Laser level 4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC: characteristics, functionality, equipment


The laser level is useful in the process of filling the floor, leveling the walls and other construction work. It facilitates the marking of surfaces by creating smooth vertical or horizontal lines, which are necessary when conducting communications or working with decoration. The plane can also be positioned at a non-standard angle. And when the lines intersect, right angles are obtained. Such a device will help create the correct markup for mounting tiles, frames. A good choice would be the 4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC laser level, which you can buy on Aliexpress.


The case for storing the laser level and auxiliary elements is made of hard plastic. Comfortable handle and secure latches.

Inside, with cutouts for tools, a soft elastic lodgement is installed, and a soft substrate is also on top, for the safety of the tool.

The buyer can choose a standard or extended set. When choosing a standard package, you will receive a 4D HIBIRU laser level, a 360º base, a plastic case, a Lift-up platform, a metal mounting plate, a centering adapter and two brackets, one for working at height, the other with a 5/8” inclined thread. The set includes two 5000 mAh batteries, a charger and a remote control. The instruction in Russian, the warranty card with the press. This coupon is associated with a serial number, which is individual for each device. Also included are glasses for the laser level, they help you see the beam better in bright light conditions.

The second option contains more elements. In addition to the standard components, it comes with a 1m tripod, a 5/8” to 1/4” adapter and a magnetic arm adapter.


Main parameters of 4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC:

  • the color of the rays is green, the wavelength is 515 nm;
  • 16 lines (8 vertical and 8 horizontal);
  • can create 18 crosshairs at an angle of 90 degrees;
  • vertical scan angle 360 ​​degrees;
  • horizontal scan angle 360 ​​degrees;
  • measurement range 20 m;
  • instrument accuracy 0.2 mm/m.

There is an auto-alignment of the beam for small deviations. This option can be disabled if necessary. The self-levelling angle is 3 degrees. The battery is used as a power source. The duration of work is up to 7-9 hours.

Functionality of 4D HIBIRU OMNITRONIC

The 4D level can create 4 planes (2 vertical and 2 horizontal). The user can choose to include all at once or use a smaller amount. For control, there are touch buttons on the body of the device; you can also control the laser level using the remote control.

There is an upper and lower horizon, which provide convenient work with different surfaces. The device can be mounted on a platform, base or tripod, placing the beams at a level suitable for work.

There is a light and sound indication, it will work if the angle is greater than the device can automatically align. After that, it will turn off, which will prevent incorrect markup. To draw inclined planes, this option can be turned off. The special HIBIRU OMNITRONIC bracket is fixed in the desired position by the user, which can be used for laying tiles at an angle of 45 degrees and other actions.


The green beam is convenient for indoor or outdoor work, as the color is clearly visible in daylight.

Two replaceable batteries with a capacity of 5000 mAh, each with a digital display that shows the remaining charge in percent from 0 to 100. This configuration allows you to charge one battery while using the other. Therefore, you can work longer with the laser level. This solution guarantees good autonomy to the device. There is an auto-off option that helps conserve battery power.

HIBIRU laser levels are guaranteed for 1 year. During this period, in case of a malfunction, you can contact the support service, which is always in touch. All HIBIRU laser levels are calibrated. The device is ready for use, with auto-alignment turned on, you can count on the correct location of horizontal and vertical lines.

At the junction of the protective towers of the emitter and the body there are sealing rubber bands. This solution contributes to an increase in service life due to increased protection against dust and moisture. Impact-resistant case with stiffening ribs and a tight clip will ensure the safety of the kit during transportation.

Only positive impressions remained from the tool:

  • quality assembly;
  • a bright beam, the lines are clearly visible both in the evening and during the day;
  • excellent equipment;
  • remote control for turning lines on and off and adjusting brightness;
  • strong case.

No significant cons were found.

The laser level has a high rating of 4.9 and a large number of positive reviews on Aliexpress.


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