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Actually, the idea to combine the keyboard and touchpad was implemented a long time ago. True, in a banal way: a panel was attached to the “clave” on the right, and voila. Everything is fine, but not for mobile solutions: the device turns out to be quite long. In the office, the mouse can be used without problems, but when traveling or just away from the table, I would like to have a more compact accessory.

Perhaps this is how the idea of ​​Prestigio Click&Touch came about. The designers of this unique keyboard decided to place the touchpad… right on top of the keys. That is, no «appendages»: the keys are used for typing. and with their help, you can move the cursor to the right place on the screen, make a swipe or scroll. Yes, we also mentioned the swipe for good reason. Click&Touch is «omnivorous»: it works with devices on Android, Windows, MacOS. And at the same time you can connect up to 5 different gadgets and switch between them. Here’s how it works:

To be more precise, the touchpad is placed here on the keys with letters and numbers — the service keys do not have a coating. But still, this is quite enough for quick and convenient cursor movement. The top row of buttons (F) has arrows. This is the designation of scrolling modes: for example, when watching a video, you can scroll it forward or backward by swiping the F1-F6 keys. Another group (F7-F12) is responsible for adjusting the volume in the player.

When you use the keyboard as a touchpad, the indicator in the center is green. As soon as you start pressing the keys, the color changes to blue. Switching occurs automatically and almost instantly.

Some features of the built-in touchpad should be remembered. For example, touching a key is equivalent to clicking the left mouse button. If you touch with two fingers, the effect will be like pressing the right button. To scroll up or down in a document, touch the surface of the keys with two fingers and drag them in the desired direction.

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The keyboard stands quite securely on the surface — there are rubberized legs on the back side. True, there is no possibility of adjusting the height, but for a “mobile” device this is normal.

The manufacturer promises autonomy of about a week without recharging with moderate use. Obviously, this means use with a game console or Smart TV. In the office keyboard mode, the gadget obviously won’t last that long — it sat down with us on the second day (that is, it worked for about 10 hours). Actually, in case of prolonged work in stationary conditions, nothing prevents you from connecting it via cable — there is USB-C in the kit. By the way, we also found a Bluetooth adapter in the box, so working with desktop computers without a blue-toothed wireless module will not be a problem. To switch between devices (3 via Bluetooth, 1 via an adapter and 1 via a cable), use the service keys F1-F5.

Here is another video, we shot it for our social networks and promised a full review (in fact, you are reading it).

Our Feelings

After a short period of adaptation, using Click&Touch became comfortable. True, with our specific work (typing a large number of texts and some specific tasks), the “full-fledged keyboard + mouse” option still turns out to be preferable. Here the keys are very close together and unintentional typing errors sometimes occur. This is due to the automatic switching of modes — while you are thinking about the next phrase, you can inadvertently run your fingers over the keys and unexpectedly find yourself in a completely different place in the text. In principle, you can disable the touchpad function, and then nothing will interfere with working with text.

But let’s digress from the work of a journalist. If you actively use different equipment (especially tablets and Smart TV), such a keyboard will be a real salvation. Even the banal text input on a smart TV usually turns into torture, and typing letters on a tablet is not so convenient. To connect to mobile gadgets, you need to install the Clevetura application (available on Google Play and the AppStore).

Our CV

Prestigio Click&Touch is a truly innovative solution. The keyboard will definitely be a useful addition to your home TV or tablet. True, in a bag, a tablet with such a “keyboard” will take up about the same amount of space as an ultrabook. But to each his own: someone is more comfortable with a laptop, someone with a tablet.

We won’t be surprised if the Clevetura technology that is used in this device will soon be adopted by laptop manufacturers. It is very convenient to work simultaneously with the keys and the touchpad, practically without changing the position of the hands. So we look forward to further development of this idea.

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