Review of JAYS m-Seven headphones: TWS from Sweden


JAYS is a Swedish brand that has been in the headphone business for quite some time now. Now there are already a dozen different models in the assortment. Of these, only two are suitable for sports or just an active lifestyle — they have the letter m (mobile) in their name. Some of them, m-Six, have a behind-the-ear design, others, m-Seven, are made as True Wireless. Of course, we are interested in the latter.

Design and functionality

JAYS M-Seven comes in stylish black

JAYS M-Seven comes in a stylish black box: in addition to the headphones themselves, there is a case for storage and charging, a set of replaceable seals, a charging cable and instructions. True, reading something in the manual is not easy even for a person with 100 percent vision: the font is frankly small.

The headphones are quite compact — you can compare them in size with the Jabra 75t, which we recently tested. About the same size and case: not very big, it fits easily into a jeans pocket. There are no magnets on the lid, but it closes securely due to the hinge design. But there are magnets in the nests. One has only to bring the headphones closer (correctly orienting them), and they instantly fly into place.

The battery in the case is enough for 3 full charges. As usual, there are 4 LEDs on its front side, which can be used to judge the degree of discharge. To understand the status, you can press the button on the back of the case. Also, the LEDs light up every time you insert the headphones inside.

The earplugs themselves stay securely in the ear. For most users, medium (default) seals are suitable. We didn’t manage to go in for sports under quarantine, but, say, you can run to the bus stop or run up the stairs without fear of losing your earpiece. By the way, they have full protection against water according to IPX5, that is, they must survive even in the rain.

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There are no visible buttons on the surface of the «ears», but in fact both flat surfaces are touch buttons. Their functions are largely duplicated: for example, a short press on any one stops or restarts the track, and also allows you to answer the call and “hang up the phone”.

In general, before using the M-Seven, it would be good to learn the alphabet of pressing buttons. So, double-clicking switches tracks forward and backward (depending on the earphone), triple-clicking activates the voice assistant. To adjust the volume, press the button and hold it down (on the left earpiece — decrease, on the right — increase). Although the same can be done with the keys of a smartphone.

How do they sound?

The manufacturer promises up to 9.5 hours on a single charge, our headphones lasted a little more than 7. In principle, this is also a very worthy result. Although in the reviews for the JAYS M-Seven, users often complained about the loss of communication, nothing “fell off” with us — perhaps the firmware was updated.

Headphones turn off by themselves if you put them in the case. And also 3 minutes after you turn off Bluetooth on the device.

In terms of sound quality, the headphones pull on a solid four. The sound is clear, the volume is sufficient, if something is missing, it’s bass (which again is found in most TWS). Due to their compactness and light weight, they are practically not felt in the ears and do not strain when listening to music for a long time. From the point of view of the headset, not everything is perfect here: if you can talk in a quiet room without any problems, on busy streets, the interlocutors hear the background noise too well. Given the not the lowest cost of headphones, this should be attributed to the disadvantages.

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