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Half of 2020 has already passed, and many expectations in the smartphone market have come true. But still, not all players presented their achievements. And, despite the constant postponement of release dates and the inability to present new products at events, companies continue to show us the future of smartphones. We decided to take a look at some of the devices that have just been announced and some that we’re still waiting for.

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Fresh releases

OnePlus Nord

OnePlus has gone back to its roots with a budget smartphone called the Nord. This device immediately became noticeable, because it gathered the maximum possibilities, balanced in such a way as to provide a comfortable cost.

The smartphone received a Snapdragon 756G processor, not the latest, but powerful enough to withstand games and work with several applications. In addition, the Nord smartphone is available in premium configurations: 8GB of RAM and 128 built-in or 12GB of RAM and 256 built-in. In addition, OnePlus Nord received high-quality cameras, of which there are only 6 on the body: 4 main and 2 front. Additionally, the smartphone will provide its owner with a screen refresh rate of 90Hz. Spectacular design that does not make the user think for a second that he has a budget model, functionality and performance. The OnePlus Nord has definitely been a hit this summer.

Asus ROG Phone 3

Asus ROG gaming smartphones are always interesting releases that bring a lot of new ideas to our understanding of the possibilities of mobile gaming. Asus ROG 3 successfully showed why the company’s success should not be forgotten by becoming the most powerful Android smartphone. The merit belongs to several parameters at once. First of all, these are the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor and the Adreno 650 graphics chip. But the power is not limited solely to the main hardware, smartphone parameters also play a role, for example, RAM options up to 16GB and internal memory up to 512GB. The smartphone received a large AMOLED display with a diagonal of 6.59 inches, as well as a capacious 6000mAh battery. Gamers have already noted that the performance of Asus ROG 3 is also remarkable because the smartphone can withstand loads and does not lose ground even during long gaming sessions. Indeed, it can be said that Asus has gone to great lengths to make the smartphone perfect for today’s demanding mobile games. In addition, fans were quick to point out the cameras of the device. The smartphone received a triple main camera with a resolution of 16MP, a 13MP wide-angle camera and a 5MP Macro camera. And frontal with a resolution of 24MP. Asus ROG 3 has become a real niche flagship.

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Lenovo Legion Pro

Lenovo has also taken the gaming community by storm, so this summer we took a look at their latest gaming smartphone, the Lenovo Legion Pro. The device received a 6.65-inch AMOLED display, which makes it slightly larger than the Asus. Legion Pro is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865+ processor, which is the same as its main competitor, and is available in similar configurations — 8GB/128GB, 12GB/128GB, 12GB/256GB and 16GB/512GB. Everything, as it should be, was created taking into account the requirements of the user and only a few parameters became the key difference between smartphones. One is the main camera, on the Legion Pro it is double, but with a resolution of 64MP, while the front one received only 20MP. And the battery, the capacity of which was 5000mAh. Still, if reviews are to be believed, Legion Pro is inferior to Asus in terms of performance, but still remains a very powerful gaming smartphone. In addition, a stylish futuristic design plays in its favor, although it cannot be said that one smartphone looks much more spectacular than the other.

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Samsung Galaxy Note 20

Any new product from Samsung is always expected, and when it is the flagship Galaxy Note smartphone, there is practically no limit to fan speculation. However, Galaxy Note and its older brother Galaxy Note Ultra have already arrived on the shelves, so you can now fully appreciate them.

So the younger model received a display with a diagonal of 6.42 inches, and Ultra — 6.87 inches. Both screens are AMOLED QHD, but the difference is in frequency. The base model operates at the classic 60Hz frequency, while the Ultra operates at 120Hz, that is, on a format that is considered flagship.

The smartphone processor is a top-end Snapdragon 865+ chip, and it works in both models. But the battery differs by as much as 200 mAh, since the Ultra version received 4500 mAh.

In addition, the Ultra model is equipped with a 108MP camera, the quality of which will not cause doubts among those who have used Samsung smartphones.

Otherwise, both smartphones are in no way inferior to other flagships, bringing new features for the S Pen stylus and even the ability to play Xbox games.

