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Despite the fact that convenient and versatile smartphones have become available to everyone, push-button analogues do not disappear from sale. We have collected reliable and maximally functional (as far as possible) models in this review.

Which push-button phone to buy

Morally obsolete push-button devices attract with ease of operation, reliability and economy. Some models can hold a charge for several days with active use, and this is also an important advantage. In addition, many feature phones are more rugged and durable than smartphones.

According to the Kommersant newspaper, citing the service, sales of push-button phones began to grow last year, increasing by 7%. Later, M.Video-Eldorado recorded a 26% increase in sales.

The choice of a push-button telephone depends on the purpose for which it is purchased:

Child can take such a device with them instead of a smartphone to school. In this case, the phone should become a reliable and trouble-free means of communication. It is worth choosing the option with a durable case and a capacious battery. It is desirable that the functionality of the phone allows the child to take photos and use a voice recorder — this can be useful in the learning process.

If the phone is purchased for an elderly person, you should pay attention to models with large buttons, a large bright display and a loud speaker. In managing the phone should be extremely simple.

A push-button telephone is ideal corporate communication tool. It can be used in the office or in production. It can be provided to employees who work remotely or go on a business trip.

When choosing a phone for corporate purposes, it is better not to save money, and choose a model from a high price segment that will work without “freezes” and failures.

Buying push-button telephone as an additional (for example, for business calls during business hours), you can choose the simplest model with basic functionality. To use favorable tariffs, it makes sense to immediately take a Dual SIM device, that is, with support for 2 SIM cards.

The best feature phones

We present a detailed overview of the most popular models of push-button phones.

Reasons to buy:

  • light weight — 88 g;
  • loud stereo speakers;
  • excellent autonomy (standby time 528 hours);
  • high build quality.

The 2.4″ display, which is standard for push-button phones, is very bright and contrasting here. Nokia turned out to be the perfect gadget for listening to music: it is equipped with an audio chip, has an FM radio and a music player. Music is played from a microSD memory card.

The phone has several classic Nokia games installed. There is also an app store from which you can download third-party programs.

Reasons to buy:

  • low price;
  • minimum weight (only 63 g);
  • convenient separation of buttons on the keyboard;
  • loud speaker.

Strike F11 can also be used as a main phone. But for the elderly, it is not suitable because of the miniature dimensions of 39x97x10 mm and a very small display — 1.44″.

The device holds a charge in standby mode for up to 3 days. The back panel is made of high-quality non-slip plastic, the front panel is made of metal. It’s great that you can connect your phone via Bluetooth to a tablet or smartphone and use it as a headset.

Reasons to buy:

  • good connection;
  • quality assembly;
  • GPRS/EDGE support;
  • bright screen;
  • built-in camera (resolution 2 MP).

The resolution of the built-in camera cannot be compared with the parameters of modern smartphones, but for amateur photos in good light it is quite suitable. To store photos, you need a memory card, for which a slot is provided.

The screen with a good viewing angle does not fade in sunlight, the images of the phone menu and websites in the browser are well read in any light. Design-wise, this is the recognizable Nokia 3310 of 2000, only with a larger screen.

We also recommend:

Nokia 6300 4G (2020) — another remake from Nokia. This model is larger and heavier, has a more rigorous design. The camera is weaker than the 3310, but the communication performance is better — 3G and 4G LTE.

Reasons to buy:

  • compactness of the device;
  • large buttons and large screen;
  • there are indicators of missed calls and messages;
  • high impact resistance according to the MIL-STD-810G standard;
  • capacious 1000 mAh battery;
  • loud speaker (compatible with hearing aids).

The functionality of this phone is limited, but sufficient. There is an alarm clock, a calendar, Bluetooth, memory card support, a 0.3 megapixel camera. It is not intended for shooting video or recording conversations. The phone does not have a radio and a calculator, but older people usually do not need these functions in a phone.

But a person with dementia or simply not friendly with modern technology will be able to get through to relatives or call for help in a difficult situation.

We also recommend:

Alcatel 3025X — a modern flip phone, which differs from Panasonic in wider functionality. But because of this, it holds a charge less in standby mode (200 hours).

Reasons to buy:

  • ease of use;
  • clear menu;
  • the ability to set speed dialing on the keys;
  • keeps charging in standby mode for more than 6 days;
  • loud speaker.

An excellent means of communication for a small child or an elderly person. In emergency situations, you can use the SOS function. When you activate the key on the back panel by long pressing the phone will make a call to the specified numbers. If none of the specified subscribers answers, an SMS message with a prepared text will be sent to their numbers.

The model is designed to work with 2 SIM-cards. There is a camera without flash at 0.3 megapixels. The phone has a very good screen with wide viewing angles.

We also recommend:

Digma Linx A230WT 2G – push-button phone for 2 SIM-cards. The amount of memory is small (32 MP), the functionality is simplified. The device with a waterproof case is suitable as a corporate phone for working in open areas — gas stations, construction, etc.

Reasons to buy:

  • affordable price;
  • good signal reception;
  • high autonomy;
  • loud speaker;
  • compactness.

Ideal for an elderly person or a child. The device comes with a 800 mAh battery. With such a relatively small capacity, the battery holds a charge of up to 15 hours of continuous talk or up to three weeks in standby mode.

The color display makes it easy to navigate the menu, type and read text messages. The functionality of the phone is limited: there is an organizer, a calendar, an FM receiver, an alarm clock, a flashlight. But there is no audio player, camera and Internet access.

We also recommend:

Nokia 105 (2019) — a phone with similar characteristics. But here, a more durable and lightweight polycarbonate body is available, and the device is available in three colors (black, blue, pink). But this option is only for 1 SIM card, and it has a smaller screen.

