Jabra Elite 75t TWS headphones review: smaller, more bass


When a new model appears on the market (no matter what, a smartphone or a multicooker), users are mainly interested in its differences from the old one. After all, a novelty, as a rule, costs more — so what are we offered to pay extra for?

Jabra Elite 75t is just from this series. The now obsolete 65t was already quite successful, but the manufacturer decided to improve them and offered a new model for 2000-3000 rubles. expensive. What is the difference? Now let’s figure it out.


Fortunately, there were no major changes. Headphones have become even more compact, but in general the design has remained the same. The same can be said about the box, which, of course, comes with the kit. Visually, it just became more compact, which is great: the former was not so easy to carry in a shirt or jeans pocket.

Another important change in...
Another important change was found inside. Finally, magnets appeared in the box for a more secure attachment of the headphones themselves!

Now you don’t have to diligently place each device in the hole — it practically flies in by itself as soon as it is nearby.

The principle of locking the case has changed. If earlier it was purely mechanical (and users constantly complained that they could not open it with one hand), then the 75t decided to use magnets. The lid fixation has become a little less reliable, but still does not open on its own.

The charging connector has also been updated: now USB-C is here.


We are already used to the fact that the smaller the headphones, the less likely you are to hear real bass. So the main discovery for us was the really cool low frequencies in the Jabra Elite 75t. To be honest, we have never heard such rich bass in TWS headphones.

The rest of the range was not affected. As before, you can customize the “ears” for yourself in the Jabra Sound + application.

For those who are not familiar with the 65t, let us briefly recall the main features of the Jabra Elite, which have migrated to the new model. The headphones do not have active noise isolation, and many put it in their minus. Which is quite logical given the not very affordable cost. But passive isolation is so good that extraneous sounds are not annoying. So it remains to be seen whether noise canceling would have been in demand.

By the way, the noise from the street is perfectly extinguished when transmitting sound during a conversation. In Elite 75t, it is quite possible to walk along the road and talk, while the interlocutor hears you well and does not ask you to switch to the “tube”.

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What else do you have? HearThrough function to listen to surrounding sounds. A very useful thing that allows you to hear interlocutors without removing the devices from your ears. Activated by pressing the button on the right earpiece. By the way, the buttons here are mechanical (not touch). Call us retrogrades, but control becomes much more convenient when you hear and feel the click from the button operation.

Headphones can be connected to multiple devices at the same time. For example, smartphones and laptops. The right earpiece can work in mono mode: that is, it can be easily used as a regular headset for talking on Skype or other voice services.


Moreover, despite the reduced...
Moreover, despite the reduced size of both the headphones themselves and the box (relative to 65t), autonomy has even increased, and significantly. If the 65t could last up to 5 hours on a single charge, the novelty should last all 7.5. In practice, this figure turned out to be close to the real one.

The battery in the box is enough for 2 full recharges. That is, the total operating time away from the outlet can be 23-24 hours. If the «ears» suddenly turned out to be discharged, just put them in the case, and after 15 minutes they are ready for an hour of playback.

Bottom line: is the Jabra Elite 75t worth buying?

If we evaluate the headphones as a separate device, it is worthy of praise. They sound great, stay in your ears securely even when running, work for a long time. But there is one problem. Jabra Elite 75t now cost about 12,000 rubles, while 65t are still on sale, and they can be taken for 9,000.

If autonomy and magnetic latches are not so important to you, there is every reason to buy a previous generation model — at least it sounds just as good. But for those who are determined to be in trend and use the most technologically advanced gadgets, the overpayment for the Elite 75t will not be considered so significant.

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