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Expected Smartphones

Google Pixel 4a

The camera of Google Pixel smartphones is the main feature that attracts fans. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are looking forward to the release of the budget version of the popular smartphone. Apparently, Pixel 4a will be just that. I must say that the company has chosen a good moment to launch a budget smartphone, since the crisis will definitely affect the preferences of users, and they are unlikely to want to give up the new Google Pixel.

It was rumored that the device could come out under the alternative name Google Pixel 5, and this is not all the rumors that shrouded the appearance of a new smartphone. Now the device has been announced and it is known that the smartphone will appear on August 20 and will support 5G format in European countries and the USA. It will receive a polycarbonate body, a 3.5mm headphone jack, minimal bezels around the screen and a 5.81-inch display. It will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 chip and will be available with 6GB/128GB of storage. The battery capacity will be 3140 mAh. Such parameters predicted the smartphone and the most popular leaks of information. In any case, the very fact of the appearance of the smartphone is confirmed, so we can only expect it to go on sale.

Nokia 7.3 5G

Another smartphone, the appearance of which is more interesting for residents of countries where 5G has already appeared, is the Nokia 7.3. If you believe the leaks and rumors that are filled with technical resources, the smartphone will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 5G processor or similar MediaTek. Nokia has already confirmed rumors of developing a new affordable 5G smartphone. The update is expected by the fall, and the likelihood of its appearance is much higher than the possibility of announcing the next smartphone on the list.

Nokia 9.3 Pure View

So far, these are only rumors, but fans are sure that Nokia plans to update the Nokia 9 smartphone with a new processor, and this may happen in the fall of 2020. Due to the fact that the company is not in a hurry with new releases, many people have questions, where did versions 9.1 and 9.2 go, is there any plan for a new thing for this model and of course, what it will be like. So far, we only know that the ninth model received 5 cameras, which have yet to learn how to work on a new chip. Still, the cameras work on a completely unique technology called Light. However, there is not much hope, after all, Nokia did not appear on the Snapdragon 855.

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Samsung Galaxy Flip Z 5G

Another device, the existence of which is yet foreseen only by rumors. The main update concerns 5G support, but reviewers pay no less attention to the new hardware in the smartphone. So, it may well work on the Snapdragon 865, which is rather a necessity for modern premium smartphones. Of course, we all remember what the Flip series smartphone is all about, it’s a foldable device that has yet to gain the popularity that classic smartphones can boast.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

The probability of the appearance of this smartphone is not so great, at least not yet. Despite the release of the Galaxy Fold and even the recognition that the smartphone received from reviewers for its thorough approach to solving problems and the decision not to delay the release indefinitely, the foldable device did not receive the expected popularity. Its price also affected, and the unfortunate time for the release, and in general, not too high excitement in relation to folding devices. One way or another, so far the appearance of the second, improved and updated version of the Samsung Galaxy Fold is purely speculation.


Apple iPhone 12

After the release of each new iPhone, it does not take long before fans begin to discuss the next model in a lively manner. We all know that it should appear, and we can roughly imagine when. This year, we have a bit more room to speculate as Apple has yet to release a 5G smartphone. This is precisely what becomes the main question in the discussion of the long-awaited iPhone 12 — whether it will support this format.

In addition, many are sure that the smartphone is waiting for another significant design change. Allegedly, it should become more square, and the usual “bangs” may well become smaller. Believe it or not, a difficult question, but the likelihood that the smartphone will support 5G is extremely high.

Among all the smartphones that have already come out, there are a few obvious trends that are likely to be the main memorable features of this year. First of all, it is support for 5G networks. Almost every company has mandatory released one or more devices marked 5G, while not abandoning other types of networks.

The second trend is much less loud, but very noticeable. This is an increase in the refresh rate of the screen. This moment turned out to be important both for gaming smartphones and for workers — many users noted a much more pleasant process of working with a smartphone at an increased frequency. What can we say about fans of visual content.

More budget models are actively increasing the number of megapixels on cameras, but despite this, giants like Google and Apple are still among the leaders, whose shooting quality is appreciated thanks to intricate AI and image processing. One way or another, the year is not over yet, and there are at least a few particularly interesting models ahead, the release of which we are looking forward to.


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