10 most practical smartphones — Rating 2022


Updated: 26.04.2022 10:58:46

*A review of the best according to the editors of expertology.ru. About selection criteria. This material is subjective, is not an advertisement and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before buying, you need to consult with a specialist.

Although the modern market in every possible way pushes the consumer to a continuous race for trends, there always remains a category of reasonable people who, when choosing goods, are guided primarily by the practicality of the purchase. This also applies to the choice of wearable electronics. Expertology magazine offers you an overview of the most practical smartphones of various categories available for sale in the Russian Federation as of April 2022.

Criterias of choice

To begin with, let us designate the criteria that guided our experts, selecting the most adequate models for the review. We have selected models that are optimal in terms of functionality, durability, convenience, compatibility, maintainability and other properties that are preferable for a truly practical smartphone.

Value for money

We deliberately did not take into account super-budget smartphones with minimal performance. Such models have their own consumer, but they cannot be called practical. On a smartphone with 1GB RAM and a weak processor, serious lags are inevitable even in the interface, not to mention popular applications. If the device is supposed to be used only for conventional telephony, then a push-button telephone will be a really practical solution. That is why our review included models with at least 3GB of RAM and processors, at least not the weakest of the budget modifications.


Battery life is one of the most visible indicators of a smartphone’s usability. A few years ago, this was a rather sore subject, even in the case of flagships. Since 2020, a battery with a capacity of 5000 mAh and above has ceased to be a rarity, but when choosing a specific model, this point is still worth paying attention to. You also need to take into account that the same nominal battery capacity indicator gives different operating times in different smartphone models. We have selected for you models where the battery energy is spent as efficiently as possible. Rare exceptions are allowed in the presence of unconditional or unique advantages.


An extremely useful property that not all types of electronics possess. In the smartphone niche, IPxx protection is more the prerogative of expensive models. It is flagships that often have the most effective protection, but there are exceptions among mid-range models.

Making the right choice in this case is quite simple due to clear standardization. If the model has protection against dust and moisture, the manufacturer will definitely indicate this in the specification. The level of protection that can be considered significant starts from IP55. The letters stand for Ingress Protection. The first digit is the level of dust protection, the second is the level of moisture protection.

Dustproof level 5 means that small dust particles can get inside the device, but they do not harm the electronics. Dust protection 6 means full protection, dust does not get inside at all.

Level 5 water resistance means that the device is protected against water jets from any direction. Water protection 6 — protection against a strong jet, sea waves. Level 7 — protection against short-term complete immersion of the device in water. Level 8 — the device is protected from prolonged immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter.


The practicality of almost any thing does not imply fragility. In this sense, modern smartphones for the most part are not much different from each other — monolithic plastic cases are shock-resistant enough to at least keep the electronics intact. Cases made of tempered glass look good and are resistant to scratches, but when they hit a hard surface, they give a “mesh” and lose their attractiveness. The screen in this sense is almost equally vulnerable in any smartphone. The only exception is models with enhanced protection. They differ in characteristic massiveness.


This is one of those parameters that cannot be determined only by factory specifications. The durability of a smartphone is determined only in practice. Therefore, to judge the durability can only be based on the reviews of real users. For you, we conducted a special study of customer feedback on the most popular marketplaces in Runet and took into account user reviews when selecting the best models in all categories of the review.


The most maintainable are most often the most common smartphones, which are most in use, since it is for them that the Russian market has the most spare parts. Exactly for the same reason, it is on mass models that the masters have the best repair skills. And there are no price restrictions here — for example, Xiaomi’s budget lines are quite compatible with top-end iPhones in terms of maintainability. However, in some cases, this indicator can be sacrificed if some unique characteristics are needed.


Significant practical meaning is the ability to sell a smartphone at the most profitable after a certain time. And this is possible almost exclusively in the case of expensive flagship models. In the budget segment, there is a conditional «50% rule» — an inexpensive smartphone loses half the cost as soon as it leaves the store, even if it has not yet been unpacked.

This rule does not apply to flagships and top new products. They also lose their value over time, but much more slowly. Finally, the same iPhones show the best liquidity. It is quite possible to sell a used iPhone after a year or more of use for 70% of the original cost. Models of previous generations are quite in demand — two, three or more generations ago. Whereas other brands have such old lines for a long time «in the dustbin of history.»

