Samsung Galaxy Fit e review: fitness bracelet for 2990 rubles


Samsung Galaxy Fit e: simple yet practical

The Samsung Galaxy Fit e has all the essential fitness features: step tracking, distance and heart rate monitoring, calories burned, and sleep analysis. To get this data and view it in detail, you must use a special application.

The tracker itself has a simple display with a neat dial and a limited number of icons. In the list of functions of the model, only the most basic ones, there is no GPS tracking and the ability to control music. Communication with applications such as WhatsApp is possible, but it is rudimentary: only the fact of receipt of the message and the name of the sender are displayed, it will not be possible to read the message and send a reply.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e review: fitness bracelet for 2990 rubles

The tracker recognizes running and walking automatically, monitoring of other types of activity is controlled manually. The model is water resistant up to 50 meters and is suitable for swimming training. To use the full range of functionality, you need to synchronize your gadget with two applications: Samsung Health and Samsung Wearables.

The accuracy of the measurements in the tests was good: on average, out of three measurements with at least 1600 steps, the calculation turned out to be correct by 98.4 percent. Top devices in most cases also have an accuracy of no higher than 99 percent.

Limited ease of handling, mediocre endurance

In terms of ergonomics, we noted several limitations and features of the Samsung Galaxy Fit e. Basically, at 15 grams, it’s one of the lightest fitness trackers we’ve tested. When putting it on, however, you will need to get used to the unusual buckle with a built-in heart rate monitor. The display, made using inexpensive PMOLED technology, is not particularly suitable for outdoor activities: its surface glares, and the backlight is not enough to see anything in sunlight.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e review: fitness bracelet for 2990 rubles

Body touch is the only control you can use to scroll the fitness tracker through screens with features such as a pedometer and a calorie burner.

The battery life during the tests disappointed us: despite the rather simple set of functionality, the tracker lasted less than six days without recharging. The manufacturer, Samsung, says seven days. Charging itself is very slow: almost two hours.

Samsung Galaxy Fit e review: fitness bracelet for 2990 rubles

Inexpensive model for everyday use

Samsung Galaxy Fit e can be bought for 2990 rubles. Such a cost gives really good value for money, despite the limited scope of the functions of the bracelet. If you’re looking for a simple fitness gadget that won’t get in the way of your wrist, go for the Galaxy Fit e. But for truly professional training, you will need to spend more money.

Conclusion about Samsung Galaxy Fit e

The Samsung Galaxy Fit e is an affordable fitness tracker with enough features for beginners. For professional training, some options are missing, but for everyday activity measurements, this model is quite enough. During testing, the tracker showed good accuracy in counting steps and calories. However, we were disappointed with the battery life and long charging process. The display is not the best for use under bright sunlight, as it has a weak backlight.

Given the cost of the model 2990 rubles, it can be recommended for purchase because of the good value for money.


suitable for novice users
functional volume
satisfactory accuracy
waterproof case


no GPS
Battery life and charging times are disappointing
dark and glare display

Alternative: Xiaomi Mi Band 3

A little better and at the same time 1000 rubles cheaper — the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 fitness tracker has excellent equipment and good accuracy. The model has the same glare screen as Samsung, but at the same time a rather low price — about 1890 rubles.

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