung Galaxy S5 with the Galaxy S8, the latter model will win here. But for the price you’d pay for, say, the Galaxy A5, you can get a Galaxy S-series phone that’s even more powerful than the Galaxy A5, the Samsung Galaxy S5.
We have looked at what is unique about this model:
* Processor — 4-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 and 2GB of RAM allow you to smoothly use all programs and perform all the most important tasks even at the same time.

* Battery – Although the Samsung Galaxy S5 battery is not the biggest (2800 mAh capacity), it definitely lasts much better than the previous flagships of the Galaxy S series. One of the most appreciated functions is the special energy saving mode (Ultra Power Saving mode). If you’re waiting for a very important call, or you know you absolutely need to make a call, but you can’t charge your phone anytime soon, this feature will turn off everything that could be wasting precious energy. If you have about 35% battery left, the phone will be able to stay on standby for at least another 12 hours with the special power saving mode.

* Heart rate sensor — a feature that is extremely rare in phones. The first thought might be that this is a completely unnecessary feature. However, this sensor determines the pulse rate in just a few seconds and does it with extreme accuracy — a perfect help for those who move a lot and take care of their health.
* Amazing camera — 16 megapixels, videos recorded in ULTRA HD resolution, image stabilization system and instant focusing. There aren’t many phones on the market that can compete with these features even today. Bearing in mind that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is comparable to mid-range or even lower-end phones — it really makes you think.

* IP67 is dust and water resistance. IP67 is a certification that ensures that the phone meets international requirements for testing its resistance to water and dust.

These 5 points are some of the most noticeable and noteworthy features. The phone pleases with its standard and never-disappointing design and excellent assembly quality — when you hold the phone in your hand, you really feel that you are holding a solid and «real» thing.


Since the model is not the latest, not all innovations have been applied to it. Although the quality of the phone is commendable, we noticed a couple of nuances that are rarely found in new models:
* Plastic — we are already used to seeing not only flagships, but also mid-range phones with aluminum and metal bodies. Unfortunately, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the last phone in the series to still have a plastic body. This may be one of the things that makes the price of the Samsung Galaxy S5 so attractive.
* USB cover — For some this will be a no-brainer and for others it may be a hindrance. As the phone is water and dust resistant, the USB port is protected by a cover. You have to charge your phone a lot these days, so you’ll have to get used to the USB cover.
It’s not a perfect smartphone, but it’s definitely one of the best. If you are looking for an inexpensive flagship that will delight you with power, quality and unique functions — we guarantee that Samsung Galaxy S5 with and features will definitely meet all your expectations.


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