Sony Xperia Z5 review —


Sony Xperia Z5 is not the most recent and not the most popular flagship, which is surrounded by all kinds of rumors, received a lot of different opinions, so even we are confused. So, we decided to find out for ourselves and share our findings here.


  • Release Date: September 2015
  • Screen: 5.2 inch, 1080×1920 Full HD resolution screen with Multitouch function
  • Processor: 8-core Snapdragon 810 with 3GB of RAM
  • Inner memory: Only 32GB, with the possibility of inserting a Micro SD card
  • Camera: 23MP at the back with the ability to film in 4K resolution and 5.1MP at the front
  • Battery: Non-removable 2900 mAh battery
The price of Sony Xperia Z5 is about 230-400 euros.


You may or may not know, but Sony’s previous smartphones really didn’t happen. They just had too many problems — frequent overheating, very poor battery life or overkill or design. A closer look at Sony Xperia Z5 it can be noted that this model was revolutionary in Sony’s flagship series — a number of problems were fixed, but in some places it was overdone.
We really liked the design and build quality of the phone and the materials chosen — aluminum edges and glass on the front and back. It’s true that until you hold the phone in your hand, it doesn’t look like the back is made of glass. The truth is that the glass on the back is frosted, so it looks great and feels even better to the touch. Although the price of the Sony Xperia Z5 is now low, it feels twice as expensive in the hand.


It doesn’t matter how Sony advertises its products — everything is always embellished in advertising.
For example, we heard that Sony claimed that this model had the best camera ever installed in a smartphone. To see if this is true, we just looked at the Sony Xperia Z5 ad — the title of the ad alone says: «the worlds best smartphone camera» which means: «The best smartphone camera in the world». Don’t get me wrong, the camera is really impressive, but it certainly wasn’t the best of 2015.
The 23MP camera sounds impressive and the details of the photos are really good. Also, this phone has probably the fastest autofocus ever seen — you won’t even blink as the image on your screen will be sharp and clear. However, there are some drawbacks: there is a slight blurring of photos where there is no focus, 4K videos seem unstable, because optical image stabilization works only when shooting in Full HD. We also noticed that there are a lot of unnecessary camera settings that you will hardly ever use.
The processor is not greatly improved from the previous model. The Sony Xperia Z5 is powerful enough for almost all activities, but nothing new. But why? Well, because Sony wanted to fix the overheating problem, and they did it perfectly — this model is called revolutionary simply because it fixed the overheating problem that has been annoying everyone for so long.
Fingerprint sensor on the side, on the unlock button. This option is rarely found, but very convenient.
Another feature that is really great is the IP68 certification. This means that the phone is dust and water resistant at a depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes.
Almost all previous Sony smartphones had very poor batteries. Well, maybe the batteries weren’t bad, but the phones were really poorly optimized. Sony has promised up to two days of battery life in this model. But don’t get too excited, because the 2900 mAh battery may not be small, but in order to use the phone for two days, you will actually have to use it minimally.
But these days the most important thing is that the phone lasts at least a day, right? And we can guarantee that.
Sony Xperia Z5 kaina less than 300 euros, but this is Sony’s flagship. While we found a few flaws, we feel like we were just looking for something to hang on to, so this model deserves your attention, even in 2018.


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