Review of TWS headphones from Xiaomi Redmi Buds 3 Pro


TWS earbuds are one of the most popular smartphone accessories in recent years. Each manufacturer strives to offer something from this area to users. At the same time, the competition is so high that the product must be of really high quality in order to interest a potential buyer.

The Redmi Buds 3 Pro is an example of a TWS earbud that you should consider purchasing. They delight with active noise cancellation, good sound and support for the Multipoint function (simultaneous connection to several devices). At the same time, their price tag is very low, which only increases their attractiveness. We will talk more about the model in the review below.

Design and ergonomics

The device is packed in a gray cardboard box.

The case with headphones is neatly stowed inside.

A separate mini-box contains a USB-A to USB-C cable, 3 pairs of interchangeable ear pads of different sizes, a warranty card and a user manual.

The headphone case is small in size, it is oval in shape, stretched upwards. Surface matte, so there are no special fingerprints left, and if necessary, they are easy to remove. Another plus from such a coating is that it does not rub off with use, as happens with gloss.

The device comes in two colors — gray and white. Accordingly, depending on the option, the entire set will be in the selected color. This division allows you to choose the appropriate option by gender, although in general the design is universal.

The front of the case has sync button and status LED. On the reverse side is the brand name. USB-C is installed at the bottom, inside there are technical information about the device in the headphone seats.

Important! The case can be charged by cable or wirelessly. The latter phenomenon is rare for this segment, for which the model receives an additional plus.

The headphones are held inside by magnets, and if the case is accidentally opened somewhere, they will not fall out, although if you shake it hard, this will happen. The case dimensions of 6.5×4.8×2.6 cm and its weight of 45 grams make it convenient to carry in your pocket.

Redmi Buds 3 Pro are in class in-ear headphones. They are quite small (2.5x2x2.1 cm) and light (4.9 grams). Wearing them is completely easy, and they do not fall out of the ears even with active use. Their shape is slightly curved — to ensure a better fit.

The overall impression of the headphones and the case is positive. They are small, non-marking, the headphones themselves have a comfortable fit and do not press during prolonged use.


Manage your Redmi Buds 3 Pro carried out by sensors. They are located throughout the upper surface.

  • Double clicking on any of them will stop and play the music, and will also allow you to take a call.
  • Triple press switches tracks and ends the call.

Single click is not reserved, this is done to prevent accidental clicks. I can say with confidence that this is a great solution, now it is difficult to accidentally touch the sensor when you correct the earpiece. Holding your finger on the sensor for a long time switches the device from transparency mode to ANC mode, that is, active noise reduction is turned on, and again it switches back.

Important! There are no other functions in the headset, that is, for example, it will not work to control the volume using the headphones themselves.

This model also has an optical sensor — it pauses the music when the user pulls out one of the headphones, and continues playing if you return it to its place.

In terms of functionality, the control in Redmi Buds 3 Pro is not too wide, but there is a plus in this — it is easy to deal with it. My experience shows that the abundance of different actions is not a plus, since I personally rarely use them.

User Experience

I already mentioned that the headset has a great fit and easy controls, which makes them a good buy already.

Connection here through Bluetooth (Version 5.2 is supported). It is carried out as simply as possible: just open the cover so that the headphones go into pairing mode. A window will appear on the smartphone asking you to connect the headset and give it permission to use the microphone and access the contact book. Subsequent pairing will be performed automatically.

The headset supports multipoint: it can be paired with several gadgets at once, which allows you to quickly switch between them. To connect to the second device, you need to place both headphones in their seats and hold down the button on the case. The LED will start flashing quickly. It remains only on the desired device to find headphones in the detected devices and connect to them.

Due to the presence three microphones Redmi Buds 3 Pro manages to eliminate external noise well — they are processed by two microphones, the third is directly responsible for voice transmission. Interlocutors note that the voice is heard perfectly even in a noisy environment.

In terms of sound, everything is good enough not just to listen to music in the background. Of course, these headphones are far from the most expensive models, but in their price tag, and even higher by several orders of magnitude, they demonstrate excellent audio quality. Redmi Buds 3 Pro worth 2000 rubles can easily compete with models for 5000 rubles and even more. The device copes well with the reproduction of almost all instruments, there is an accurate voice transmission, and there is enough bass to make the listener shake his head to the beat. In other words, if you are looking for headphones for immersive music, then Redmi Buds 3 Pro is for you.

Noise reduction system, according to the manufacturer, will confidently cope with any noise up to 35 dB. That is, at home you will be like in a vacuum, on the street the noise will be heard, but with a light background. Of course, loud and harsh sounds will not go away, but these are the features of the technology. In general, the manufacturer’s claims are justified, and the ANC function works properly here, which is nice considering the affordable price of the model.

It should be noted that a number of Redmi and Xiaomi smartphones with these headphones support adaptive ANC. This means that they will independently switch from one mode to another depending on external conditions.


The battery capacity in the earpiece is 35 mAh, in the case — 470 mAh. Battery life varies by volume and ANC mode. If it is turned on, and the volume is somewhere around 50%, then the charge will last for 4 hours of audio. With the noise reduction turned off, the indicator grows by an average of 2 hours. The case will last for 18 hours if you actively use noise reduction, or for 28 hours if the option is not activated at all.

Charging with a cable takes about 2.5 hours, if you use Qi, then the time will double, and 100% headphones will dial for 5 hours. A nice bonus is fast charging: just 10 minutes in the case, and the headphones will last for 3 hours of listening to audio without the included ANC.


Redmi Buds 3 Pro is an inexpensive headset with decent sound, working ANC and good battery life. I liked the headphones with the ability to work with multiple devices, ease of management. They are stylish, functional, they have everything in order with the fit.

The model does not have an app. On the one hand, its presence is not important, but your own equalizer will never become superfluous, and the presence of software always adds “weight” in the eyes of users. However, in my opinion, this is not important, but in terms of price / quality / capabilities, this device is perfectly balanced.

Should I consider buying Redmi Buds 3 Pro? Definitely yes, if you want an inexpensive, but high-quality product. They are the epitome of the popular phrase “Xiaomi is top for your money”. Link to the official store on Aliexpress.


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