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A great way to pass the time and bring the whole family together — the classic detective board game «Hasbro Cluedo“.
Play this board game together with your children and it will be a fun evening experience that you will want to repeat again and again. This strategy game is not meant to be confined to your child’s room. The Hasbro Cluedo detective board game is a great reason to invite friends over and spend an evening communicating with them face-to-face. Have you already guessed which one of you has the best, most penetrating thinking, insight and observation? It’s time to test your strength.


Detective role-playing games appeared between the two world wars, when the writer Agatha Christie conquered the world with her legendary novels. The time-tested game — detective board game «Hasbro Cluedo» was first sold in England back in 1949.
The scenario of this game is reminiscent of one of those movies that are usually labeled «N-14»: millionaire Samuel Black was murdered in his palace! One murder, six suspects and six possible tools of the crime. Could the millionaire have been killed with a wrench in the library? Or maybe the green candlestick in the studio was used for the gruesome crime? Or maybe a revolver? Become a true Sherlock Holmes by thinking like him — investigate this confusing case! In Hasbro Cluedo, the detective board game, players must find out who committed the murder in the palace. At the beginning of the game, you choose one of six characters. All of them are suspected criminals.
How to become a real detective and solve a crime is a biting puzzle: the list of suspects is gradually narrowed down, clues are followed, questions of a real detective are asked, until it is gradually revealed who committed the crime and with what weapon and what the crime scene was. Of course, it can always unexpectedly turn out that you are the criminal.
Exciting and easily addictive, Hasbro Cluedo board game is sure to be fun for both young and old alike. Various strategic tasks greatly stimulate your logical thinking, which can be applied in various life situations, while helping parents get to know their children better.


* Playing the board game «Hasbro Cluedo» teaches a child to compete, to try to do something as well as possible, to lose, to accept another’s advantage, maybe even to overcome his anger and to be able to celebrate achievements together with other people.
* While playing, your child learns patience, consistency and listening, because during this detective board game you have to wait your turn, you learn to work in a team. The game helps to develop language, memory and expand vocabulary.
* The game teaches to improve world perception and observation, memory storage and decision-making skills.
* Encourages communication.
* Includes positive emotions.
* The positive emotions that come during the game can strengthen the immune system.
* Inevitable joy, laughter, excitement and, of course, the desire to win.
* Can help you overcome stress.
* Specialists recognize that as children grow up, they also develop adults, and for such mutual development, quality togetherness is most needed. And the strategic board game «Hasbro Cluedo» is one of the ways to spend quality time together, as it guarantees an unforgettable evening with the family and improving social skills.


The player who correctly names the entire composition of the crime — all the charges — wins!
Set includes: 1 game board, 6 game pieces, 6 mini-guns, 30 cards (6 character cards, 6 weapon cards, 9 room cards and 9 clue cards), 1 crime case envelope, 1 detective notebook, 2 dice and rules.
Recommended for children from 8 years old. Recommended number of players: 2-6 people.


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