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Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB Space Gray A1921 went on sale in September 2018. Customers expected another technical breakthrough, although company representatives always warned customers that models with the letter “S” are an improved version of a previously released smartphone. Let’s see if fans of the Apple brand should spend more than 100,000 rubles on a new product?

Packaging and equipment

The standard set, in addition to the phone, includes:

  • charging block;
  • cable;
  • headphones;
  • instruction;
  • warranty card.

In the box with Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB Space Gray you will not find an adapter from Lightning to a traditional 3.5 mm jack. You will have to buy it yourself if you are not satisfied with the standard headphones.

Another controversial decision is the packaging of the Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB with a 5 watt network adapter.

A full charge can take up to 2 hours. Although, for example, the iPad is equipped with a 10 W AC adapter.

Design and management

With dimensions of 157 × 77 × 7.7 mm, the smartphone weighs 208 g.

On the front side there is only a screen and a small “bangs” with a speaker and a front camera at the top. No buttons — unlock only with Face ID.

On the reverse side in the upper left corner is a dual camera with a flash. In the center of the plane is the company logo.

Glass planes look spectacular, but force the owner of the smartphone to be careful — it is likely that when falling, a cobweb will go to the screen or the back of the device.

The power button is traditionally located on the right side of the case.

On the left side are the volume buttons and the smartphone mode switch button.

At the bottom of the case is the Lightning connector, multimedia speaker grilles.

The case has additional IP68 protection against dust and moisture.


The main attribute of the Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB is the 6.5-inch Super Retina HD OLED screen. Resolution 2688×1242 pixels at a density of 456 ppi.

The display size has increased compared to the previous model, but thanks to the thin bezels, only the usable area has grown.

The color rendering is amazing. The picture looks very realistic.

Apple iPhone XS Max supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision — you literally want to watch videos on the gadget.

The screen itself adjusts to the ambient light. For use at night, there is a Night Shift function to give the image warmer tones.

People with small hands may have difficulty handling. You will have to intercept the smartphone with a second hand or use the Reachability function — a special control mode when only the lower half of the screen is activated.

Screen brightness is 625 kd/m2. The text and the picture will be clearly visible even on a summer day in the bright sun.


Apple iPhone XS Max is equipped with a 64-bit processor with 6 cores (2 productive at 2.1 GHz and 4 energy efficient), 6 GB of RAM. The smartphone can process up to 5 trillion operations per second, which makes it the most productive phone from Apple.

The amount of built-in memory is 64 GB, memory cards are not supported.

The smartphone is running the iOS12 operating system. It is difficult to find significant differences from the previous version.


Apple iPhone XS Max received 2 sensors: a telephoto lens with f / 2.4 aperture and a standard f / 1.8. TrueTone flash changes hue depending on artificial lighting.

The improvements are minor, but they are there. Now there is less noise from sensors in the pictures, which is especially noticeable on foliage and hair.

In the pictures, dark details are quite clearly visible in bright lighting in the foreground.

Sensors perfectly adapt to the bright sun.

The camera is better than previous iPhone models, but it’s still inferior to professional technology. When viewing a picture on a tablet or computer screen, the difference in detail will be noticeable.

The Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB has a controversial feature in portrait mode — the focus is on the person’s face, the rest of the picture is blurred.

The video is ok. The change of frames is smooth, there are almost no blurs.

High detail even when shooting at night.


Apple iPhone XS Max 64GB is the flagship smartphone. It compares favorably with its predecessors in terms of camera and screen size. In terms of performance, the phone is ahead of the flagship from Samsung. But many buyers may be put off by the high cost.


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