Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime Review


The choice of smartphones in today’s market is insane. It doesn’t matter if you are willing to pay 1000 or 10 euros for the phone — you will definitely find the right model.
Have you ever heard of Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime – one of the cheapest models in the Samsung Galaxy series? For some, a smartphone is everything — communication with friends, digital entertainment, video games and a source of the latest technology. Meanwhile, other people buy smartphones so they can make calls, send text messages, and check tomorrow’s weather forecast.
Thus, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime phone is intended for those whose smart needs are not very high.
So what to expect from the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime?
You know, we can say that we were pleasantly surprised by the parameters of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime.
Let’s start with the fact that this model is from 2014 and its price now hovers around 100 euros. And what do you get for it?
And a quad-core Snapdragon 410 processor with 1GB of RAM memory. Believe me, it is really difficult to notice even the slightest jam on the phone. Even with multiple apps running at the same time, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime handled the challenges thrown at us without a problem.
The screen is 5 inches. However, the resolution of 540×960 is not high for such a screen and it is really possible to see the pixels with the naked eye. But the buyer of such a cheap phone doesn’t expect a Full HD screen, does it?
The rear camera is 8MP and the front camera is 5MP. Believe it or not, both of these cameras can shoot 1080p video. Of course, the camera is not even worth comparing with the optics of modern flagships, but the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime camera will undoubtedly provide much more opportunities than just capturing moments — you will be able to do it with quality.
We all understand very well that this is a budget smartphone, so we have picked out the pros and cons that didn’t make it to this list because they are in flagships but not here.
Let’s start with the build quality, because it really surprised us. Yes, the phone is made of plastic, and it does not feel as good in the hand as when holding a phone with an aluminum body. However, as soon as you hold this phone in your hands, it feels like it is molded from a single material and cannot be disassembled. Perhaps a bit of a bold statement, but the build quality seemed very similar to the Galaxy S5 model. And considering that the latter phone is Samsung’s flagship, our expectations were definitely exceeded.
Another great feature is the battery. Battery capacity may not be very important to everyone, but we believe that thanks to a patient battery, you can confidently prepare for anything every day. The battery capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is 2600 mAh, which is even more than the Galaxy S6 model. Although maybe you shouldn’t put the S6 here, because the battery of this phone was far from the best. But just think — a small screen resolution, an economical processor and a large battery. That’s why the Galaxy Grand Prime promises so much.
Well, we cannot do without negative qualities, which are quite strong.
Perhaps the worst feature is the 8GB of internal memory. You can insert a micro SD card up to 64GB, but if the internal memory is full, your Grand Prime will not be happy with the speed.
This model is heavy. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why it feels so solid and reliable. Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime the weight reaches as much as 156 grams! For example, the Galaxy S7, which is really heavy, weighs 152 grams.
And for those who only read this point — the disadvantage is the small screen resolution. 540×960 stands for qHD resolution, which is a quarter of FULL HD resolution. Well, but you have to keep in mind that a low resolution ensures significantly better battery life, since most of the energy in phones is consumed by the screen itself.


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