Test and review of the TP-Link Archer C3150 router: exorbitant speeds


Test results

CHIP Editor's Choice AwardAt the time of testing, TP-Link Archer C3150 is one of the most powerful routers on the router market. The modern element base, the presence of the necessary interfaces and support for MU-MIMO technology make this router a real network combine, on the basis of which you can configure a print, media and NAS server. Moreover, the latter will be available from anywhere in the world via FTP access. The speed capabilities of the router are also amazing, given the fact that we have a gigabit router.

pros Minuses
+ Powerful hardware base — Only one USB 3.0 port
+ Top equipment
+ First-class performance
+ Lots of features
+ Easy setup and intuitive web interface

TP-Link Archer C3150: equipment and features

Test and review of the TP-Link Archer C3150 router: exorbitant speedsIn the description of the contents of the box with TP Link Archer C3150 we don’t see much point. It is enough to know only that all the necessary wires for connecting the device are there, so you don’t have to buy anything extra. It remains only to install and configure the router, and then to the maximum realize its capabilities.

Let’s start with the fact that we have before us a representative of the top category of ac routers, which will be of interest primarily to those users who have a gigabit network and ac-compatible devices. There is no point in purchasing it for a 100-megabit home network, because a good half of the speed potential will remain unrealized.

Test and review of the TP-Link Archer C3150 router: exorbitant speedsIn order not to be unfounded, we immediately note that according to the manufacturer TP Link Archer C3150 capable of delivering total speeds up to 1,000 Mbps on 2.4 GHz and 2,167 Mbps on a 5 GHz channel.

The SmartConnect technology used here allows you to automatically select the appropriate band for each device on the network, ensuring the most optimal data transfer speed. For processing large data streams and stable network operation on each of the two channels, a dual-core Broadcom processor operating at a frequency of 1400 MHz and two coprocessors are responsible.

Test and review of the TP-Link Archer C3150 router: exorbitant speedsOn board TP Link Archer C3150 there are 4 gigabit LAN ports, a gigabit WAN connector and two USB interfaces (versions 2.0 and 3.0). With the help of the latter, you can connect a printer or external drives to the router, turning the router into a NAS. If the Internet goes down in the office or at home, you can insert a 4G modem into the USB port to organize a backup network connection.

And in order for the router not to overheat from the tasks assigned to it, the lower and part of the upper surface received a perforated design. Between the top cover and the body there is also a gap with holes for air circulation. We did not parse TP Link Archer C3150but we are sure that the dimensions of the heatsink responsible for the passive cooling of the router components are impressive, judging by the dimensions of the device.

TP-Link Archer C3150: features

TP Link Archer C3150With Multi-User Multi-Streaming (or MU-MIMO) technology, the router can communicate with multiple devices on a home or office network at the same time. This fundamentally distinguishes TP Link Archer C3150 from other MIMO routers that operate in single-user mode and are forced to switch between clients connected to them, processing their requests in turn.

Our test MU-MIMO router does not need to do this: although it also works with devices in multi-threaded mode, it is able to manage several clients simultaneously without switching between them, forcing other devices to wait.

Test and review of the TP-Link Archer C3150 router: exorbitant speedsAnother interesting feature of the device is the Beamforming technology. It is implemented on the basis of four dual-band antennas with a high signal gain, which allows you to create a directional Wi-Fi signal towards a specific device or area of ​​u200bu200bthe house (for example, if the router is installed in the country house and you need to ensure a good connection speed on the veranda).

But what if, in addition to «ac» devices, there are also «n» clients in the house? Airtime Fairness technology allows you to evenly divide the channel between modern devices and older generation devices, preventing the latter from reducing the overall network speed.

TP-Link Archer C3150: watch 4K video and play online games «over the air»

Test and review of the TP-Link Archer C3150 router: exorbitant speedsWith four dual-band antennas TP Link Archer C3150 will provide maximum coverage throughout the apartment, country house or small office. And the possibility of directional data transfer to devices, which we wrote about a little higher, opens up the possibility for users to watch UHD video over a wireless connection without any jerks and delays. The same goes for online games. Besides, TP Link Archer C3150 allows you to organize four stable wired connections, which will allow you to achieve maximum data transfer rates.

TP-Link Archer C3150: management and settings

The top router is not a synonym for the phrase “difficult to manage”. Setting up this unit is as simple as possible, and if this is not your first time dealing with routers, then just enjoy the intuitive interface. For configuration TP Link Archer C3150 You can use the standard web interface or the Tether mobile app (for Android and iOS smartphones).

TP Link Archer C3150Standard setup will take no more than 30 seconds. You just need to follow all the steps that the «initial setup wizard» offers you. Three interface options are available to users in the web panel of the router: quick setup, basic functions and for advanced users.

In the case of the base case, most of the settings for TP Link Archer C3150 will be set automatically. When switching to the advanced version, the user will have full control over the router. But in the mobile application, the interface corresponds only to the basic settings, providing access only to the main parameters of the device.

TP-Link Archer C3150 Specifications

WLAN standard
Maximum theoretical WLAN-ac speed
2167 Mbps
Maximum theoretical WLAN-n speed
1000 Mbps
Gigabit LAN
4 ports
100 Mbps LAN
USB 3.0 connector
1 port
USB 2.0 connector
1 port
DSL modem
Print Server
FTP server
DynDNS support
Telephony: analog
Telephony: ISDN
Telephony: VoIP
Additional Applications
TP-LINK Tether
Transmitter power
< 20 dBm or < 100 mW
Sensitivity (reception)
5GHz: 11a 6Mbps: -91dBm
11a 54 Mbps: -72 dBm
11n HT20: -70 dBm
11n HT40: -69 dBm
11ac HT20: -60dBm
11ac HT40: -61 dBm
11ac HT80: -56 dBm
2.4GHz: 11g 54Mbps: -73dBm
11n HT20: -72 dBm
11n HT40: -69 dBm
Control Access control
Local control
Remote control

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TP Link Archer C3150


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