Features of the shell and software

The user’s impressions of the practicality of a smartphone are also strongly influenced by the software side. And here it is not so much about the differences in the interface of operating systems based on Android. There are fundamental differences that can neutralize all the practicality and all the advantages of the hardware of a particular model. The closest example is Huawei smartphones, including the Honor line. Due to the trade war between the US and China, new models were deprived of Google services. This had a sharp negative impact, if not on the objective practicality of Huawei smartphones, then on the user experience for sure.

What else will be valuable in a practical sense is the stability of the software, primarily the operating system. Here, too, all the advantages of the iPhone. iOS mobile operating systems are much more stable than Android due to closed source code, more conservatism and more thorough optimization. For the same reason, iOS systems are much less voracious in terms of power consumption.

Useful little things

Finally, minor things in a smartphone that not everyone pays attention to can have serious practical meaning. For example, FM radio is not available in every model, and its presence can be critical in case of lack of access to online news or just for entertainment during Internet outages.

Such a trifle as a flashlight function can also be critical in special situations, and even with a flash, not every model has a flashlight functionality. The same applies to the presence of a standard 3.5 mm mini-jack output to the headset — in new generations, there is a dubious practice of manufacturers in terms of abandoning this connector in favor of USB Type-C.

At the same time, the presence of a USB Type-C connector, rather than the outdated MicroUSB, is a preferable option in terms of the convenience of recharging in public places.

There are quite a lot of such seemingly trifles in modern smartphones — support for various geolocation systems — GLONASS and Beidou, and not just GPS; the presence of a compass, accelerometer, other sensors and more.

10 most practical smartphones

Best Inexpensive Practical Smartphones

Let’s start with the category of smartphones that are of interest to the mass consumer — the most practical options at the most affordable price. We remind you that we did not consider the cheapest models, since their practicality in every sense is mostly doubtful.

realme C21Y 3/32 GB

Rating: 4.7

realme C21Y 3/32 GB, blue

And the first in the review will be the realme brand model, which in recent years has even surpassed the Xiaomi brand in terms of price, quality and functionality.

The main advantage of the model is a record combination of an extremely affordable price with quite good functionality, as for a super-state employee. In the minimum configuration, the smartphone is equipped with 3GB of RAM. In the assortment there are modifications a little more expensive with 4GB of RAM. Built-in memory is also relatively large for such a price — 32GB. Additional storage can be arranged with a memory card. The maximum capacity is 256GB, and, more importantly, a separate slot that does not overlap with the second SIM card. This is the most practical and convenient configuration.

The main savings of the manufacturer, which managed to achieve the minimum cost, fell on the processor. Here is an inexpensive Unisoc Tiger T610 with a frequency of 1.8GHz. Therefore, the speed of work will be mediocre, you should not overload the device with a lot of background applications.

But the battery life is not affected here — a 5000 mAh battery provides up to 40 hours of talk time and up to 130 hours of audio listening. In standby mode, the smartphone can work for many days in a row. This is a truly outstanding result for such a price. The charging connector is micro-USB, but in this case this is not a drawback, since USB Type-C would significantly affect the cost.

A reasonable compromise in favor of the minimum price without sacrificing practicality in this model is the screen. The manufacturer limited itself to a matrix with a modest resolution of 1600×720 with a screen size of 6.5 inches diagonally. But the type of matrix itself is IPS, and this is a big plus, as it provides maximum viewing angles. Smartphones with cheap TN matrices do not stand up to criticism in terms of the visual part.

It is worth restrainingly praising good cameras — a triple rear unit with a 13MP leading camera and a 5MP front camera. The image quality will be far from the level of the flagships, but still this is far from the minimum configuration from this price category.

From useful little things (hereinafter, we call additional functions “little things”, without neglecting their practical benefits) in this model we see a set of sensors – illumination, proximity, accelerometer, fingerprint. The flash can work in flashlight mode. There is a standard 3.5 mm mini-jack for connecting headphones. Three satellite navigation systems are supported — BeiDou, A-GPS, GLONASS, GPS. True, according to user reviews, the accuracy and stability of GPS is very mediocre.


  • IPS matrix;
  • good cameras for such a price;
  • dedicated slot for a memory card;
  • outstanding autonomy;
  • Bluetooth 5.0;
  • NFC
  • the most affordable price.


  • mediocre performance;
  • poor performance of satellite navigation.

