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Apple constantly delights users with various innovations, therefore Iphone 5c was one of the most anticipated news — if only because a much lower price of the smart device was promised.
Although skeptics shook their heads for a long time and tried to prove that at such a low price it is really not worth expecting quality, but this device exceeded the expectations of most users. Although the phone is inexpensive, the iPhone 5c is definitely worth your attention. So what are its main features?


Although the appearance of the device is sometimes considered an insignificant criterion when choosing a phone, but for a frequent user, a smartphone becomes an integral part of style. The iPhone 5c comes in bright, vibrant colors and a design sure to please many:
The iPhone 5c has an optimal size (124.4×59.2×8.97 mm), and the weight is only 132 grams;
The edges of the phone are rounded, so the device looks very neat and elegant;
The device is very comfortable to hold in the palm of your hand, and the convenient size allows you to carry the phone in the most convenient place for you.


Apple products allow you to enjoy sufficiently bright and natural-looking colors, so the iPhone 5c is no exception:
  • This device has a quality and highly rated Retina display;
  • The screen is covered with an oleophobic layer that prevents fingerprints from remaining;
  • The diagonal of the screen is four inches, the screen covers a large area of ​​the front of the mobile screen.

What about the phone camera?

Taking pictures with a mobile phone is not really new today: quite often, when going on a trip, only the mobile device is taken, because the camera takes up too much space in the suitcase. Photos captured by a phone can be of the same quality as those captured by a camera, so those considering buying an iPhone 5c mobile device often ask if its camera is of sufficient quality. The iPhone 5c camera has the following features:
  • The iSight camera ensures relatively simple and quick capture of moments;
  • The phone has an integrated 8-megapixel camera;
  • The camera has LED lighting, a hybrid IR filter and a backlight sensor;
  • The image is focused automatically;
  • The phone can take panoramic photos and use the face recognition function;
  • The face can be zoomed three times;
  • The maximum resolution of photos is 1280×960 pixels.

The quality is the same, but the price is lower

One of the most important advantages of the iPhone 5c is that its price is relatively low (this device costs just over 200 euros), but this device is in no way inferior to other Apple phone models:
  • The iPhone 5c is characterized by high speed, so users can enjoy a really smoothly functioning device;
  • Although the camera of this phone has fewer megapixels than the newer iPhone models, but comparing the photos, it turns out that the differences in the quality of the photos are very small (the photos taken with the iPhone 5c phone are slightly darker, but this is very easily corrected);
  • iPhone 5c offers many different apps that can make everyday life easier and provide even more interesting leisure time;
  • Experts say that the only difference between the iPhone 5c and other Apple smart devices is that this phone has a plastic body, and all other features are almost the same.
Although after the appearance of the iPhone 5c, the skeptics died down, and it was stated that this device is not inferior in quality to its other «relatives», but the iPhone 5c still receives the same criticism today. Some say that it is the body of the phone that makes this iPhone model unique, but others think that it just makes the phone look childish. Anyway, the choice is yours — you can be sure that this mobile device will delight you with its functionality, and you can buy this phone in the online store at a really attractive price.


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