Reasons to buy:

  • low price;
  • compactness;
  • the ability to store many contacts (500 numbers);
  • the ability to assign a separate photo and melody to each contact;
  • there is an emergency call button.

The phone is equipped with a powerful flashlight. The model is really light and miniature. On the body there is an element for fastening the lace.

On the rear panel there is a 0.3 MP camera and an emergency call button. There is voice acting for dialing numbers.

To store files (photos, videos and call recordings), you need to install a memory card.

How to choose the best feature phone

When choosing a phone, you should focus on its main parameters:

  • screen characteristics;
  • memory size;
  • autonomy;
  • number of SIM cards;
  • sound;
  • form factor.


Considering the characteristics of the screen, first of all, you should pay attention to its size.

The small screen and lower resolution create discomfort for the eyes when used (for older people, this option is generally not suitable). A phone with a large screen, for example, 3.5 inches, is more convenient to use, but in this case one of the main advantages of push-button models is lost — compactness.

The screens of push-button phones come with a TN or IPS matrix.

  • First option TN more common and economical, but with a limited color gamut and a significant reduction in readability in bright sunlight.
  • To get a gadget with a contrasting picture that does not fade in bright light, you should look for a model with a matrix IPS.


Memory size

Push-button phones perform a small number of functions, so you can not focus on RAM. But the amount of information that the device is able to store depends on the volume of the built-in one.

  • With built-in memory 16 MB The phone can store hundreds of contacts and several ringtones.
  • In order not to worry at all that the gadget’s memory is not enough, you can choose a model with built-in memory 32 MB.

If the push-button phone will be used to store music, photos and other files, you need to install a micro SD card into it. In this case, when buying the device, you should make sure that it has the appropriate slot.

obem memory


The autonomy of the phone is the duration of its operation on a single charge. In general, push-button models have a high autonomy compared to smartphones, as they consume less energy during operation.

The characteristic should be given special attention only if the phone is purchased for travel. So, when going on a long hike, hunting or relaxing as a “savage”, it is better to take a phone with you that can keep the charge in standby mode for as long as possible. Some models with a battery of 2-3 thousand mAh can work up to three weeks.

For traveling by train or plane, phones that can be used for a long time in working mode (play games, listen to music, surf the Internet) are more suitable.

Number of supported SIM cards

For the full operation of the phone, one SIM card is enough. But, since mobile operators offer different conditions for users, many, in order to save money or just for convenience, use 2 SIM cards at the same time.

The use of two numbers is provided by the Dual SIM function. Such phones allow you to separate work and personal calls (one of the cards can be turned off at any time). The function is also convenient for traveling abroad — you can insert a SIM of a foreign operator into the second slot.

number of sim cards

A dual SIM phone is a bit more difficult to use. Before making a call, sending a text message or connecting to the Internet, you need to select a card through which the operation will be performed. This simple additional action does not take much time. But for an elderly person or a child, it can be a serious obstacle.

Dual SIM phones are ideal for corporate and travel use. Wherein it is advisable to choose slightly more expensive devices with two active radio modules — then during the activity of one SIM card you will not miss a call or a message on the second number.


Economy class push-button models are equipped with one speaker responsible for the sound during a conversation and for playing a ringtone when called. The smaller the phone, the greater the problem with its acoustics can be, since a large speaker is needed for high-quality sound.

Therefore, when buying it is worth carefully testing the sound of the phone. You need to pay attention to where the speaker is located:

  • If it is closer to the front, the phone may not sound loud enough.
  • If the speaker is installed at the rear panel, then the sound during a conversation can be directed outward, and everyone around you will clearly hear everything that you are talking about with your interlocutor.

Form Factor

Push-button phones are of three types: classic, clamshell, sliders.

When preferring a folding model, it should be remembered that the folding or sliding mechanism may fail earlier than the phone itself.

Advantages of push-button phones over smartphones

The choice in favor of the button model can be made due to its undeniable advantages:

  • high autonomy;
  • low price;
  • security and privacy;
  • A good alternative to a landline phone.

While a smartphone can be completely discharged in 8-10 hours, button device holds a charge for a couple of days with active use and up to 3 weeks on standby.

Price is another important advantage.. For one and a half to two thousand rubles, you can buy a fairly reliable “dialer”. The cheapest smartphone of dubious quality will cost about 3-4 times more.

Smartphones are filled with applications, and almost every one of them collects information about the owner, about his private, professional and financial life. Push-button phones without additional applications do not collect any data, and they are not transmitted anywhere.

Besides, push-button phone cannot be hacked remotelyso SIM-cards with numbers linked to bank cards are best used in push-button devices.

Recently, more and more people are abandoning landline phones, replacing them with more profitable mobile communications. At the same time, economical push-button phones are often used as a “handset”, which do not need to be charged frequently.

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Frequently asked Questions

Push-button telephone of which company is better to buy?


Now several well-known companies are engaged in the production of high-quality push-button phones. First of all, these are Nokia, Philips, Digma, Alcatel. In the ratings of the best push-button devices, the most models from Nokia invariably fall.

What is the difference between modern push-button phones and those that were produced earlier?


Modern push-button models are produced mainly with a bright color screen. Most have displays that are 2.4 inches or larger.

Now they install modern, better speakers. Batteries have become more powerful.

Modern push-button models are more functional: they have slots for a second SIM card and a memory card, FM radio, Bluetooth, a camera, and connectors for connecting external devices. But if you wish, you can buy a relatively new model without all these additional features.

Is it possible to use the Internet through a push-button telephone?


Yes, you can. Even old mobile phones provided Internet access via WAP or GPRS. Although the pages loaded for a very long time. Modern push-button devices provide Internet connection via a 3G or even 4G network. Some models allow you to use Wi-Fi.


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