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Many smartphones from iPhone and Samsung to flagships from Chinese manufacturers now use Qi wireless charging technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that Xiaomi introduced its own ZMI charger. We decided to check what this device is and how it copes with its tasks.

Packaging and equipment

At first glance, this device leaves a pleasant impression — the packaging, as always, is neat and made in the style of a Chinese company — nothing more. White box with a picture of a charger. Inside you can find instructions and documentation. Everything, however, is written in Chinese, but is provided with quite understandable infographics: it explains how to install a smartphone and how to use the device. By the way, even the box is very pleasant to the touch.

Inside, of course, there is the charging itself, the surface of which is covered with a protective film, and a USB Type-C cable. In Russian stores, they often add an adapter suitable for charging the device. The kit also includes an adapter for Quick Charge 3.0.

Design and construction

The first thing that catches your eye when you see a wireless device from Xiaomi is, of course, its design. As always, neat and concise, it leaves the impression of a premium device, and not a “cheap Chinese charger”. Minimalism in this case plays into the hands of ZMI. The assembly also leaves only positive impressions: everything is held tight, nothing leaves and it feels like the charger does not arouse suspicion. The surface intended directly for charging devices is covered with 2.5D glass, which also extends onto the case itself. Glass is quite durable and can even withstand contact with metal. It also does not react to other materials and does not try to charge them. Of course, it’s still better to play it safe and not put cups, books, etc. on the surface.

The body of the device is made of metal — aluminum alloy. Also on the case there is an LED indicator that notifies you about charging or its absence. As a result, the device does not seem very light, which is rather a plus, but in reality it weighs about 90g. The thickness of the device is 7.1 mm, that is, it is very compact and quite convenient to take with you.

As for the USB input, it also pleases with its durability. Even with everyday use, it does not cause concern and sits firmly in the case.

Device Options

ZMI supports both Android and iOS devices, so charging is quite universal. It can charge any device: iPhone X with subsequent models, Samsung Galaxy, of course, Xiaomi and many other models that support wireless charging.

If you check the results, then, for example, a Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S smartphone with a 3400 mAh battery that fully charges in 1 hour and 45 minutes from the mains will be charged in 2 hours and 22 minutes from ZMI wireless charging.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 with 3300 mAh fully charges in 2 hours and 25 minutes, given that it will take about an hour and a half from the mains. The iPhone X charges in about 3 hours, given that the smartphone only supports 7.5 watt charging. These are normal values ​​for Qi chargers, and the difference is not so significant if you are not in a hurry, but it is certainly worth bearing in mind. If you need to charge your device faster, you should use wired charging.

It is also worth noting the presence of multifactorial protection against short circuits and overheating. So the devices will be completely safe.

Comparison with analogues

There are quite a few Qi-based wireless chargers on the market that are suitable for a wide range of smartphones, and they all have different speed ratings.

For example, the Aukey Wireless Charging pad supports only 5-watt charging, although it definitely wins in design and size — three inches in length, it is slightly larger in size than a standard camera screen.

Belkin also created its charger, this device consists of a charger that is installed on a stand, so that it charges the smartphone in a comfortable position. It is not very suitable for transportation, and the price will cost much more than Xiaomi.

The charger from Samsung is also mounted on a stand, however, removable, and even has a built-in cooler and LED indicator that notifies you about the operation of the device. It supports 7.5-watt charging, so it will work with iPhone 8 and X.

The charging time for all models is almost the same, and depends more on the smartphone parameter. So, iPhones charge a little longer than Samsung and Xiaomi.


In general, the Xiaomi ZMI wireless charger is fully consistent with its description and cannot be said to be very different from its competitors. Unless the price is more budgetary. This charger is compatible with all smartphones and appliances that support Qi charging, and therefore it is universal in use. It works equally well with the iPhone, Xiaomi and third-party devices. Support for power supplies with a capacity of 10 and 15 watts is also a plus of this device. And a separate advantage is support for fast charging with a maximum power of 10 watts.

In short, at a very low price, almost 4 times lower than the competition, this charger is ideal for any smartphone.


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