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You often see it advertised Monster High dolls? Or maybe your children keep asking you to buy one of these dolls? Have you ever wondered what these dolls are, why so many girls like them, and which doll to choose when there is so much to choose from? Don’t worry, we’ll talk a little about the Monster High doll line and share some tips on how to choose your child’s favorite.
A little about the origin of these dolls. First of all, this series of dolls was inspired by the 1989 horror movie «Monster High» (Don’t be afraid, children will not be scared by Monster High dolls). The first doll was created in 2010. If you think about it, you should remember the first commercials of these dolls on TV, when many parents looked at them with skepticism, but children liked them very much.


You’ve probably all heard of barbies — world-famous, colorful, always stylish dolls. However, they appeared on the market as early as 1959, and Monster High dolls began to be produced only in 2010, and the popularity of both doll series is very similar. So why do girls love the unusual Monster High dolls so much?
Girls like to be unique and want to stand out from the crowd at a young age, so colorful clothes, hairstyles and jewelry always fascinate them. Yes, the Barbie range of dolls has always been very fancy and accessorised, but the Monster High range is completely unique and never seen before — a relatively new opportunity for girls to unleash their imaginations.
In the last few years, the popularity of dolls has fallen sharply. But the saddest thing is that this happened because of smart devices that children often use instead of toys. According to the DailyMail, more than 60% of parents say their children use smartphones or tablets. So, not only dolls, but all toys have lost a large part of their interest.


When buying a doll for a girl, you should keep in mind that a doll that you like does not mean that the little girl will like it. It is said that parents choose the kind of toys that they themselves liked as children, but time passes and trends change, so such a judgment can be wrong.
The most important are the ungifted dolls that the girl already has. Also, try to remember if she has ever told you about a doll she likes, or one she has lots of friends with but doesn’t have, that would be the best option.
However, if you have to choose a Monster High doll using your own discretion, then we share with you a list of the most popular Monster High dolls that are given as gifts the most:


Frankie Stein has been in the Monster High collection since the beginning of the doll line. As a character, Frankie Stein is a real optimist and very friendly, so she always easily adapts to a new company of friends. In fact, her friends are the most important thing in the world, so every girl would like to be Frankie Stein’s friend.
This doll is always on the go – she loves to shop and keep up with the latest fashion trends.
Monster High Electrified High Voltage Frankie Stein

Another very popular Monster High doll, this is the same Frankie Stein, but with a completely new outfit and new features.

This time, Frankie dressed up in the brightest and boldest colors and took her brightly colored, electric pet with her. This pet is always held by the doll and when she kisses it, the pet energizes the doll, making Frankie glow with bright colors!


This is a series of dolls — magical fairies. Three wonderful dolls and their helpers open the gates to completely new stories in the playroom. These winged Monster High dolls have brightly colored friends who each have a magical arm that wraps around the doll’s torso and allows her to sit comfortably.


A unique doll for creative girls — stylists. DracuLaura loves to party, but before every party she needs help getting her hair done. The set includes 30 different accessories and tools for new hairstyles, so the number of possible hairstyles is endless. This doll gives you the opportunity to reveal completely new creative thoughts.


It’s the adorable DracuLaura again. She is ambitious, cheerful and insanely optimistic because she is able to see the positive side even in the worst things. It’s true that her dad taught her to fly, which this doll proves. At the push of a button, DracuLaura’s huge wings rise up, allowing her to fly flawlessly. And a bright pink outfit will not let you go unnoticed in any crowd!


Music is the most important thing to her. She expresses her thoughts and feelings precisely through music, which is why this doll is able to sing. With the push of a button, Ari Hauntington starts singing and glowing. The aforementioned DracuLaura is one of the singer’s biggest fans!


The choice of dolls is huge and it is not difficult to get children interested in such toys — there is always something new in children’s toys these days. However, computer games often take over children’s attention, which are far from providing such joy as, for example, toy cars or Monster High dolls. So, in the name of children’s joy, it is necessary to give them real joy — toys.


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