Poco M4 Pro 5G 4/64GB RU

Rating: 4.8


Now let’s pay attention to the smartphone, the practicality of which is expressed in several other aspects than the previous two. The Pro version of the Poco M4 focuses on maximizing performance, visuals and communications while keeping the price as affordable as possible.

The first most noticeable difference is the quality and characteristics of the screen. The size is enlarged — 6.6 inches diagonally, IPS matrix with high resolution — FullHD + 2400×1800. The refresh rate is 90Hz, which also affects the quality of the dynamic image. Thus, this model is one of the best in terms of the visual part in the budget price category.

The second important point in terms of practicality is the performance that is quite decent for this price, which is provided by the 8-core MediaTek Dimensity 810 processor at 2.4GHz, combined with 4GB of RAM. The potential for data storage is well developed. Built-in memory is not too much — 64GB, but the memory card slot supports large amounts — up to 1024GB. True, it is frustrating that the slot is combined with a second SIM card.

Communication facilities are also distinguished by high performance. Here we see high-speed Bluetooth version 5.1, high-quality Wi-Fi, an NFC short-range wireless module, and even 5G support. There is also an infrared port. For navigation, there is support for all the most popular satellite systems, but the operation of GPS still causes criticism from some users.

All the electronics described have a decent energy base — a 5000 mAh battery in this configuration easily provides more than 170 hours of audio listening. For charging, a USB Type-C interface is provided, there is a fast charging function.

Some compromise against the background of quite decent characteristics described above in this model is visible only in the camera configuration. And that is only at first glance, and not everything is so simple. The rear unit consists of only two cameras, but they really work — wide-angle at 50MP and «super-wide» 8MP. Front — 16MP. Software processing methods effectively compensate for the lack of a depth sensor and other add-ons characteristic of more expensive models.


  • big screen;
  • IPS matrix with FullHD + resolution;
  • screen refresh rate 90Hz;
  • slot for memory cards with support for large volumes;
  • Bluetooth 5.1;
  • 5G support;
  • NFC
  • capacious battery and fast charging;
  • powerful cameras.


  • user complaints about GPS operation;
  • the memory card slot is combined with the second SIM card.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S NFC 6/128 GB RU

Rating: 4.9

Xiaomi Redmi Note 10S NFC 6/128 GB RU, ocean blue

The selection of the most inexpensive practical smartphones will be completed by a model of a brand that has rightly earned recognition as a symbol of decent quality and practicality at a reasonable price. And it will be the most versatile and complete configuration in this price category.

Firstly, this is one of the few smartphones on the Russian market at the beginning of 2022, in which, at such a moderate price, an AMOLED matrix is ​​​​installed, and a large one — 6.43 inches diagonally. In terms of practicality, this gives a huge advantage — the screen does not «blind» even in bright daylight. Adds pluses high resolution FullHD + 2400×1800.

As for the budget Redmi series, a quite adequate processor is installed here — an 8-core MediaTek Helio G95 with a frequency of 2.05 GHz. Of course, an analogue of Qualcomm Snapdragon would be preferable, but the price in this case would increase markedly. But in this model there are already as many as 6GB of RAM, which is quite remarkable for the budget segment. Built-in memory is also relatively large — 128GB. There is a slot for memory cards, separate from the second SIM card, with support for a maximum amount of 512GB.

What exactly should be praised in this smartphone in terms of practicality is the energy component. The 5000 mAh battery eliminates the need for frequent charging. And when you still have to charge your smartphone, the fast charging function using Mi Turbo Charge technology via the USB Type-C interface already shows itself from the best side.

The interface configuration is also no worse than the previous models in the review — there is Bluetooth 5.0, an infrared port, all popular satellite navigation systems. Of the useful features — there is a standard 3.5 mm audio output, face unlock, side fingerprint scanner, compass, stereo speakers.

Frankly, the weak point of this model can be considered cameras. At first glance, the configuration is decent: the rear unit consists of a 64-megapixel wide-angle, 8-megapixel «super-wide», a 2MP macro camera and a depth sensor, plus a 13MP front camera. But according to the reviews of experts and ordinary users, the quality of the photo does not reach the expected level. But the video quality is just quite decent, including even 4K resolution.


  • big screen;
  • AMOLED matrix;
  • a high resolution;
  • dedicated slot for a memory card;
  • high maintainability;
  • autonomy;
  • fast charging Mi Turbo Charge;
  • shooting video in 4K;
  • the best configuration at an affordable price.


