A selection of smart watches KKJ NY15: design, functionality, user experience


A few years ago, smart watches cost incredible money and were available to rare users. Today the situation has changed, and the market has a huge selection of watches with very different prices. Numerous Chinese devices stand out in particular, capable of offering interesting functionality for very modest money. This model is the new KKJ NY15. We will talk more about these watches in the review.

Design and ergonomics

The KKJ NY15 comes in a typical cardboard box with a picture of the device and listing the features and specifications of the model.

Inside the box, users are waiting directly for the watch, instructions and charging mechanism. He is here proprietary with magnetic mount. Most inexpensive fitness bracelets and smartwatches have a similar solution.

Visually, the watch received a classic appearance: a rectangular case and a strap with a standard mount. Its length is 260 mm, that is, enough for the hand of any user. By default, the strap is silicone, but thanks to the standard mount, you can buy any option you like separately.

The watch itself is made of plastic, the display is covered with 2.5D glass, which looks beautiful. The thickness of the watch case is 9.9 mm, height and width are 43 and 35 mm. In general, this is a fairly small device that can be worn by both a girl and a guy. The watch weighs about 150 grams, so they do not cause inconvenience.

On sale there are different color versions: from black to pink. The model was created without reference to the user’s gender.

On the reverse side, you can see the LEDs responsible for measuring heart rate, and there are also contacts for charging.

Installed on the right side physical buttonwhich acts as an OK button.

The front side is fully occupied by a 1.69-inch display with a resolution of 240 * 280 pixels. The matrix here is IPS, the picture is of quite good quality, viewing angles, the brightness margin is enough to view the image in bright sunlight. The display has a permanent backlight function, or the screen will turn off. The second option is preferable, as the battery will last longer.

It is worth noting that in addition to a stylish appearance, a fairly bright screen and well-thought-out ergonomics, the model received IP68 moisture protection. This means that accidental rain or washing hands under the tap will not harm her.


When choosing an inexpensive smart watch, you should not expect superpowers from them. Often, such devices offer users the functionality of a fitness bracelet, only packaged in a more presentable shell. But not in the case of KKJ NY15, the watch gives more functionality.

Bluetooth 5.0 is used to pair the watch with a smartphone. H smartphone will need to be installed qwatch appit is available for Android and iOS users, distributed through branded offer stores.

Registration in the application proceeds as standard. You need to enter your data, specify physical parameters so that the device selects the optimal training indicators. However, you can set goals yourself. The application in this case serves to display data about your progress throughout the day, update software and watch settings.

The watch itself received two interface options – tile structure or list. You can choose the option that is more convenient. Several options for desktop design are also available. You can set the appropriate option for your tastes or mood and change them as they get bored.

The functionality of the model is quite large:

  • constant counting of heart rate;
  • analysis of the oxygen content in the blood (pulse oximeter);
  • pedometer;
  • sleep tracking;
  • reminders to move;
  • display of notifications and calls;
  • alarm;
  • several sports modes;
  • music management;
  • display of weather, time.

Management is carried out as standard with the help of swipes and taps.

I note that the interface is friendly and understandable. I did not experience any difficulties in dealing with him. I think they will not arise for unprepared users, for example, older ones, if you want to buy a watch for your parents.

User experience

I had no complaints about the quality of work to the model. They correctly and timely display notifications and calls, and you can configure which applications they will come from and which not. Informing is carried out by vibration — it is quite sensitive to feel if you are sleeping or in crowded public transport. The strength of the vibration can be adjusted — the watch has such an option.

No questions about music and alarm control. Everything works correctly and without failures.

Step counting I compared with the testimony of the iPhone, I can note that the difference in performance is not significant. However, the watch counts as hand swing steps if you actively gesticulate while standing still. Heart rate compared with the indicators of a medical tonometer — again, the clock does not deceive.

How a pulse oximeter works in smart watches and bracelets still leaves doubts. This indicator is calculated based on heart rate and through special mathematical formulas, so it is not possible to check the accuracy. However, the fact that several repeated measurements show the same readings is encouraging, which already gives reason to believe.

I had experience using a bracelet, where a similar option, when repeated measurements showed a difference of 20-30%, which clearly did not correspond to reality. KKJ NY15 copes with this function better.

Sports modes here are walking, running, cycling and exercise equipment, tennis, jumping rope. I tested the device in running and cycling mode. own GPS not here, so for more accurate indicators it is better to train with a smartphone as well, so that location data is loaded from it. I can note that the route covered was marked correctly on the map, the information about the distance traveled is also beyond doubt, as there are no questions about fixing the speed and heart rate, which allows the model to calculate the effectiveness of training and give useful advice.

Autonomy, according to the manufacturer, reaches 5-7 days. I’m not a very athletic person, so I only did a couple of workouts. With standard use (monitoring, notifications), they even work for a little over a week, I believe that active training will show 4-5 days, the manufacturer did not deceive in this matter.


KKJ NY15 is an inexpensive, stylish watch with good ergonomics and a high-quality display. They have standard functionality for a budget device, simple setup and a nice interface that has Russian right out of the box. There are no questions about the quality of the implementation of functions, moisture protection is the icing on the cake. All this is accompanied by a good time of work. In general, I recommend the model to those who are looking for an affordable and high-quality solution with a standard set of features.

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