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Moose The Grossery Gang S1 Large pack

are «Grossery Gang” games, the imagination of both five-year-old and older children will gain even greater power. The little monsters from the center of ugliness are ready to conquer you! Madness is fun to be conquered, because you’ll find a lot more of them in this pack.

The big pack of Moose The Grossery Gang is waiting to arrive at your home and be unpacked. Do not restrain yourself and give in to temptation! 10 crazy characters are visible and two are hidden. Discover them! You can find different monsters in each of the packs in this game. Compete with your friends to collect them and trade with each other. What would your children like to add to their collection this time?

Choose a bigger or smaller pack of monsters!


Make some nasty snacks with the Moose The Grossery Gang S1 Mushy Slushie Playset! Put your characters in the pink shaver, then pull the release, allowing them to enter the secret cup. This will make your own Rotten Ave and Grimey Lime. Store the Grocery Slugs in the refrigerator. What would you feed your friends this time, eh?
The game «Moose The Grossery Gang» has been on the list of the best-selling toys of the smart store for some time and it does not promise to leave it anywhere. Can you guess why? The set of this fun game is sold together with two unique abominations, also known as monsters, who are ready to become your ultimate abomination and crazy friends.


A child can’t live without hamburgers? Then it’s time to visit the one-stop shop for ugly things! Immeasurable fun and many interesting activities will await you here!
We offer you more than just a hamburger that will never leave you feeling bad. Microwave a burger and fries! Moose The Gross Series Gang S1 Yucky Mart includes 2 exclusive characters and a collector’s booklet. More than 150 collected from six different gangs of brutal monsters can’t wait to settle in your house. Moose The Grossery Gang S1 Yucky Mart Set Includes: 1 Slushie Collector’s Cup, 4 Exclusive Figures and 4 Milk Crates. Will you be brave enough to buy this game?


Open the colorful tin to discover 4 fun-looking monsters! There are 4 more hideous monsters in the can, but one of them is hidden. Which one will you draw? Will it be a very rare Moldy Veg or a Rare Collection Trashed Cans with Metal? The only way to find out is to open the can and release the ugly monster!
The Grocery Gang Regular Pack is recommended for ages five and up. Children of this age are already learning to overcome their fear on their own. Parents’ duty is to encourage the child: «I know you can do it», and when the child copes with the problem, to praise him: «See, you did it, you overcame your fear». You can pronounce it by gifting monsters. Also, they can come in handy when you’re considering «creating» a tabletop theater at home with your kids. The possibilities of fantasy with monsters are limitless, so the director’s mission will seem fun and engaging. Act out theatrical dialogues with your child, employing monsters as actors!
Children are always involved in theatrical dialogues, because this is how their imagination, empathy skills, language coherence and attentiveness develop. So, «Grossery Gang” the price of the Regular Pack figures is small, and the benefits can be immeasurable.


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