  • relatively weak cameras.

Best rugged practical smartphones

The second nomination in the review of the most practical smartphones according to Expertology magazine is dedicated to models for which the concept of «practicality» has the most direct meaning. These are smartphones with enhanced physical protection against drops, dust and water ingress, and other influences of an aggressive external environment.

DOOGEE S59 Pro 4/128GB

Rating: 4.7


Let’s first consider the smartphone of the Chinese brand DOOGEE. This is a relatively young brand owned by a large technology company KDV. Known for inexpensive and fully functional smartphones with good protection from the external environment.

This model is at least one and a half times more expensive than the previous one, depending on the specific point of sale, but in terms of practicality it is of much greater interest. The main advantage is maximum protection against the influence of aggressive factors. The case is dominated by durable plastic and aluminum, enhanced protection against falls.

Protection against dust and moisture is especially well developed here. The smartphone complies with the degree of IP68 and even IP69K. The degree of protection IP69K complies with two German standards at once — DIN 40050-9 and IEC 60529. This makes it suitable for safe operation in conditions not only of direct access to water, but also at high temperatures and pressures. It is suitable for work in various industries, in the food industry, where the method of cleaning equipment with pressurized water or steam is used.

The second bright advantage of this model is just a gigantic battery in terms of capacity — 10050 mAh. In the continuous talk mode, the operating time exceeds 40 hours, in the audio listening mode — many times more. What is even more pleasing is the USB Type-C connector and the fast charging function. True, fast charging does not work as efficiently as users expect from it.

Enhanced protection and a powerful battery could not but affect the physical dimensions of the smartphone. It is thick and heavy — thickness 18.7 mm, weight — 372 g. Horizontal dimensions are moderate — 85.5×171.6. The screen is not the largest, but not the smallest — 5.7 inches diagonally.

We also see clear performance advantages here compared to the realme C21Y. More powerful processor — 8-core MediaTek Helio P22 with a frequency of 2GHz, 4GB of RAM. A noticeably better camera configuration is 4 rear modules with a 16MP lead module, and a rear module with a 16MP sensor resolution.

In terms of the screen, the manufacturer also did not stint on the IPS matrix, only allowing a reasonable and appropriate compromise in terms of resolution — it is almost the same as the previous version — 1520×720.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the Level 2 Gadget Inspector status: “Good autonomy, good display, phone protection at the level, sensor works with gloves, underwater shooting, a lot of memory, wireless payment, very good connection, loud speaker, good materials cases — tactile sensations are pleasant.


  • enhanced protection against shock loads;
  • increased protection against dust and moisture, high pressure and temperature;
  • IPS matrix;
  • record battery capacity;
  • USB Type-C;
  • NFC
  • good camera configuration;
  • attractive «brutal» design.


  • fast charging is claimed, but it does not work very efficiently.

DOOGEE S86 Pro 8/128GB

Rating: 4.8

DOOGEE S86 Pro 8/128GB, mineral black

Now let’s turn your attention to another DOOGEE smartphone with enhanced protection. It can serve as a more productive alternative to the previous one if you need improved electronics performance.

In terms of protection, this model is almost similar to the previous one. The smartphone is similar in the shape of the case, thickening in the most vulnerable places to shock loads, in particular, in the corners. The protection against dust and moisture is well developed — full compliance with the IP68 standard, that is, dust cannot enter the case, and the smartphone is not afraid of water even when completely immersed in water and when exposed to high-pressure water jets.

In terms of performance, there are notable improvements. The processor, although a budget one, is still more advanced than the one described above — this is the MediaTek Helio P60 with a frequency of 2 GHz. RAM definitely pleases for such a cost — as much as 8GB. Built-in memory 128GB, and it can be easily expanded with a memory card up to 256GB. The slot, however, is combined with the second sim card.

The practicality of a smartphone in the context of secure models is also noticeable in the reasonable compromise that the manufacturer made when developing the configuration of the screen and cameras. A matrix with a moderate HD resolution of 1560×720 is installed here, but it is reliable and less vulnerable than many FullHD options, or, especially, 4K. The screen is large — 6.1 inches diagonally.

As for the cameras, they are quite solid, and the kit is not the most limited. The rear unit consists of three modules — 16MP main, 8MP ultra-wide and 2MP macro. This, of course, is far from top, but for practical use in the field and operational conditions, such characteristics are more than enough. Front camera — 8 megapixels.

