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Virtual reality glasses are currently gaining more and more popularity. Although we can find more than one and more than two different manufacturers offering to purchase virtual reality products, however HTC Vive virtual reality glasses are considered to be among the most advanced.
This product appeared on the market on the fifth day of April 2016, and from then until now it managed to get really great interest and favorable evaluations. These VR glasses can be used while sitting, standing or moving, so their possibilities of use are quite large. The device has a camera, so it allows you to see the images of the virtual world, and provides really interesting leisure time.


The resolution of these HTC glasses is 1080×1200 (per eye), so a truly high-quality and realistic image is guaranteed;
HTC Vive virtual reality glasses are equipped with special sensors that follow the wearer of the glasses and 2 wireless remotes that are sensitive to movement;
This product uses the critically acclaimed SteamVR software for a smooth VR experience;
Even a 110-degree field of view allows you to cover a sufficiently large view of space, so you can enjoy a really great spectacle;
HTC Vive glasses surprise with incredibly excellent graphics, so anyone who decides to try this device can feel as if they have gone to a parallel world.


One of the most important strengths of the HTC Vive is its intuitive control, which allows you to understand the intricacies of use very quickly, and soon you will be able to use the device like real professionals;
Many different immersive games are compatible with these virtual reality glasses, so you can try various indoor games (for example, table tennis or billiards) or other entertainment that will definitely not let you get bored;
The most important advantage for virtual game lovers is that there are no interruptions or delays in the gaming space, otherwise the entertainment may become less fun. You can be sure that these virtual reality glasses will not let you down — the developers made sure that the tracking of movements is sensitive enough, so you will not have to deal with the response delay;
You can explore the virtual world while sitting, standing or moving — in any case, the sensitivity of the device will be high enough.

Engaging content is offered

Sometimes there is a fear that when purchasing virtual reality glasses, you will not be able to find enough games that are adapted to this device, so VR glasses can quickly become boring. Since the price of virtual equipment is not very low, it is important that the number of games is large enough. With the HTC Vive device, you can try out over a thousand different games, so you’ll find the one you like the most.
Games adapted for virtual reality glasses are constantly updated, so you can experience even more excitement. You’ll also be able to keep up with news and share content with friends you’ve met on Steam.

Dive into the adventure!

  • You can always find content of your interest in the HTC Vive app store, which is constantly updated;
  • You will be able to choose various interesting apps, create new content and find like-minded people, so you will make sure that your free time at home can be really fun;
  • Currently, you can find quite a few accessories offered for virtual reality glasses, which will ensure that your free time will be even more interesting.
Hesitating whether virtual reality glasses can really interest you? Currently, the online store has special promotions, so it is worth taking advantage of it. You will be sure that such a solution can make your free time at home even more interesting, and HTC Vive will surely be liked not only by you, but also by friends who visit your house.


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