Rombica NEO PRO 440C power bank review at 44,000 mAh: charges everything


I had the idea to buy a good power bank for a long time. I need it to solve the main problem: recharging the laptop. My laptop is old, the battery is already worn out, the processor load is always almost full. As a result, the autonomy of the device does not exceed 2 hours, which, you see, is far from the ultimate dream.

The search for a suitable power bank at an affordable price was not long: there are few such devices today. It is understandable: for example, my model weighs more than a kilogram, and carrying one with me is a pleasure below average. But nothing can be done: the higher the capacity, the greater the weight. So, I settled on Rombica NEO PRO 440C, it cost me about 10,000 rubles.

Design and interfaces

Actually, like all power banks, the device is a rectangular metal case with rounded edges. The capacity of the lithium-polymer battery is an impressive 44,000 mAh. At the same time, the kit includes as many as 28 adapters for almost all occasions.

In addition to the power connection port, there are 2 USB-A, one USB-C and another universal one — just for connecting one of the many connectors. What’s especially nice is that there’s support for Quick Charge 3.0, and even when charging two devices at the same time, the device delivers 3A on each connector (at 5V). The included cable is universal.

Control as such is not required here — just one button, when pressed and held, turns on the power, with further pressing it allows you to select the desired output voltage (up to 20 V). Next to the button is a small screen that displays the operating mode (voltage) and the remaining capacity in percent. Very convenient, although there is a feeling that the «percentage» does not accurately reflect the state of the battery.

Operating experience

In general, the device justified m&...
In general, the device met my expectations — indeed, it quickly charges the laptop, after fully charging my battery (2900 mAh), the power bank spends only 13% of its capacity almost from scratch. Doesn’t really fit with the math, but still. The case is durable, and, despite the weight of the device, it is convenient to hold it in your hands.

The kit comes with a soft case — in principle, you can put a power bank, a cable, and all the connectors there.

Disappointed only one nuance. There is such an organization as the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). It is she who regulates the rules for the transportation of lithium batteries, which are classified as dangerous goods. It looks like this:

  • up to 100 Wh are allowed to be transported in the aircraft cabin,
  • 100 to 160 Wh can also be transported if the policy of a particular air carrier allows it
  • over 160 Wh prohibited from air travel.

In Rombica NEO PRO 440C — 162.8 Wh, so I can’t actually take it on a flight with me. If you fly frequently, consider this nuance when choosing a power bank.

Roman Zhukov

Roman Zhukov

When the laptop battery starts to run out, you can, of course, buy a new one. But the power bank is more versatile, which is why I settled on this solution. True, he was greedy with capacity (well, what about, more — no less), and deprived himself of the opportunity to take the battery on long trips with a flight.

Of course, you can’t stuff such a power bank into your pocket, but we have a selection of much more compact, light, and at the same time inexpensive.


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