The battery capacity in this model is less than the previous one, but it still leaves the vast majority of other smartphones on the market far behind. 8500 mAh provides several days of operation in moderate mode, comparable to days of continuous listening to audio or more than 45 hours of continuous talk in cellular phone mode. Charging via USB Type-C, there is a fast charging function.

It is also worth noting the presence of tactically useful and simply practical functionality. This is a flashlight, FM radio, infrared thermometer, compass. Satellite navigation works well with support for three systems — BeiDou, Galileo, GPS. GLONASS support, unfortunately, no.


  • increased impact resistance;
  • reliable protection IP68;
  • improved performance;
  • infrared thermometer;
  • FM radio;
  • compass;
  • high capacity battery;
  • NFC
  • USB Type-C and fast charging.


  • not supported by GLONASS.

Caterpillar S42 H+ 3/32 GB

Rating: 4.9


Now let’s move on to the smartphone brand, which is directly associated with technological power and practicality in the most direct physical sense. This is Caterpillar and the relatively inexpensive S42 H+ in this class. Recall that Caterpillar is an American manufacturer of construction and mining equipment, in particular, the famous super-heavy CAT dump trucks. Caterpillar smartphones, by definition, are built for the harshest and toughest environments.

The main «feature» of the smartphone is quite obvious — it is the maximum impact resistance, moisture and dust protection. S42 can be completely submerged in water, washed under running water, not only with soap, but even with bleach or alcohol if disinfection is required. But at the same time, you need to make sure that all the plugs of the connectors and other technological openings are tightly closed.

Security is not the only advantage in terms of physical characteristics. The smartphone is carefully thought out in terms of ease of use in confined spaces, the case uses impact-resistant plastic and metal. Rubberized back and sides provide a secure grip both with a bare hand and a rough construction glove.

The second important aspect, which is worked out with all care in this model, is the quality of communication. This is specifically emphasized to ensure good audibility of telephony and an uninterrupted connection during data transfer. Wi-Fi module is standard 802.11ac, but really high quality. Bluetooth is also a new generation — 5.0, that is, high-speed.

In terms of the visual part, the indicators here are modest, and this is quite a reasonable compromise in order to minimize the price. The predecessor of this model was twice as expensive. And here we see a 5.5-inch screen with a resolution of 1440 × 720, which is quite enough for such a niche model. The cameras are also minimally sufficient — the only rear one is 13MP and the front one is 5MP.

As for autonomy, one might get the impression that this model loses a lot to the previous two, because the battery capacity is “only” 4200 mAh. In fact, this volume is enough for more than 30 hours of talk time and more than 800 hours of standby time. The system is well enough optimized so that in a moderate mode of consumption, the smartphone will work without problems for several days. The only thing is that there is no fast charging and the outdated connector is MicroUSB.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the Level 6 Gadget Inspector status: “The impression of a well-made product. The connection quality is normal. NFC works without glitches. No need to buy any cases and protective screens. Immediately after unpacking, you forget about fears of damaging / breaking a new device.


  • brand;
  • top quality materials;
  • reliable protection against dust, water and shock loads;
  • rubberized body surface;
  • quality of communication, including Wi-Fi;
  • reliability and durability;
  • moderate price in this class.


  • no fast charging;
  • microUSB connector.

OUKITEL F150 R2022 8/128 GB

Rating: 5.0

OUKITEL F150 R2022 8/128 GB

The OUKITEL brand model will complete the selection of the best protected practical smartphones. This brand is a joint product of the Chinese companies Oukі and Doogee. And this particular F150 R2022 model is often called by top reviewers “suddenly the best armor under $300”.

This smartphone is notable for all those outstanding protective characteristics as all the previous ones in the selection, but in addition, it is noticeably ahead of them in terms of performance, camera and screen parameters.

Let’s start with protection and physical parameters, since for practical smartphones this is the most important thing. The device is big and thick — 81x174x17.3 mm, weighs 315 g. Strong plastic case, reinforced corners, attractive brutal angular design. Complete dust and moisture protection IP68 and IP69K.

