The best thermoses — what are they and how to choose?



There is nothing better than a refreshing sip of water in the summer or a hot cup of tea on a cold winter day. But how to maintain the desired temperature of food and drinks during an outing or a walk? A high-quality thermos that tightly holds all kinds of goodies is perfect for this food boxes and containers for bulk products will become redundant. So how to choose the most suitable thermos container? The best thermoses and descriptions of their models await you here!

Thermos a container that maintains the temperature of drinks and food, consisting of a metal or plastic insert and a glass interior. A high-quality thermos for food and liquids is characterized by double walls, between which the created vacuum contributes to maintaining heat or cold. The best thermoses stand out for their durability, tightness and quality of materials, so consider the most important criteria when choosing the most suitable container.

What to consider when choosing a thermos?


Do you like long trips or short walks in nature? Or maybe you want to start cooking lunch and take it to work? Then you would definitely benefit from a quality thermos. In order to choose the best option, consider the criteria we have provided:


Size is one of the most important aspects when choosing the right thermos. The larger the volume of the container, the longer the thermos will maintain the desired temperature of food and drinks. For this reason, before purchasing a thermal container, think about what kind of outings you are planning for trips or longer walks in nature, choose thermoses with a capacity of at least 1 liter.


If you want the thermos to serve you for a long time, pay attention to the material. The best thermoses are made of stainless steel this material maintains temperature, is extremely durable and resistant to damage. Also, steel thermos cups and thermoses are easy to clean, just put them in the dishwasher. And if you are looking for another option, choose a container made of the highest quality plastic. After purchasing such a thermos, you will not be afraid of frozen food or drinks, but it will require additional care.

Temperature maintenance

When choosing the most suitable thermos, take into account the temperature retention time, which should be indicated on the product packaging. The best thermoses can keep a drink warm for up to 24 hours, while others only about 6 hours or less. If you are about to go out and want to drink hot coffee all day, choose a thermos that keeps heat for a long time. Also, don’t forget to check customer reviews this way you will choose the best option.


You can check the functionality of the product by filling the thermos with hot liquid. If after ten minutes the walls of the vessel do not heat up, you have purchased a quality product. With this quick test, you will be sure that you have chosen the best option. In addition, make sure the thermos is sealed if you intend to carry the container in a backpack or bag. The best thermoses often have a one-piece stopper, as additional parts increase the likelihood of product failure.

The best thermoses — the most popular models and their features

Have you found out what features the best thermoses have, but you still don’t know which model to buy? We present the most popular options and their descriptions, which will help you choose the product that meets your expectations.

Stanley Classic


Thanks to its robust construction and vacuum insulation, this bottle can withstand all kinds of tests. The convenient design allows the thermos to be comfortably held with one hand, and the twist and screw cap helps to pour the drink more smoothly. Also, the insulated cover can be used as a cup for coffee or tea, so trips will become more comfortable and smoother.

Thermos Work


Thermos is a leader in thermos manufacturers, producing quality products for more than a century. This model is resistant to various shocks, as it is also made of stainless steel. Also, Thermos Work keeps the temperature perfectly whether you like steaming coffee or refreshing lemonade, your drink will remain unchanged for up to 24 hours. However, one of the best features of this thermos is its capacity and tightness, which makes it extremely easy to clean and transport with you.

GSI Outdoors


With its elegant design and clean construction, this high-quality, durable stainless steel thermos will keep your drinks hot or cold for hours. Perfect for commuting, picnics or hiking. In addition, this container is extremely safe to use as it has an innovative lid liner with an insulating plastic exterior to protect your lips and hands from the heat.

Ferrino Extreme


Thermos Ferrino Extreme is a great item for travelers who like to spend time in nature. This model is impact resistant and extremely tight. In addition, it has a strong rubber handle, thanks to which the thermos is extremely convenient to use. Hermetic lid and cup function allow you to use the thermos wherever you want. If you are looking for a reliable option, this model is for you.

Sigg Gemstone IBT


This 1.1L thermos is waterproof and vacuum insulated, so it will become your constant companion. This model has not only a functional design, but also an elegant appearance. Due to the double insulation of the walls, the bottle will maintain a stable temperature of drinks for up to 25 hours. If you want this thermos to serve you for a long time, do not put it in the dishwasher, but wash it by hand.

Whether you are preparing for a long hike or have gone for a short walk in the forest, a handy thermos always comes in handy. The container that maintains the temperature will allow you to enjoy quality food and drinks wherever you want. We hope that our presented criteria and model descriptions will help you choose the most suitable option. And the best thermoses are waiting for you in the tourism goods section of our online store.


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