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High-quality headphones make listening to music even more enjoyable, so it is important to pay enough attention to choosing the right product. Sony is one of those manufacturers whose headphones are considered to be of the highest quality, so it is no wonder that Sony headphones are chosen very often.
According to users, this product is worth every penny spent, as it can be enjoyed for many years, and the quality sound and additional functions will allow you to experience even more pleasant moments. The selection of various Sony products is really very wide at the moment, and headphones are no exception. So, which of these products are the most popular, and what features do they have?


The Sony CH500 headphones are especially appreciated because they allow you to hear even more details, such as powerful bass

The most important features

  • Conveniently, these headphones allow you to talk on the phone or perform voice assistance instructions without even taking your mobile device out of your pocket or purse;
  • These Sony headphones have a lightweight design, the adjustable headband is soft and flexible, and the ear cushions are very comfortable;
  • Although it may seem that these headphones are quite large and take up a lot of space, the ear cups can be folded down, and then the headphones will easily fit even in a small handbag or backpack;
  • The Sony CH500 wireless headphones have a battery life of up to 20 hours, after which they can be charged via a micro-USB connector;
  • There’s no denying that the Sony CH500 headphones look very stylish, and you can choose the color you like the most — black, gray or blue.


The advantage of the Sony MDR-ZX110 headphones is that they reproduce sound very precisely. Even if the recordings are very complex, you can be sure that these headphones will perfectly reproduce the powerful and rich bass tones.

Other advantages:

  • The convenient folding design allows you to take the headphones with you wherever you go. The rotating earcups allow you to put the headphones in a backpack, handbag or suitcase, where the headphones will not take up much space;
  • The headphone cable has a built-in remote control and a microphone, which allows you to enjoy conversations without taking the phone out of your pocket;
  • These Sony headphones also delight with the special comfort created by the automatically adjustable headband and earcups with soft cushions;
  • The closed design of the headphones fits the ears and perfectly isolates the sound of the music. You can be sure that no one will disturb you while listening to music, and no one outside will hear what you are listening to.

Sony MDR-EX15LP headphones

Sony MDR-EX15LP is a compact in-ear headphone with silicone plugs. The plugs on these headphones are well-fitting and very comfortable, so you can listen to the music you love for hours.

Other advantages:

  • These Sony headphones fit easily in your pocket, so you can always take them with you;
  • Although the headphones are quite small, this does not prevent them from reproducing sound of high quality, which is powerful and perfectly balanced. These headphones cover a frequency range of 8 Hz to 22 kHz, so you can be sure that the reproduced sound will be of real quality;
  • You can choose the Sony MDR-EX15LP headphones that best suit your style — the color range is quite wide.
It doesn’t matter what kind of headphones you are used to using — with plugs placed in your ears or with large cushions, will certainly be able to offer a sufficiently large selection of Sony headphones. Consider what criteria are most important to you when choosing headphones, and you’ll soon be able to decide which Sony headphones might be the best choice for you.


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