The second bright moment in every sense is the screen. It is large — 6.78 inches, high-quality IPS matrix with wide viewing angles and high resolution FullHD + 2340 × 1080. The refresh rate is 90Hz. The pixel density is 380 per inch. That is, the screen size is more important here — the convenience of viewing and touch control. Resolution and frequency provide visual comfort. The screen is really bright, the lower limit is a little high, but this is a characteristic feature of almost all rugged smartphones.

Equally interesting is the configuration of the cameras. The rear unit consists of three modules — the main 64MP wide-angle camera, the second 20MP camera and the 2MP macro camera. Front sensor — 16 megapixels. The main unit can shoot video in 4K resolution 3840×2160. There is a night shooting mode using an infrared sensor.

In terms of performance, from the hardware side we see a restrained but sufficient package. MediaTek Helio G95 processor with 8 cores with a fairly powerful graphics subsystem, supplemented by 8GB of RAM. Built-in memory 128GB can be supplemented with an external mini-card up to 256GB. The slot is dedicated, and does not interfere with the installation of a second SIM card.

As for the autonomy of work, here we again return to the advantages of DOOGEE smartphones with their gigantic batteries — in this model, the battery is 8300 mAh, which gives more than 50 hours of talk time. And, as in normal flagships, there is fast charging via a modern USB Type-C interface.

Of the useful little things, we note a gyroscope, a flashlight, an FM radio, a compass, a standard 3.5 mm minijack headphone jack, a fingerprint scanner, and a face unlock function.


  • big screen;
  • high-quality IPS matrix;
  • high resolution matrix;
  • relatively high performance;
  • reliable protection IP68, IP69К;
  • shock resistance;
  • high-capacity battery;
  • USB Type-C and fast charging;
  • dedicated slot for a memory card;
  • attractive design.


  • no pronounced cons were found.

The best classic practical smartphones

The final selection of the review of the most practical smartphones according to Expertology magazine is dedicated to classic models that are not niche, but are designed for the mass consumer. Let’s look at three such examples that have earned the highest ratings from experts and ordinary users in terms of practicality in a broad sense.

Samsung Galaxy A52 4/128 GB US

Rating: 4.8

Samsung Galaxy A52 4/128 GB US

Let’s first consider a Samsung smartphone, which quickly became a bestseller after the official presentation, and later turned out to be one of the brand’s most successful commercially successful models. The reason for this turned out to be an extremely balanced combination of features and price, backed up by reliability, convenience and durability.

A noticeable advantage of the smartphone is a large, bright screen with a high-quality AMOLED matrix with a resolution of FullHD + 2400×1080. A really large margin of brightness, an expressive image and at the same time also energy efficient. According to experts and ordinary users, this smartphone demonstrates record battery life with the active screen. So, if you need a «long-playing» device for long-term video viewing or reading, this is just the best option.

The second very remarkable moment is powerful cameras. The rear unit consists of four modules, a leading camera with a resolution of 64 megapixels, plus a 12 megapixel ultra-wide angle, a macro and a 5 megapixel depth sensor. The front one is also almost a record in this price category — 32MP.

Definitely a positive impression of the level of key electronics. At the heart of everything is the processor (single-chip system) Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G — eight cores, frequency 2.3 GHz. The presence of the G index is important here, which conditionally stands for «Gaming» — improved operation of the graphics module.

Do not disappoint communications and additional equipment. There is a slot for memory cards that supports large volumes (up to 1024GB), but it is combined with a second SIM card, and in terms of practicality, this is a minus.

The huge popularity of the smartphone worked in plus in such an aspect as maintainability. In its purest form, Samsung electronics are less maintainable than Xiaomi. But due to the wide availability of spare parts for the Galaxy A52, replacing a broken screen or any electronics module is often done quickly and inexpensively.

From the review of a Yandex.Market user with the Level 5 Gadget Inspector status: “Screen. Wonderful, bright, moderately saturated. Energy efficient. Battery. Keeps sometimes incredible 10-11 hours of active screen! Incredible! The camera is good. Great even.»


  • one of the best-selling Samsung smartphones;
  • protection IP67;
  • balanced characteristics;
  • maintainability;
  • reliability and stable operation;
  • productive processor with gaming specialization;
  • AMOLED matrix with FullHD + resolution;
  • powerful cameras;
  • autonomy;
  • fast charging.


  • a lot of unnecessary uninstallable programs.

