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Hot Wheels — a series of toy crazy cars well known all over the world. A hugely successful toy line that gives you every opportunity to express your creative side. Tens of thousands of different models of Hot Wheels cars and countless different tracks to try them out for many years have kept not only children but also adults from getting bored. You’d be lying if you said you’ve never seen the huge Hot Wheels tracks on TV commercials that are so engaging for kids and beyond.
The Hot Wheels series was introduced in 1968 by the world-famous company Mattel. The goal was to create unusual, nimble cars. After some time, the first Hot Wheels track was introduced. From that day on, children became even more interested in this series of toys, because playing with cars is one thing, and playing on special tracks is quite another.


Hot Wheels not only allows you to have fun playing with unusual cars, but also to collect a collection of your favorite cars. The very first models were focused on fantastic, unreal machines. After a couple of decades, the market was interested in real car models. So it doesn’t matter whether the child admires old Volkswagens or new Ferrari models — you can find almost everything.


First of all, it was a whole new way of playing when the first Hot Wheels track was introduced to the world. The adventurous and exciting pastime for children was noticed very quickly, and sales of Hot Wheels skyrocketed.
Throughout Hot Wheels’ existence, there have been various potholes, but today their popularity is once again reaching new heights.
One reason is collectors. Hot Wheels cars have always been a favorite of children to collect, but in the last 10-15 years, they have become popular with adults as well. So, an adult Hot Wheels collector today has an average of about 1,500 different types of cars! Meanwhile, the kids have about 40 different Hot Wheels cars.
Some machines are very valuable due to their limited editions — which is also of great interest to collectors.
After all, it doesn’t matter how many Hot Wheels cars you have, you can always take them out on the track and enjoy crazy fast races and spectacular crashes.


If you haven’t been interested in Hot Wheels yet, then you definitely know Lego constructors. Lego bricks have always been of exceptional quality, and even sets purchased decades ago still look and function flawlessly today. That is why Lego can afford to ask for a higher price for its constructors, because their quality has already been tested by the buyers themselves.
Moving on to Hot Wheels, the situation is the same. Since 1968, the makers of Hot Wheels, Mattel have been able to create quality and attractive sets that are priced to match the quality.
But enough about that and let’s move on to the clear advantages that would interest even you:
* Huge variety — As we mentioned before, the variety of Hot Wheels cars is huge and a complete collection would consist of tens of thousands of different cars.
But the real diversity comes when it comes to the tracks. Each Hot Wheels track is unique and you can rebuild it however you want. Yes! That is why you can play these machines for hours without getting bored.
You can always buy extra parts to build your own fancy track, saving you money on full sets, most of which you may not need.
* Multiple Play Styles — Each track is very unique and offers different play styles. For example, one set has a track where a lot of cars are going around complex rings, but there is a high chance that they will collide, so the last car that doesn’t collide is the winner.
* Sturdy machines — why do children usually no longer play with their favorite toys? Because they break really often. The great news is that Hot Wheels cars are simply meant for extreme use. In fact, most tracks are designed so that cars will go off the track, crash into other cars, or otherwise be «broken» in one way or another. The end result: you play the way you want and as much as you want because the machines are almost completely shockproof.
* Electronic details — Each Hot Wheels track can be upgraded with electric mini-motors that spin continuously and propel the car forward at high speed when it approaches. So, you don’t have to sit at the track to push the cars by hand. Instead, you can simply enjoy a fast race by putting all the cars you have on the track!
There are no boundaries in the Hot Wheels playground. Using your imagination, you can create any track and test it out by launching your favorite Hot Wheels car models.


Any Hot Wheels track is worth the asking price as an investment for future games. These toys are not like a mobile phone — today we buy a powerful smartphone for a few hundred euros, and in a couple of years it becomes completely useless and obsolete.
You can connect any Hot Wheels track to another track and collect or play with the cars.

Time-tested and timeless items are always valuable — the same can be said for Hot Wheel series toys. If you are looking for a gift for children or even older teenagers, this can be a choice that will be appreciated only more over the years.


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