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It would seem that it is difficult to choose the right smartphone? In most cases, we stop at a popular or just a very successful option, but this does not mean at all that we do not make mistakes. It often turns out that there is a better option on the market for us. It is in order to avoid similar situations in the future that we have collected 8 of the most common mistakes that are made when buying a new smartphone.

  1. We believe in commercials

Despite the immunity that we have developed over time to advertising, we still believe it more often than we would like to admit. Well-captured shots and a smartphone exposed in the most attractive light can capture the attention of any viewer. But deep down we know for sure that you can not believe only the visual impression. For example, no matter how beautiful and glossy the case of a smartphone may seem, we are not shown in advertising how it will look after fingerprints appear on it, and the main characteristics in advertising, as a rule, are not mentioned. That is why it is always worth exploring a particular smartphone in more detail if you like its appearance in advertising. All the main characteristics can be found on the website of the manufacturer or store, and in order to learn about the functionality, you can refer to user reviews.

By the way, if you do not like fingerprints on your smartphone, then it is best to purchase a protective glass for the screen. It will protect the display of your smartphone not only from scratches and damage when dropped, but also from oils and grease that accumulate on your fingers. Protective glasses from Redline are available for most modern smartphone models and will provide your mobile device with long-term and high-quality protection.

  1. We trust shop assistants too much

No matter how high-quality the service in the store is, consultants have the main goal — to sell the goods. Therefore, it is always worth making an amendment and asking the right, competent questions. You need to come to a store or a communication salon prepared in advance in order to know as accurately as possible what you want and explain your tasks to a consultant. In addition, it is best to find out what exactly these or other properties and functions of a smartphone mean. Again, don’t buy into the looks, after all, there’s a good chance your device will be in a case most of the time.

If you really don’t want to go into details, you can invite some of their friends with you to advise you. Otherwise, you run the risk of purchasing a popular product that is not necessarily suitable for you.

But if we talk about popularity, sometimes it does not deceive, so we recommend that you pay attention to the Xiaomi RedMi 4a smartphone. This smartphone has gained popularity due to its high performance and the combination of a very low price and quality. The spectacular design of this smartphone leaves only the most pleasant impressions, and the device itself is suitable for both adults and children.

  1. We are price sensitive

The price of smartphones is a very tricky issue that requires special attention when you are preparing to purchase a device. Some models are extremely expensive, while others are the opposite. In addition, sometimes it is very difficult to pass by a favorable price or promotion for any device. But often the result is the acquisition of not the most necessary, and not the most suitable smartphone for us. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate not only the device itself, but also the prices for it. Don’t go for the most expensive or cheapest smartphone just because price means prestige or affordability. There are quite a few different categories to choose from, and they are all available at various price points.

For example, one of the most powerful devices at a very affordable price is the OnePlus 5T. This smartphone has very high performance, and costs almost half the price of analogues from top brands. OnePlus 5T is equipped with a large screen, a powerful processor, and enough RAM and internal memory to meet all the requirements of a modern user.

  1. We chase famous brands

Just as we don’t always pay due attention to the price, we often pay too much attention to the logo engraved on the back of the smartphone. Of course, this primarily concerns fans of well-known brands such as Apple, Samsung, HTC or LG. If it’s not easy to find an analogue of the iPhone, then those who prefer Android have many more alternatives, so don’t rush to stop your choice only on known devices. Again, it never hurts to research the market before buying.

For example, among the lesser-known options, it is worth noting OnePlus, Xiaomi and Doogee smartphones. By the way, Doogee is a completely diverse smartphone, from the most secure, such as the Doogee S60 with shock-resistant glass and a rubberized reinforced case, to the modern Doogee BL12000 with a fashionable almost frameless design and a 12000mAh battery. Such a smartphone will be an excellent and inexpensive option.

  1. We do not know what we want from a smartphone

All the previous recommendations come down to one important piece of advice — it is fundamentally important to know exactly what requirements you place on your smartphone. Before you start thinking about buying a new device, be sure to make a list of features that are important to you. For some, it will be a high-quality dual main camera, others prefer to take high-resolution selfies. Approximately, smartphones can be divided into several categories: photo smartphones, devices for work, devices for communication, gaming and video devices. Once you decide on the main purpose of purchasing a new smartphone, you should definitely pay attention to the main characteristics that are important for your tasks. Whether it’s battery capacity, big screen, good sound or video and audio recording quality. Based on these requirements, you can determine the characteristics.

For smartphone photography enthusiasts, one of the best options is the Google Pixel. These smartphones are equipped with one of the most advanced cameras available on the market today. So we recommend that you pay attention to this device.

  1. We only look at flagships

Of course, the most popular smartphone, the smartphone that everyone wants to buy, is the latest, flagship model. And this is often a misconception. Flagship models, of course, have the highest performance, but their price is usually very high. Therefore, if you want to save money, but do not trust budget devices too much, there is a great option — to pay attention to last year’s model. The main secret is that most flagships are not so fundamentally different from their predecessors. For example, instead of the Samsung Galaxy S9, it is quite possible to purchase the S8 model and lose almost nothing. Of course, this technique cannot yet be pulled off with one of our most beloved smartphones, the iPhone X, but we are sure that very soon the situation will change, and the 10th model of the most popular device will become “last year’s”. In this case, patience will only benefit.

  1. We are too attached to the familiar OC

Of course, you can’t talk about smartphones without mentioning the eternal confrontation between iOS and Android. What’s more, it’s safe to say that many of us have a very strong preference for either one or the other operating system. For someone who has been accustomed to buying a new iPhone year after year and enjoying all the benefits of iOS, switching to Android is not at all easy. And vice versa, having got used to Android, we tend to buy devices only on this OC. However, if a smartphone from the “other camp” is more suitable in terms of characteristics, then why not pay attention to it? For example, if you want to protect the personal data on your device as best as possible, then you can definitely change Android to iPhone X and be sure that no one but you can unlock your smartphone. And if the camera on an Android smartphone is better, then why not switch to it?

In a word, we should learn to change old habits a little easier.

  1. We buy a smartphone “on time”

The rapid development of technology and the rapid change of priorities have taught us to look at the purchase of devices as a temporary solution. We buy a smartphone before the release of the next, more modern version. Of course, this approach is not entirely correct. If there is a rule that is really important to follow, then it is that you need to buy any equipment with confidence that it will last you a long time. Even if in a year you return to the store again for a novelty, it is always nice to know that a proven smartphone did not let you down. In extreme cases, it can be sold or given to one of the relatives or friends. Therefore, when purchasing a smartphone, you should not choose the cheapest version or the model that barely meets modern requirements. Make sure the device can serve you for a while.

To date, one of these smartphones that combine power, low price and quality is the Asus Zenfone 5 Lite. The smartphone from Asus is equipped with a large screen, modern design and high performance, which allow you to count on a long service life. In addition, you can be sure of the quality of the smartphone, and this is important.


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