Sony Xperia 10 III 6/128 GB, blue

Rating: 4.9


The selection will continue with a smartphone manufactured by Sony, which belongs to the price category above the average, but is still far from being a flagship. In a number of parameters, it is no better than the previous, more affordable option. However, it is this, not the newest model, that has earned some of the most positive feedback from experts and users in terms of reliability, stability and fault tolerance in the long term.

It is reliability that is the main advantage of the model in terms of practicality. And this is facilitated by the presence of a well-thought-out and high-quality implemented protection against dust and moisture — IP68 level. Case materials are tempered glass and durable plastic.

The 6-inch screen is equipped with a high-quality OLED matrix with an increased resolution of 2520×1080. The refresh rate is modest — 60Hz, but in this context this is not a minus. The pixel density is 457 per inch, which ensures excellent picture quality. The screen is protected by a new generation of durable glass Corning Gorilla Glass 6.

In terms of performance, this model does not offer any surprises, but the configuration cannot be called limited either. Still, the 2GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 690 processor is a decent option for this level, and 6GB of RAM looks appropriate and sufficient. The built-in memory can be expanded by delivering an external card — although the slot is combined with the second SIM card, it supports large volumes up to 1024GB.

The camera configuration looks just as restrained, but quite sufficient. The rear unit is a 12-megapixel main unit and two additional 8-megapixel units. The front camera is also 8MP. This equipment cannot compete with the capabilities of the “artistic” shooting of the flagship models, but in terms of practicality and impact on the final cost, it is quite acceptable. In fairness, it’s still worth saying that a significant part of users complain about the “noisiness” of the pictures, especially in low light conditions.

With autonomy, the smartphone also shows the most rational approach of the manufacturer without excessive “generosity”. The 4500 mAh battery provides many hours of active work and several days in moderate mode. There is a fast charging function, the connection port is USB Type-C. The good news is that the manufacturer has not abandoned the standard 3.5 mm minijack for connecting headphones. In addition, Sony has not neglected the quality of the audio here — the progressive DSEE Ultimate technology has been introduced, which uses artificial intelligence to maximize the sound quality of compressed tracks.


  • exceptional reliability and durability;
  • OLED screen;
  • a high resolution;
  • Bluetooth 5.1;
  • NFC
  • advanced satellite navigation;
  • autonomy;
  • fast charging.


  • there are complaints about the «noisiness» of photographs.

iPhone 13 Pro Max

Rating: 5.0

iPhone 13 Pro Max

And the review of the most practical smartphones according to Expertology magazine will be completed by the only model in the selection, which is the undisputed flagship of the premium class. The practicality of this smartphone is far from being expressed in the ratio of price and quality, since the price of the iPhone 13 breaks all records, especially in the top-end Pro Max modification.

In this case, we included the iPhone in the review not only as a specific model, but also as an example characterizing some of the general features of the practicality of Apple technology. This is a well-known and recognized highest quality of materials and assembly, extremely thorough technological process and control. All this is ultimately expressed in the maximum stability, fault tolerance, durability and energy efficiency of iPhone smartphones. And this iPhone 13 Pro Max model, according to research results, is also the most “long-playing” in terms of autonomy when compared with previous generations.

The practicality of this smartphone is expressed mainly in the premium aspect. That is, it demonstrates outstanding performance, photo / video quality with optical stabilization, ease of use, reliability and data safety.

In addition, the device is equipped with excellent protection against dust and moisture – iPhone 13 Pro Max is not afraid of rain and even complete immersion under water for quite a long time. This makes it a smart practical solution for use in relatively challenging environments such as sports photography, outdoor activities, etc.

iPhone smartphones are also one of the most rational solutions in practical terms for streamers, video bloggers, any users who are actively involved in social networks with photo/video content. This is ensured by the maximum adaptation of the software for such purposes, high compatibility with many thematic online services.

Another aspect of practicality that Apple technology is famous for is liquidity. Flagship iPhones are a fairly rare example of electronics that do not lose 50% of their original value immediately after the actual purchase of a new model. Moreover, even after a long time, a year or more, the top iPhone can easily be sold for 70% of the original price. In addition, iPhones are also distinguished by high maintainability. Such a common problem as a broken screen is solved, although expensive, but quickly and reliably.


  • brand;
  • top premium class;
  • the highest quality of materials and assembly;
  • top performance;
  • exceptional image quality;
  • battery life;
  • outstanding photo quality;
  • high-quality optical stabilization;
  • maintainability;
  • high liquidity.


  • typical limitations of Apple technology.

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