New OKLICK peripherals: for yourself and as a gift


New items are inexpensive, while they look have excellent quality for their price. Here is some of them.

Wireless mice OKLICK 685MW and 695MW

  • Number of buttons: 3
  • Sensor resolution: 1000 dpi (685MW) and 1200 dpi (695MW)
  • Resource clicks: up to 1,000,000 (685MW), up to 3,000,000 (695MW)
  • Working distance: up to 10 m
  • Connection interface: USB receiver
  • Size: 98.6x61x39.5mm (685MW) / 97.5x66x35mm (695MW)
  • Weight: 47.5g (685MW) / 53g (695MW)

New OKLICK peripherals: for yourself and as a giftCompact mice OKLICK 685MW and OKLICK 695MW are suitable for a laptop or home PC. Both models connect to a computer with a USB adapter and run on batteries. The mice have no extra buttons — there are only three of them, counting the wheel. The 695MW is for right-handers only, the 685MW has a symmetrical design and will be comfortable for everyone.

Computer mouse OKLICK

Wireless mice 685MW and 695MW


The 695MW mouse is made of plastic, the back of the model is glossy and can be of three colors: gold, silver and black. The wheel with a rubberized tread has a soft and silent ride. Both mice are equipped with an optical sensor with a resolution of 1000 dpi — this is the most comfortable pointer speed for working with text and office applications.

Gaming mouse OKLICK 985G Scorpion

  • Number of buttons: 7
  • Sensor resolution: 3200 dpi
  • Resource clicks: up to 5,000,000
  • RGB backlight in «ripple» mode
  • Size and weight: 129 x 79 x 41.3mm, 120g

Among the OKLICK models, you can also find peripherals for gamers. The back of the 985G Scorpion gaming mouse, as the name suggests, is adorned with a scorpion logo. The wheel, the strip around the perimeter of the mouse and the pattern are evenly illuminated. A total of 6 backlight colors are available in pulsating mode.

New OKLICK peripherals: for yourself and as a giftCase material — black plastic with a soft-touch coating. The manipulator is connected by wire. The sensitivity of the sensor can be adjusted within 800-3200 dpi — this will be enough for dynamic shooters and for working with documents. The model has 7 function keys to which you can assign game macros: changing weapons or spells. The model has a symmetrical design, but additional buttons are located on the left, so it is more suitable for right-handers.

Keyboards OKLICK 480M and 490ML

  • Notebook key profile
  • Multi-color backlight: 3 modes (For 490ML)
  • Number of keys: 113 (104 standard, 9 multimedia)
  • Button resource: up to 10,000,000 clicks
  • Size and weight: 442 x 141 x 31 mm, 425 g

Office membrane keyboards OKLICK 480M and OKLICK 490ML have a low «laptop» stroke and are convenient for typing large texts. Models stand out for their striking design: the 490ML line even has a pink variant. In addition to the main keys, each keyboard is equipped with 9 multimedia buttons through which you can quickly control the sound, browser and mail.

New OKLICK peripherals: for yourself and as a giftModels 480M are simple and concise, with gray or black keys. Keyboards from the 490ML line have RGB backlighting with three modes of operation.

New OKLICK peripherals: for yourself and as a giftBy the way, the manufacturer also has OKLICK 400MR keyboards: their main feature is round keys and unusual colors, including pink and light blue.

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